Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's talk on 12 January 2012

A9 TV; 12 January 2012 

(Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interpretation of the president of Kyrgyzstan’s words in the Turkish Parliament that “We must build a strong Turkish Union.”)

Most excellent. My congratulations. Masha’Allah. On words we have not heard for a long time. Superb. I would ask our excellent hodja to use these words everywhere. It is vital for him to employ them everywhere. Look, we hear them once in a blue moon. But why should we hear them only once in a blue moon? Let us hear them often. And everywhere, insha’Allah. Because the Turkish nation is fragmented. In Turkestan and Azerbaijan and here and there. That has never been seen before. They must unite together as soon as possible.

We speak the same language. We have the same language and religion. We have the same traditions and customs and everything. Everything. But they ask to see our passports. Is that acceptable? We should not need passports to enter the Turkic states. Neither passports nor visas. An identity card at most is all we should need. We should just be able to walk through. No questions about, “And where are you going?” We should be able to walk straight through. Do we have to tell anyone why we are going from Ankara to Istanbul? We just go. This should be exactly the same. Under a single law or regulation. It is just a 5-minute business. Because I fail to understand the mentality. Everything about us is the same. Where would be the logic if we needed a passport to go to Konya? It is exactly the same thing. There is no point in prolonging the issue. It must be sorted out at once. Everyone must talk about it. Look, the hodja spoke once and everything happened. People must keep talking about it. Because it is not being brought up. But if we keep bringing it up we can get results very quickly. Turkish-Union must be established as fast as lightning, with no loss of time, insha’Allah. 

The most urgent thing at the moment is the unification of the Turkish world, the Islamic world. We can leave the details till later. People are trying to start with the detail and move on up from there. But if you start from the top, the issue resolves itself right away. Then it is easy to move on to the detail. The details would take only a couple of hours. You set up Islamic Union and leave the Islamic law to me. There is no problem. But my brothers are avoiding Islamic Union, are reluctant to see it. They occupy themselves with a few specific matters. That is no good. Unite the Turkish world so we can have a fine, powerful Turkish nation. We are strong, but that will increase our strength. Unite the Islamic world. Let us build Turkish-Islamic Union. Bring the islamic scholars together and do what they say. The Sunni, Shiite and Wahhabi ulema; agree on a common approach. Everyone will do what is right. Our nation already does what is right. They live by the faith very well, to perfection.

2012-02-19 18:19:54

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