Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 7 February 2012

A9 TV; 7 February 2012

Some people act out of a mass psychology. But acting out of a mass psychology is terribly embarrassing. I, for instance, never adopt mass psychology. Under normal circumstances I should never support the Jews because what receives the most votes among certain communities and societies, is to be anti-Zionist, an enemy of the Jews, and even to hate them. Even being hostile to Christians and full of hatred toward them, these are the things that win you votes. Speaking in a bigoted manner and telling people nonsense wins you votes. But I have no such problem. I have no such concerns, in other words. I do not care who says so. I feel affection for the Jews, I pity them. I protect them for Allah’s sake, and allow nobody to speak against them. I feel the same affection for Christians, they are radiant.

(About the view expressed on a program, in which Prof. Ersin Kalaycıoğlu and İhsan Eliaçık also participated, in the words, “You cannot make anyone truly religious, a Muslim of the Qur’an because the prevailing conditions will not permit it. A man will steal or kill to feed his children if they are hungry. When survival is the only moral imperative, no other moral values remain. Therefore, if you want a virtuous society you must first fill their stomachs, not try and make them religious. Hazrat Ali also says you cannot have a religion of the hungry.”)

For one thing, Muslims fast and go hungry, but they are full of love, for Allah’s sake. There is a verse that says that Muslims go without food and sleep and are exhausted, but they never abandon the path of Allah. That is the general sense of the verse. A Muslim is someone who displays moral virtues even when he is in difficulties. And Hazrat Ali (r.a) never said any such thing. He would never say that. Why are they defaming him like that? If that is their own opinion, that is a different matter, though it is still wrong. Even if a Muslim is angry, he will never commit a crime, not even if he is starving. He  is always devoted to Allah under the influence of his conscience. He fears Allah and is controlled and patient. He never loses his patience, moderation or respect, out of his fear of Allah. They cast a Muslim into the flames, but he still says, “Allah,” even in the fire. So how is any such thing possible?

People regard saying, “There is no Allah,” as a badge of modernity. They regard criticizing religion and Islam as a badge of modernity. They think that talking about Darwinism and materialism is science. But when you say, “Allah does exist and it is impossible for a protein molecule to form by chance,” and you prove that scientifically, they immediately say there is no place for you in the university in question. If you are a minister or prime minister they will demand you resign. So what are we to do? We must still strive to spread Islam and the Qur’an with all our might.

(In response to a viewer who says, “What do you think about Israel, which has killed thousands of Palestinians?”)

You demand neither Islamic Union nor Turkish-Islamic Union. But then you ask what I think about the repression in Palestine. The reason for the repression in Palestine is that Muslims are not united. All Muslims are responsible. The reason for this tragedy of Palestine is the lack of Islamic Union. These tragedies will continue so long as there is no Islamic Union. As if only Israel were attacking Palestine. They are also at one anothers throats. There are terrible killings going on. They are also shooting one another. If you are sincere and you believe that this position of Israel’s is wrong, then what must you do? You must demand Islamic Union. It will all dry up if you demand Islamic Union, the moment Islamic Union is established. Both Israel and Palestine will be liberated. Your aim is not to liberate Palestine or Israel because if it were, that is very easy. All you need to do is say, “I want Islamic Union.” Just say, “O Lord, bestow the Mahdi upon us.” But do you? No. It does not suit you, because you want to form your own community. You want your own group or society to come out on top. But I am talking about a comprehensive solution.

I do not understand. People are saying, “Syria must be saved.” But when it is liberated, what then? “That will be a very good thing,” they say. But it is totally unclear what they want. What is it you want from Syria? “To live at ease.” But Allah will not let you live at ease. You must demand Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union, the Mahdi and Hazrat Jesus the Messiah. They keep saying “We want to live at ease” on an individual basis. That is no good.

You cannot get anywhere by damning people. But there will be nothing to curse once we have Islamic Union. It will all be resolved at once. You have to say the words. But you are reluctant even to speak them. You cannot bring yourself to say, “I want Islamic Union.” Two words. But you are opposing the Mahdi and Jesus the Messiah. Say, “I want Islamic Union.” Some people are opposed to it.

2012-02-29 10:57:31

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