Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 08 December 2011


A9 TV; 8 December 2011

They imagine that leaders, Jews and Iranians will meet in Istanbul and say, “Let us build peace.” That is out of the question. Totally and absolutely. Allah will not permit that in the absence of the Mahdi, described as the King Messiah in the Torah. That is out of the question. They can meet up a thousand times. There is the Islamic Development Bank, the organization of the Islamic Conference. They sit around eating their beans and rice and nobody gets anywhere. Then they all split up until next time. There is not an inch of progress. That has been going on for years. There are meetings about Islamic countries and the D8 set up by Erbakan. But no results. Those can only come with the Mahdi (pbuh). Being tied to a single spirit, a single person. They imagine that 300 or 500 people can agree on a common policy. All you get is 300 or 500 different ideas, and 500 contradictions. Irreconcilable differences. There can be no agreement. They can never agree. Palestine says it does not recognize Israel, and Israel does not recognize Palestine. And that is that. They can never agree. There can only be agreement if the King Messiah, the Mahdi (pbuh) comes. Iran will never give up, for example, its belief in the disappearing Mahdi (pbuh). Sunnis will never abandon their belief in a normal Mahdi born to a mother and a father. They cannot agree. There can only be agreement with the Mahdi (pbuh). There can be no agreement with Wahhabis. They regard themselves as the only people on the true path. “Ours is the only true faith,” they say. You have the Salafis. They say theirs is the only true belief. You have the Ismaelis. They say there is the only true belief. Our Sunni brothers say there is the only true belief. So what happens? Unity is impossible. They, Christians and Jews, will never unite. That is why you can never get anywhere by holding conferences, with all the best intentions, and sitting and drinking fruit juices and lemonade. But you can achieve results in hours or minutes once you follow Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). One after the other. That is why you will have a huge and extraordinary regeneration, brotherhood and perfection with the Mahdi (pbuh). Otherwise, they can forget it. But we are preparing the King Messiah, the Mahdi.

All this polite, clever talk… What will Israel say when it comes? It will defend Israeli interests. “We want the whole region,” it will say. “Give us Jerusalem, too.” And what will Palestine say? “The whole place is ours.” And what will Iran say? “Shiite belief is what matters.” And that is that. What will Sunnis says? “Our belief is definitely what is important.” That means they can never reach agreement. We tell Israel to come and apologize, and they refuse. We tell them to pay compensation and they say in that case there can never be an agreement. So the tension just goes on. But if we had the Mahdi, the King Messiah, they would apologize at once and pay compensation. But that is not happening. They would apologize and offer to pay compensation and more. Things would be resolved at once because they trust the Mahdi, the King Messiah. Shiite-Sunni divisions will be resolved. Because the Mahdi will eliminate all sects. But there can be no improvement so long as they dig their heels in. Impossible. There will be no end to the economic crisis, nor the suffering, nor anything. Look, we have striven with all our might and eliminated the tensions between Israel and Turkey. Thanks be to Allah. That is our work alone. There was enormous tension, and it was growing worse. You saw, it happened before everyone’s eyes. We eliminated it, alhamdulillah. It was heading toward war. Tayyip Erdoğan is normally a very mild person. But you saw how they depicted him. Time put him on its cover. They portrayed him as really terrifying and published inappropriate pictures. What is that all about? That policy incites enmity. They say, “Tayyip Erdoğan may attack you at any moment.” “Turkey may attack you at any time.” But I said, “That is out of the question. Where did you get that idea from?” I calmed things down. Everything is tranquil now. That happened before everyone’s eyes.

2012-01-20 07:48:11

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