Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 24 December 2011

A9 TV; 24 December 2011

(Regarding an e-mail saying, “I watch you along with the workers in my business. At my workers’ request, I have had a giant screen installed. We listen to your fine words. Production in my workplace has gone up. You are really a very productive man, masha’Allah”)

Of course. There is no need for my brothers with businesses to put up giant screens. They can just install a normal television, or indeed a giant screen if possible; and turn on A9. How excellent! Our devout, hard-working and honest people need to be informed. Instead of poisoning their minds with crude televole pop culture, they should turn to useful information and general knowledge and thus increase their faith many times over, insha’Allah.

 “The end of the Mayan Calendar is 21 December 2012. 21.12.2012.” That is a fascinating figure. 21 is 12 written backward. So “21.12.2012.That date corresponds to 5773 in the Judaic calendar. What I am now going to say is very important. “2012 equates to 5772-5773 in the Judaic calendar. According to Mayan tradition, 21 December 2012 is the rebirth of history. The Zohar is the most important Judaic reference source, one of the most important. It says that “the beginning of the liberation of the line of Jacob,” the beginning of the liberation of Israel, “is given as the Judaic year 5760.” The year 5760 according to Judaic belief. “And that gives a date of 11 September, 1999.” 1999 is vitally important. That is the date of the operation against us, as you know. Many things happened in 1999. There was the earthquake in 1999 [in Istanbul]. “The period between 11 September 1999 and 29 September 2000. The Judaic year 5766, Roj Hoshana, described as the time of the coming of the King Messiah – Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), began on 3 October 2005.” That is also the date of the coming of Jesus the Messiah, insha’Allah. “That year refers to 2005-2006.” The time when the Mahdi’s activities intensify. That is in complete agreement with Judaic records, we are in full agreement. It is in complete agreements with the hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh). There are all in agreement around a single point. “The Judaic year 5773, set out as the date when the King Messiah, Muhammad the Mahdi, will set the whole world in motion, corresponds to 2012-2013. The Judaic year when the King Messiah, Muhammad the Mahdi, will set the whole world in motion.” The date when the Mahdi starts his global activity. “The year 5773.” Look, this is in the 3000-year-old Zohar. “This refers to 2012-2013.”

The Torah and the Zohar speak of the coming of a comet and the Mahdi, and our Prophet (pbuh) says the same thing. “and the whole world will gather around the line of Jacob.” Who is the Mahdi descended from? From Jacob.

Let me know go into this matter more deeply, the whole thing.

“in the Zohar”- the Zohar is a 3000-year-old book. It is the second most important book after the Torah. Rather like our books of hadiths. “the line of Jacob”- the line of Jacob, the line of Abraham - “It sets out the Judaic year 5760 as the beginning of salvation. That corresponds to the period between 11 September 1999 and 29 September 2000.” What does Bediüzzaman say? ‘He will scatter them all after half a century.’ Does he give the same date? Yes, he does. The Mahdi described in the Torah is the same as the Mahdi described by our Prophet (pbuh). They are the same. “The Judaic year 5773, set out in the Zohar as the date when the King Messiah, Muhammed the Mahdi, will set the whole world in motion, corresponds to 2012-2013.” This why the Jews who come here say, “We have felt something in Istanbul. Something will happen in Istanbul.” The Knights Templar came, and they said, “our 1000-year tradition and past tells us that someone will appear from Istanbul.” They also say, “When someone carrying a water jug appears, we will follow him.” They saw a water jug here in my interviews, in gold-plate. “We realized when we saw it,” they said. But they saw the forerunner of the Mahdi. The water jug actually belongs to the Mahdi. We are his followers. Of course I also carry a water jug, masha’Allah. Behind the Mahdi, insha’Allah.

Renowned experts on the Kabbala are coming in the days ahead. The Kabbala is very important in Judaism, as you know. The Zohar is the basic work of Kabbalistic knowledge. Part of it is concerned with numbers and codes. In Judaic belief, the Zohar clarifies the secret mysteries of the Torah. It brings out its hidden meanings and solves the codes in the Torah, insha’Allah. It is quite clear in there that the way of the Mahdi will pass to the ascendancy in 1999, between 11 September 1999 and 29 September 2000, and that he will begin his global activities in 2012-2013. What have I been saying? What does Bediüzzaman say? What did our Prophet (pbuh) say? The same thing. What does the Kabbala say? The same thing. And the commentary on the Zohar? The same thing again. Yet all the rabbis know this. They do not say much to be, but I realized later that they knew. It is also in the Talmud. They all know. “A savior will appear from outside Israel, we know that,” they say. In other words, they say that he will not be an Israeli. “He will come from outside Israel.” The chief judge of the Sanhedrin said that. He told me that separately.

