Display of Emotion - The Personality of the Housewife in the Ignorant Society 1

A trait considered natural among ignorant women is their emotionality, though such behavior is totally at odds with the moral teachings of the Qur’an. And, according to the expectations of a culture of ignorance, a woman must be meek and needs to be protected and looked after by a man.

For this reason, whenever a housewife is confronted by some difficulty, she immediately becomes overly emotional. And, she does not regard such a response as weakness, but makes an exhibition of her emotions, thinking that it will make others feel sorry for her. This mode of behavior is encouraged by the community. In an ignorant system, people behave as if they feel sympathy for one overcome by emotion, and the person exhibiting her feelings usually attracts the attention she wants.

In addition, there is a more powerful emotion that some ignorant women tend to display which takes hold of her whole character. It is a kind of emotionalism that pervades every aspect of the lives of the women in question; it derives from unhappiness and not submitting to Allah or her fate. So, because of this emotionalism, she becomes irrational, unable to arrive at intelligent decisions or to act prudently. She sees everything in negatively, considers herself sufferer of some injustice; and, therefore, deludes herself with false scenarios, sinking further into an unhealthy spiritual quagmire. What she expected from marriage did not materialize; the initial exhilaration, love and respect disappeared. Such disappointment led to her despondence. Her behavior becomes an external manifestation of her condition; her eyes are constantly brimming with tears, she is melancholic and sorrowful. If she does not receive a compliment on a meal she has carefully prepared, or no one notices her new outfit, or if she does not immediately get she is after, she becomes overly emotional. A misspoken word, a joking remark, or sometimes, just the wrong word will fix in her mind, and lead her to become emotional. She will remember the offense throughout the day, and let it become something in her mind that was never intended of it. But, the guilty person was probably not even aware of what he had done. Nevertheless, an ignorant woman who has let emotionalism become a part of her character loses the ability of judgment to recognize the fact.

As a result, another dominant feature among ignorant women is their tendency to weep. Everything that happens in their home may be an occasion for sorrow and weeping. Financial difficulties in the family, difficulties in raising the children, soap operas, or many other factors, may provide the excuse for them to yield to this side of their character. This sort of woman is so mired in her emotionalism that she will find any excuse to cry and be miserable, even if there isn’t one. For example, if one of the characters on a television series dies she will cry afterwards for several minutes. Or, if she hears a song she had enjoyed with a friend many years ago, she will suddenly become emotional and begin to cry. Examples like these are many.

Women who harbor these ignorant tendencies may experience both spiritual and physical breakdowns. This is one of the consequences of the distress they experience for choosing life of ignorance over the moral teachings of the Qur’an. Allah has said in the Qur’an that only those who remember Him, submit to Him and prepare themselves for the Afterlife, will lead a good life in this world and find peace in their hearts. But, characters such as those we have described here have forgotten Allah, by Whose eternal power they were created, and, for this reason, have fallen into melancholy.

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