Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 4 January 2012


A9 TV; 4 January 2012

How excellent that we are in the End Times, and how excellent that we are being tested. And how excellent that Allah has shown us the truth about matter. We might not have known it. We have learned a most important miracle. And what a miracle! Surely the stipulations in the Qur’an are beyond this, but in my view the greatest miracle is to know the truth about matter. That is really stupendous. Allah has created the signs of the age of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) one after the other in the End Times. Yet there might have been only three signs regarding Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Or Allah could have produced him without any portents at all. Or there might have been just one sign. There might have been two. But it is wonderful how there have been so many signs prior to the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

When I described to our brothers how we are now in the End Times, teachers stood up and said, “There is no such thing as Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).” Most of us used to believe in that as children. When told he did not exist, we used to wonder whether it could possibly be true. People used to wonder whether it was an Israelite-originated account, and if we had been going along with that. Some people said, “We have made a terrible mistake and unwittingly been going along with Israel.” And some people would say, “He will certainly be coming,” but subconsciously they still wondered whether he would really be coming, or whether he was just a pleasant fantasy. But we saw that the way of the Mahdi was completely true. And how! Miracles have happened one after the other. And we have given thanks to Allah. Alhamdulillah.

Look at this miracle. “That is why We have halted the Day of Reckoning. The Day of Reckoning is stopped for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). But the world is opposed to him. But so what? He still rules the world. He cannot be stopped. But howcome such a person is loved after that? He becomes the person most loved by the world. Look at Allah’s miracles. The smallest and the greatest all happen. A tiny sperm gives rise to a great human being, for instance. A fig seed, no bigger than the head of a pin, turns into a 30-meter fig tree. It produces tens of thousands of fruits. From a seed the size of a pin head. It grows, and there you have a 30-meter tree. Producing not just one or two fruits, but tens of thousands. This is the artistry of Allah.

What does Almighty Allah say in Surat az-Zukhruf?

Verse 56 of Surat az-Zukhruf; “We made them a thing of the past, an example for later peoples.”

Verse 57: “When an example is made of the son of Maryam,” When people discuss Jesus, the son of Maryam,“your people laugh uproariously.” At the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). I say that “the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will come down from the sky, and people laugh. Look, Allah says, When an example is made of the son of Maryam your people laugh uproariously.”

Surat az-Zukhruf, 58: They retort, ‘Who is better then, our gods or him?’ They only say this to you for argument’s sake.”                          

And now they argue and say, “The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will not come.” They say it is an Israelite-originated account. “There is no such person as the Prophet Jesus (pbuh),” they say, may Allah forbid. They are indeed a disputatious people,” says Allah.

Verse 59: “He is only a servant;” Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) is only a servant, he is not Allah. ...on whom We bestowed Our blessing and whom We made an example for the tribe of Israel.”

Allah says He created him as an excellent role model for people.

Verse 60: “If We wished We could appoint angels in exchange for you to succeed you on the earth.”

In other words, “I would have created angels, not human beings. But I created human beings,” Allah says.

Verse 61: “He”, Jesus the Messiah (pbuh), “is a sign of the Hour. Have no doubt about it.” And we have no doubt at all. But follow me. This is a straight path.”

Verse 62: “Do not let satan,” the dajjal, antichrist,  “bar your way [keep you from Allah]. He truly is an outright enemy to you,”says Allah. The way of the dajjal.

Verse 63: “And when ‘Jesus” the Messiah came with the Clear Signs, he said, ‘I have come to you with Wisdom...”How will he come? He will come with wisdom, he will say that he has come with the Qur’an, insha’Allah. “...and to clarify for you some of the things about which you have differed.”People are currently divided into sects, aren’t they? He will come to resolve that division. He will tell them how unnecessary it is. Therefore have fear of Allah and obey me.”

This is what he will say when he comes, insha’Allah.

Surat az-Zukhruf, 64: "Allah is my Lord and your Lord so worship Him. This is a straight path.”

Look what Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) says. "Allah is my Lord and our Lord .” He is my Allah, and your Allah. “..so worship Him.” Serve Allah, not me. Serve Him. “This is a straight path." 

Verse 65: “The various factions among them differed.”They will go astray toward the End Times. Woe then to those who did wrong on account of the punishment of a painful Day!”The Day of Reckoning. He refers to the coming of Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) and then immediately moves on to the Day of Reckoning. This can be understood from that progression, insha’Allah.


(In response to the question, “I want to get married? What should I do?”)

