What is becoming to us is ''Unity''

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Azerbaijan Novoye Vremya,  6 October 2008

Adnan Oktar: The Balkans has always been Ottoman soilup until the inlands of Italy. Up until the vicinity of Italy, the whole region was land of Ottomans. Everywhere you see the signs of Ottomans, the beauty of Ottomans. Those places will become a city of peace, a territory of peace within Turkish Islamic Union… Turkish Islamic Union will offer them only abundance, richness and peace. Turkish Islamic Union will offer peace and happiness to everywhere including Bosnia and Albania. 

Abu Dhabi TV, 19 February 2009

Adnan Oktar: Syria wants to unite with Turkey, and Iraq. And if Syria and Iraq want it, so will everyone else. Azerbaijan wants it, and Armenia wants to unite with Turkey. Georgia wants it, so what else needs to be done? It is a union that will also include Lithuania. It will be a union that includes Lithuania, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and East Turkestan and all of them. AS FAR AS LIBYA. A TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION WILL EMERGE THAT STRETCHES AS FAR AS THE COAST AND INTERIOR OF AFRICA. TURKEY HAS PRIOR EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE FROM THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE. AND THIS TIME ROUND, THE ERRORS OF THE OTTOMANS WILL NOT BE REPEATED. The perfect aspects of the Ottomans will be adopted, but not their errors or deficient aspects, and a perfect union will result.

Trt-World.com, 30 September 2011

Prime Minister's arrival in Macedonia was a moral boost for 80 thousand Turks who reside in this country. 

Premier Erdoğan also visited historical Mustafa Paşa Mosque. Greeted with cheers outside the mosque, Erdoğan addressed Macedonians here and said "Our sorrows and joys are the same, despite the distance between our countries." 

Noting that Islam is a religion of brotherhood and peace, Erdoğan said Mustafa Paşa Mosque will be the symbol of peace in Skopje, like it has been for the past 519 years. 

Underlining the importance of unity, solidarity and cooperation, Turkey's Prime Minister said "We are here to stand shoulder to shoulder and to cooperate."

Trend – 1 October 2011

Turkey's prime minister expressed on Friday Turkey's wish that all ethnic groups in Macedonia would live in peace and prosperity, AA reported. 

Erdogan expressed belief that the happiness, security and prosperity of Turkish community in Macedonia would connect Turkey and Macedonia to each other with stronger ties.

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