Various Examples Of The Male Character In A Society Of Ignorance

What we have said so far describes the aspects of the male character in a society of ignorance. There are many other types of male characters whose basic characteristics are formed by their families, their community, living conditions and other such factors. We could describe them briefly as follows:

Some men who have adopted for themselves a character opposite to the type mentioned in the last section are called “henpecked” in a society of ignorance. They do not have the kind of character expected by a society of ignorance, that is, a character that asserts its own superiority; but are overly submissive and unable to stand up for themselves. These individuals do not conform to the mould outlined for them according to the stereotype created by the society of ignorance. Instead of being assertive, they prefer to be dominated by others, and fail to display a strong personality. They are regarded as weak and having no personality.

Another kind of character to be seen in a society of ignorance is the “macho man.” These individuals believe that men are definitely superior, and women are definitely inferior. They regard women as men’s possessions, like any piece of merchandise, and decide when they will treat them well, and when they should treat them badly. They think that their boorish behavior, course manners and crude language make them appear “masculine.” They are convinced that it is someone like them that women want to marry, that their behavior makes them attractive.

In a society of ignorance, there is also a male character type called the “party animals.” Their favorite entertainment is hanging around in bars, drinking too much and carousing. They do the same thing almost every night, with their regular group of friends, who share the same erroneous outlook. The reason why they are called “party animals” in a society of ignorance is because they are always “partying.” During these festivities, which last late into the night, hardly one intelligent or significant topic is discussed. Under the influence of alcohol, men talk for hours about something that is totally inane, philosophizing about it, and offering one another lessons on life. Often, something will end an argument, at some point late in the evening, where those around them have difficulty controlling them and quieting them down. Such individuals will also reflect in their every-day life the aspects of the character type that they display in at night. Usually, they will ask for others not to bother them, putting forward the excuse that they are “hung-over,” or still under the influence of alcohol they consumed the night before.

What we have here described are only a few of the male character types to be found in a society of ignorance; there are hundreds of others. Because it is not founded on the Qur’an, a society of ignorance produces these kinds of character, all of which have a corrupted in understanding. When considered carefully however, we may recognize that men who live this kind of life cannot, in any real sense, find fulfillment in their lives.

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