Why Do They Yearn to Be Housewives?

When the word “housewife” is mentioned, everyone immediately brings a specific picture to mind. They think of a person who wakes up early in the morning and sends her husband and children off, cleans and tidies up the house, does the laundry, thinks about what to have for supper, and spends most of her day in the kitchen preparing meals… This is the stereotypical image of a woman.

Surely there is no harm for a woman to engage in these actions. Many devout women may also do these works as a part of their daily routines. However what distinguishes a faithful woman engaging in these deeds from the one abiding by the morality of ignorance is her morality, thoughts and intentions. For a devout woman preparing food for her family or cleaning her house, is a way to earn Allah’s good pleasure and His mercy. Her thoughts, the way she interprets incidents is, in no way, confined to a realm comprised of this routine alone.

Indeed, for many, such daily work expected from a housewife is considered boring and tiresome. But, in spite of this, a great many ignorant women aspire to one day living such a life.

So, what renders this lifestyle which will bring no benefits in the Hereafter so attractive for some people? Do people yearn for it only because it is tradition? Or, is it because, according to them, they make life more fulfilling?

All the above reasons may be true. However they are not the only reasons. These reasons depend on the person and their circumstances. But, generally speaking, most of these women can be categorized according to several traits they share in common.

One of the most important reasons they aspire to be housewives is that most young girls believe that they will be freer when they are married. After having lived for years under their family’s control, and according to the rules imposed upon them, they think that marriage is the easiest and the shortest way for change. For this reason, they often marry the first suitable man that comes along. Nevertheless, while ignorant women want to marry, they are also aware of the difficulties that come with marriage. But they are willing to ignore these difficulties with the hope that they will be able to live by their own rules.

In marriage, women enter into a situation where they are often burdened with more material and personal responsibilities than they had to deal with before. Besides, they cannot be always free to live according to their own rules, because, based on the norms that govern ignorant societies, the master of the house is the man, and he commands the woman according to his rules and beliefs. So, nothing changes; the husband takes on the role her family once did.

There is another important reason for some women’s desire to become housewives: the assumed material means that marriage provide. Especially for some girls from families with scarce means, marriage is considered the primary opportunity to improve their circumstances. For this reason, young women are often advised by their families to marry accordingly. And so, often the only criterion a young girl considers in marriage is wealth. Rather than marrying one she admires for his standards of morality and character, she chooses a man who will offer her a prosperous future, or a better life than she had known with her family. In return, she is prepared, if necessary, to get up early every morning for the rest of her life, cook meals, do the laundry and housekeep.

We can see that it is because of that which they expect to gain from being a housewife that so many ignorant women choose this lot. Women with such mentality think they can escape family pressures, raise their standard of living, and secure their future; in addition, they believe they will also help their families and relatives to benefit from their improved circumstances. At first, being a housewife may appear attractive, because of the many benefits it would appear to offer, but later in life it becomes monotonous, until they are finally filled with regret.

2012-01-20 21:18:02

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