They Are Easily Offended - The Personality of the Housewife in the Ignorant Society 2

One of the most definite features of a housewife’s character is the ease with which she takes offense. These women harbor many subconscious fears, and are afraid of being neglected, abandoned or deceived. Recognizing that members of the society of ignorance are not trustworthy, they are in constant fear of betrayal. So, they interpret every thing that happens, and every word they hear, in this perspective.

If her husband or her children forget a wedding anniversary, birthday or another special occasion, it provides an opportunity for them to become overly sensitive and emotional. They will try to find a hidden meaning behind the slightest oversight, and feel a deep fear of being unappreciated or neglected. This psychological condition creates tension and often leads heated arguments.

However, a woman who is a believer does not have this defect in her character. Above all, in compliance with Allah’s command, she is not suspicious about others or that which happens. If someone says something or acts in a way she does not understand, she will try to sort it out in her mind; she will try to understand that person’s intention and act accordingly. But, she never takes offense because of something she does not understand, or suppose the meaning of a word spoken. She knows that being touchy is not in compliance with the morality of the Qur’an. Moreover, because a female believer’s marriage and friendships are within the community of other Muslims, confusion does not arise to such eruptions. Because, it is the responsibility of believers to speak the truth clearly and correctly. Allah forbids believers from using in their conversation the off-color innuendo and tasteless humor that is characteristic of the wicked morality of a society of ignorance. We can see that a woman who is a believer makes her life conform to the Qur’an, and so is content and secure, and untouched by moral defects.

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