First, learn the Qur’an, learn about Islam, become deeper in faith. Surrender yourself to Allah. Strive for the path of Allah. Nobody will take mousey women. Women are the spirit of Allah, a blessed and wondrous manifestation of Allah, each and every one. You are not taking a slave on. It is not enough for you to like her. She has to like you. For one thing, women look for a superior intelligence. Women like intelligence, and profound faith, and depth, and passion and consideration. The woman you want to marry will ask you. “Are you a Muslim?” she will say. And you will say, “Alhamdulillah, I am a Muslim.” “What have you done?” she will ask. And you will say, “I pray and fast and gives alms and have gone on the hajj and I profess the faith.” “Do you spread the faith? Have you preached Islam?” “Er... I mentioned it to the janitor’s son, or the grocer’s apprentice.” That is no good. If you are a true Muslim, then you must dedicate yourself to Allah, just like Bediüzzaman. You must serve Islam with all your might. Only then are you acceptable. Otherwise you are deficient, only half formed. So what good are you to that woman? Why bother with you? She is looking for her companion in the hereafter. The man she will live with for all time. But if she senses you are putting on airs and do not really attach importance to Islam and the Qur’an, if she feels you are not a man with a cause, then how can she want you? Why should she want you? Why make a rod for her own back? What good are you to her? You will keep trying to turn her from Allah. She is looking for someone to draw her closer to Allah. But your behavior will turn her from Him. That is no good. You must know the purpose behind marriage. When you get married you are choosing a companion on the hereafter. You are choosing the person you will spend all the time with. So marriage is a very important act of observance. The woman is choosing her companion in paradise, insha’Allah. Why did they choose the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) at that time? He was around 60 then. Why did those young women choose him? Because they selected him as their companion in the hereafter, due to his faith. Now, let us imagine that you are young and strong and fit. How old are you? Say you are 25. When you are 35 or 45 you may have a heart attack. A lot of people die at 45. Many people collapse at 45.

Many things may happen. Why should a woman ruin her eternal life for a few years here? What is the point? What good will your youth and strength be? What good are your flesh and bone to her? If you say you have money, what use is that? You can buy a plate of something to meat. But a second plate will be too much. It will just make you ill. You may say you are famous. But I walk by the cemeteries and see such and such a general, this or that doctor, some professor of surgery. They are all written on their headstones. The grave is no respecter of fame. It sucks people in, and the land down below is always being filled up. So that is no good, either. So what good are you to that woman? I mean, what are you going to offer her? Tell me. If you offer flesh and bone, they are available everywhere. You can get flesh and bone at the butcher’s. But if you are going to offer faith, you must talk about that first. You must have a cause, mustn’t you? I want to marry such and such a lady, or I am looking for a woman to marry. You must first acquire renown through your faith. Then Allah will produce that woman for you. You cannot look for a woman as if you were seeking an address out on the streets. But if you have faith, Allah will produce her for you, insha’Allah. He will bring you together in destiny. Allah says He will bring you together, no matter where in the world you are. There is a verse of the Qur’an to that effect. If you say, “I am handsome,” what good is that? You are still helpless. If you do not blow your nose it will become full of filth. Your ears will still be filthy if you do not clean them. You know what will happen if you do not brush your teeth. You know what will happen if you do not wash all over. You see your own weakness and wretchedness every day. You see it when you get up in the morning, and when you go to bed at night. So what good are you to that woman when you are so helpless? When you are so wretched? Blood is flowing just a millimeter beneath your skin. Lift the skin off and there is blood everywhere. Then you have the internal organs. You are an entity that stays alive with great difficulty. One can quickly die from just a lung infection. These superinfections develop. Not even antibiotics can save one. A tiny tumor develops in the lung. Then it spreads. Even if you treat it you do not recover. May Allah forbid. You bend over to pick something up and a blood vessel in the brain gives out. You collapse and the blood flows from your nose and mouth. You die on the spot. So many people die as they bend over to pick something up. They have a stroke and die on the spot. As they mop the floor or bend over to pick something up. Or they sneeze. A sneeze may be all it takes. And a blood vessel in the brain ruptures. They sneeze and die. They enter a coma as they sneeze. You are a totally helpless being like that, and yet you say, “I am looking for a wife.”  “What is special about you?” I ask. And you say, “I am totally empty.” So fill yourself up. And fear Allah. What did our Prophet (pbuh) do? He lived as a single man, Then he married our mother Khadija. But she was an elderly lady. Years later, he married at Allah’s command. Allah said, “We have made halal for you: .. the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts and the daughters of your maternal uncles and the daughters of your maternal aunts ..:” So how could he marry anyone else apart from his aunt’s daughter? Allah says He has made them all lawful for him. All his aunt’s daughters marry our Prophet (pbuh). There is a verse about it. Allah says He has made them all lawful for him. You get some types who put on airs and say they want such and such a kind of woman. But why should she want you? What is special about you? With all your weakness and wretchedness you are still just an image forming in a space the size of a lentil. Allah creates you as an electric current. As a being whose whole identity exists in a space no bigger than a lentil you must give yourself over totally to Allah. And when you give yourself up to Allah, He will give you goods, opportunities and a wife, everything. But otherwise, what good are you to a woman? What can she do with you? You are utterly helpless from start to finish. If you don’t wash your hair, it will smell, if you don’t wash your face it will be grubby. If you don’t blow your nose or brush your teeth they will become filthy. And as for your armpits.... Human beings are wretched entities, in need of care at every moment. But they can only be properly clean through reason and faith. Allah makes them clean. Allah tells us that believers are pure. How does that happen? He purifies them through reason and faith. No young girls will ruin her eternal life for the sake of a young man with but a short time to live. All you have to offer is your own helplessness. The weakness of your nose, your mouth, your ears and everywhere else. That is all you have to offer. But you will have seen how helpless you are now that I have told you. So what is the greatest blessing? Faith in Allah, loving Him with a passion. If you love Allah with a passion, then the lady in your destiny will appear before you. You imagine she is walking around like at the market and you can say, “I like that woman, let me have her.” But there is no such system. Allah will produce that lady if she is in your destiny. Otherwise, you can jump and down or dig down anywhere you like, but she will still never appear. Even if she does, she will be repelled by you, and you by her. Allah will not bestow her on you. Things do not work as you think they do.

