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MPL TV, 21 November 2008

Adnan Oktar : THE WORLD NEEDS A NEW, MODERN OTTOMAN IN THE WAY HUMAN BEINGS NEED WATER.In other words, the Turkish-Islamic Union, a great Turkish-Islamic Union supported by the Turkish states and under Turkish leadership. That will literally make a heaven on earth. It means amazing economic prosperity.

Azerbaijan Novoye Vremya, 6 October 2008


Adnan Oktar: The Balkans have always been the Ottoman soil, far into the inlands of Italy.Those places in the vicinity of Italy, they are all the lands of the Ottoman. THERE ARE THE SIGNS OF THE OTTOMANS, BEAUTY OF THE OTTOMANS EVERYWHERE. THOSE PLACES WILL BE CITIES OF PEACE, TERRITORIES OF PEACE WITHIN THE TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION… TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION OFFERS THEM ABUNDANCE, RICHNESS AND PEACE. Turkish Islamic Union will offer peace and happiness to Bosnia, Albania, to all places insha’Allah.

Turkiye, 19 August 2011

Prof Hutterroht, an expert on the social structure of Ottoman State at Erlangen University was asked the question;

When the question was; “Ottoman State was conducting its wast lands which spread across three continents and the nations on them from Topkapi Palace, a palace was no bigger than the palace of the most humble feudal lord at the West. How did that happen?”

Prof Hutterrohth responded to this question as follows: “This is a mystery I could not resolve. When I was working on the Palestine’s social structure in the 16th Century, I saw some records that bewildered me; The Ottoman even planned the province that would supply the grapes that would be served to a

military unit that would march through a village three years later. I suppose the Ottoman was the most splendid state of the humanity.”

2012-01-14 22:43:24

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