Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 11 January 2012

A9 TV; 11 January 2012

Good people must always protect and watch over one another. They must love one another and treat one another well and with affection. Because it is a great blessing to be with other people. A very great blessing. I get a lot of messages from ladies saying, “How nice it would be if we could be friends.” “If only…” they say. Because such a life is very pleasant. Thanks be to Allah, masha’Allah. One hears no evil talk or lies. No lies or slanders. Everything is investigated first and people are careful to speak as well as possible. People strive to behave as rationally as possible. The unity and union of the nation and the homeland has become a cause. There is the ideal of Great Turkey, the ideal of Turkish-Islamic Union. Above all, there is the desire for Allah’s approval, to attain the paradise of Allah. We pray for Allah to grant this, of course. Everyone strives for everyone else to be well and happy. They take pride in and rejoice at others’ wealth, or beauty. Do you know how much suffering a woman’s beauty gives under unbelief? Many people suffer when they see one’s beauty. “You have to beat a tree that gives ripe fruit,” as they say. That is why there has always been opposition to good people. To all the prophets and guides and those who strive on Allah’s path. Because it is difficult to be good in this world, but easy to be evil. Evil can quickly gain strength. But it is really hard to be good and honest. You must not lie, you have to be altruistic and loyal.

(In response to a viewer’s e-mail reading “Since the planets are not habitable, why were they created?”)

In the same way one cannot live under the soil. Allah shows His might there. To show how He can create worlds if He so wishes; but He says “make a comparison.” “I could have covered it [this world] with sulfur dioxide, or with nitric acid, or I could create at minus 150 degrees or minus 200 or 300 degrees, or else at plus 2000 degrees,” He is saying. “See the difference. Give proper thanks for this, with fine moral values, in such a way as to deserve this blessing, this beauty,” says Almighty Allah. Because the world is like a lovely, sweet child walking through a forest. That is how Allah has created it. He has created its surroundings with a lot of noise and hubbub, but He has created this world to be very calm and sweet. He has adorned it with lovely people, lovely birds, rabbits, ducks and lovely fruit trees, and sparkling waters. But then we look at Neptune and Pluto and the rest. The sky is filled with sulfur dioxide, or consists of a cloud of nitric acid. Like hell. With a heat of 400 or 800 degrees, or minus 200 degrees. With mountains made of frozen chemical substances. Or else covered in highly toxic gasses. But if you speak to a living thing there and say, “Look, there are clouds of nitric acid here, how do you survive?” it will answer, “But what if I had lived on Earth? May Allah forbid. I could not have survived in all that oxygen there.” “Here I have this lovely nitric acid,” it would say. Go and ask the djinns there. They are completely happy. Minus 300 degrees is like a vacation in Miami for them. These things are relative. An extraordinarily blessed home for one life form or spirit would be a total nightmare for us. They would see our seas and be repelled and horrified by them and say, “May Allah forbid. Just one drop of that would destroy me.” Or carbon dioxide. “One tiny bit of carbon dioxide would destroy me,” they would say. “Even the smell is unbearable,” they would say. We are breathing and smelling this air here now, and are perfectly comfortable. But carbon dioxide could smell disgusting to another life. Oxygen might have been a really terrifying substance and cause the most awful suffering. It could have been a substance that tore the body apart when it entered it. But for us, Allah makes the air have a mild, pleasant smell and taste, so people talk about “this lovely fresh air.” But it could have burned our lungs. Carbon dioxide and nitrogen might have smelled really horrible. There is a high proportion of nitrogen, and that might have harmed up. But it causes us no discomfort at all. We have carbon dioxide and nitrogen and oxygen. Chemical gasses normally smell really vile. But there are these three gasses and none has any smell at all. They have been specially created by Allah. When we see the horror there we compare it with the tranquility on Earth, and we can thus imagine what hell is like. If Allah were to take someone’s soul and plant it on Pluto or Neptune, he would be devastated. But we come to this Earth with its buildings and children running around, rabbits jumping about, banana trees, orange trees, olive and plum trees, melons all over the place, water melons, tomatoes and peppers. With its beautiful women and lovely children. Beauty emerges in the presence of opposites. When you make a picture, for instance, you may set it against a black background so it stands out better. And Allah has placed this Earth against a frightening background so that we may regard it as a blessing. And we look at it and give thanks every day.  For example, asteroids rain down on the Moon every day, just like rain. They also rain down on other stars. If you look, you will see they have all been rounded down by the constant bombardment. Asteroids rain down on them. Have you ever seen an asteroid. There are millions of them all around the Earth, but not one ever hits us. They melt away like butter up in the air. Allah makes everything lovely for us, and produces color and illuminates the world. People even talk about getting together to have fun and watching meteor showers. Allah has turned them into a source of entertainment and beauty. But go to the other stars and see if there is any fun going on there. It is terrifying there. For instance, an explosion takes place on the Sun and the flames leap up millions of kilometers. It is all hugely terrifying. But here there is a wondrous tranquility. Allah is reminding us of what He could have done. For those people who can understand, insha’Allah.

I look at some places of entertainment and they are not safe. People are uneasy in them. For one thing, some people look really suspicious. You get crazies and mafia types and criminal types. Dangerous kinds of people. You cannot be sure of anyone. There are perverts around. But, insha’Allah, there will be places where people can enjoy themselves and be safe in the future. There are some safe places, of course, in Turkey. It is not as if there are none at all. I am thinking of the other kind.

I have ensured there is now nowhere that Islam has not entered, thanks be to Allah. Looking, something has happened that has never happened before. Not even members can enter the greatest masonic lodge in America. Only 33rd degree masons can enter. But we spent hours there talking about Islam. We have entered the most secret masonic lodges and told them all about Islam and the Qur’an. And we are still doing so. We loudly discussed Islam on America’s most important military bases, its most secret places. And we shall again continue to do so. We give many thanks for that, thanks be to Allah. Allah has created me to be courageous. Masha’Allah, alhamdulillah. Allah provides such opportunities, insha’Allah.

2012-02-20 12:54:26

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