Surat al-Anfal, 9 “Remember when you called on your Lord for help...”

Muslims seek assistance by saying, “O Lord, help me.”  “and He responded to you: ‘I will reinforce you with a thousand angels riding rank after rank’.”

Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be helped by 3000 angels. Look, when it says “rank after rank,” that means at least 3000. Three thousand angels will help him. Allah knows the true number, of course.

Surat al-Anfal, 10 “Allah only did this to give you good news and that so your hearts would be at rest. Victory comes from no one but Allah.”

Are 3000 angels visible here? No. Angels can never be seen. “Allah is Almighty, All-Wise.”Allah constantly and deliberately emphasizes this. Since people are always falling into weakness, it comforts their hearts to know that Allah is Almighty and All-Wise, and they rejoice. You say, “Allahu Akbar [Allah is the Greatest],” don’t you? You say, “Lord, You are very great,” and that eases your heart. Because Allah is great. Human beings are weak. “Subhanallah [Exalted is Allah],” you say. You are helpless, but while you are asleep, Allah still manages the entire universe, the countless worlds, all atoms, protons and neutrons and everything. All the nervous networks and the flow of nerves to the brain and everything, all the worlds, one by one, while we are asleep. For example, we eat and forget ourselves and lose concentration. But at that moment Allah is still managing the lives of all the angles in all the worlds. He causes the destiny of them all to continue flowing in the finest way. That is what Subhanallah means. “We are weak, O Lord, but You are unfettered by weakness.”

Allah wants us to look at everyone with love and affection. Love is the healing medicine of the world. The beauty of paradise. Being loved is most delightful. Hatred leads to troubles and sickness. People and societies collapse under it.

There will be hard times, but we must place our trust in Allah. People are embarrassed afterward. For example, Allah sends troubles, and sickness, but things always work out for the best in the end. One must always think well of Allah right to the end. Doubting him ruins one. Doubting Allah is a most painful thing, may He forbid. It is a most foolish way of behaving. One must think the best of Allah all one’s life. One must always think favorably of Allah, that He is beautiful and true. And when one thinks like that, one indeed sees how true He is. Doubting Him just ruins one at the end of the day. One must always think positively. If one’s arm is broken, one must still think positively. Or if one falls ill. It is always for the best. There is always wisdom behind it. Either Allah is protecting one against a worse evil, or He will do something better. Or someone is martyred. Go and ask the martyrs. People throw themselves on the ground, weeping. Bu go and ask a martyr. See how unhappy that will make him. He will be amazed. “What are you weeping for?” he will ask. Almighty Allah tells us they are given blessings in the Presence of Allah. They are quite happy and content. That person has moved on to a better life. And there you are, weeping. People should weep for themselves if they have to weep at all. For their wretched state in this world. Go and ask the people of paradise about this well. “They are utterly wretched there,” they will say.

The markets of paradise are very modern. People imagine them to be made of vine branches, but they are ultra-modern. You know those very modern malls we have in Turkey? Well let me tell you they will seem really primitive in comparison. There is no comparing them. The malls of paradise are ultra-modern. Whether it be the escalators, the design, the decorations or the materials used. You can go and eat and drink there, but you do not have to pay anything. You go there and there is a place like a coffee house. You enter and drink something. Lovely maidens serve you. But they never come and bring you a bill on a little plate. Nothing. “May Allah be pleased,” you say, and leave. Because they are servants commanded by Allah. Allah shows us malls here so we can recognize them.

Cancer is specially created. Allah commands the cancer cells. Almighty Allah tells the first cell, “Begin, in the name of Allah.”  You look inside the cancer cell and it is like a big hall. Packed to the brim. They also recite the names of Allah. They begin with the name of Allah. Then two, three five appear. Allah has now created drugs against cancer. The drug goes up to the cancer cell hand says, “Hello, I am here.” “Why are you here,” asks the cancer cell. “I have come to kill you. Bismillah [In the name of Allah].” The drug attacks it and the cancer cell dies. Who gives life to the cell? Allah. To the cancer cell. And who gives the drug the power to kill it? Allah. The molecule goes and kills it. It leaves not one cell alive. It even attacks stomach cells. And the cells of the aorta. But it does not cause such serious injury in them, of course. It does nothing to impair a person’s quality of life, but it destroys the cancer cell. This is a law and the might of Allah. What is the aim here? To remind one of Allah. The servant is amazed here. He is well able to prepare himself now. He could only prepare himself a little. Allah makes it His instrument in lengthy preparation, when He so desires.

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