Topkapı Palace was specially made for the Mahdi. Its location is very special. It is not in just any old part of Istanbul. It abuts onto Haghia Sofia and was made deliberately. The site of Haghia Sofia is deliberately set out. The relics beneath it have been specially preserved. Topkapı Palace is a place that will be used by the Mahdi in his meetings and discussions. It will be redesigned and made ready. You will see. An American president even asked why we do not use it. He thought it should be used for such official contacts.

(Le Monde: “With Adnan Oktar, Turkey has become the main center of Islamic creationism”)

Just wait, I have only just begun. I will raise a real storm, a hurricane in 2012-2013. By Allah’s leave, I will blow through the world like a hurricane with learning, science and love.

Surat al-‘Ankabut, 10:

There are some people who say, ‘We believe in Allah’,” you ask them and they say, “Thanks be to Allah, we are Muslims and we have faith.” ...and then, when they suffer harm in Allah’s cause,” when they are imprisoned, for example, or defamed or slandered, they take people’s persecution for Allah’s punishment;” they then blame Allah, He says. ”…but if help comes from your Lord,” wealth or superiority or power, they say, ‘We were with you’.” They then tell Muslims or the followers of the Mahdi or the people at the time in question that they were with them all the time. Does Allah not know best what is in every person’s heart?”

Allah says they lie. Allah knows those who believe and He knows the hypocrites.

The community of the Mahdi is highly select, as was that of our Prophet (pbuh). They preached to intelligent people, but you cannot preach to fools. There is a verse in which Allah says one must explain things to those who can understand. Otherwise, not.

(About our sisters on the program)

They are innocent, polite, chaste, intelligent, honest, sincere, immaculate and radiant, masha’Allah. The warmth of chastity and faith enfolds them. You are all like that. That is why a profound admiration for you arises. People do not realize why they admire you so. They encounter so many rough women. There is a world of difference between you. A whole dimension. On the one hand there are those women devoid of character and chastity, with their frightfulness, aggression, hypocrisy, craziness, stench and filth; while on the other there is your radiance, light, cleanliness, chastity, nobility and power to affect others. They inspire disgust, but you inspire admiration. But it is impossible not to feel revulsion when confronted by filth. How can one not feel revulsion? I was watching a TV channel the other day. They collected these vulgar women of no character, talking in a very low kind of language. Everything about them was vile and filthy. And there were these rough men. And they were all saying filthy things to one another. A really vulgar and horrible environment. I watched with horror and revulsion. But when they saw you they were repelled and suffer very much. Allah shows them how they are mired in filth. They imagined they were in paradise, but then they realized they were in hell. In comparison with you. A feeling of paradise arose in the hearts of these rough, filthy women. They were stunned to see your manners, upbringing, cleanliness, perfection and superior attributes of all kinds. They realized the filth they were living in. It was wonderful. That is why they all began shouting. “Don’t show us those women!” What should I do? Should I produce those low women instead of you? Our nation is a radiant and immaculate one, insha’Allah. I try to put a stop to filth and cheating and fraud and facile culture. But I like your general culture. You are like the ocean, like an encyclopedia.

Believers resemble one another. Allah says they are a chosen and auspicious community. What does that mean? It means they resemble one another. A Muslim will be virtuous, noble, elevated, loving, loyal, humane and impressive, insha’Allah. You represent a fine role model for Europe. You have destroyed that fanatical way of thinking among them. Because they used to give those people who stink, wrapped up in many layers of clothing, women with beards and moustaches as example. As if to say “That is the kind of people they are.” But when you appeared as modern, radiant, immaculate and high-class Europeans; with or without headscarves you represented a fine role model, masha’Allah.

 (Surat an-Nur, 22-25)

Those of you possessing affluence and ample wealth,” it speaks of virtue first and wealth second. Because wealth is nothing without virtue. No good will come of it. But it is fine if the person is virtuous. “…their relatives and the very poor,those who have nothing. “…and those who have made hijra in the way of Allah,” who have abandoned their homes and gone to join the Muslims. They should rather pardon and overlook.” They will both forgive and display toleration. Would you not love Allah to forgive you? Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

Those who accuse women who are chaste, but who are careless and yet believe, are cursed both in this world and the hereafter, and they will have a terrible punishment.” It is a sin to accuse pure women who have faith of adultery or cast suspicion on them.

on the Day when their tongues and hands and feet will testify against them about what they were doing.”

Even if they themselves deny it, their hands and their feet will proclaim their guilt.

On that Day Allah will pay them in full what is due to them, and they will know that Allah is the Clear Truth.”

In other words, they will know that Allah implements the truth, insha’Allah.

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