Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 10 February 2012

A9 TV; 10 February 2012

There can obviously be no Islamic Union without Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). And it is indeed not happening. Christians are being oppressed, Jews are being oppressed, and Muslims are being oppressed. And they are preventing themselves forming an alliance. Yet they could be freed if they formed an alliance. They are preventing this with all their might.

Islamic Union would have come about long ago. Turkish-Islamic Union would have come about long ago. They scared some Muslims by saying America will prevent it or Israel will prevent it. That scared them and they gave up. Some said, “Why are you waiting for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Be your own Mahdi.” Then these people just went straight to sleep, naturally. But there is always a need for a leader to motivate people and encourage and enthuse them. That need has always existed. It is also described in the hadiths. Every age needs a kind of Mahdi, or mujaddid, a restorer of the faith he says.

When you recognize Hazrat Jesus (pbuh) you will also have to recognize Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). They go together, as one part. It would be like recognizing half a person but not the other. A person dies when split in half. But a person lives as a whole. One half of the way of the Mahdi is the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and the other half is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). The two make a single whole. So there is no need to strive in vain or look for indirect signs and figurative meanings.

If you tell someone who does not believe in Allah, “The Gospel is a true Book but has been corrupted,” he will not listen. He must first believe in the existence of Allah. In the Qur’an Allah says in hundreds of places that people do not believe, and that the majority of those who believe still ascribe equals to Allah. “Most of them have no faith” says Allah. “Will we be raised up a second time?” they ask. They do not believe in the Prophet (saas) and Allah.

Surat al-Fussilat, 4;

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan; “...bringing good news and giving warning;   but most of them have turned away and do not hear.”

What is this? They will still not listen if you talk about the Qur’an or the angels. Why not? Because he does not believe in Allah. One first has to establish belief in Allah. That is why I concentrate on belief in Allah. Lack of faith is the greatest problem in the world. Irreligion came to reign after the coming of Darwinism and materialism. Muhammad Rashid Erol says; “Ninety hundred ninety-nine out of every thousand people have no faith. They do not believe in Allah.” “And the remaining one in a thousand are flawed and imperfect,” he says.

Surat al-Fussilat, 5,

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan, They say, ‘Our hearts are covered up against what you call us to...’” Now you tell someone about the angels. But what do they say? “...and there is a heaviness in our ears.” He does not understand what you say. There is a screen between us and you. So act – we are certainly acting.” I describe the invalidity of Darwinism and materialism. And they go on the counter-offensive.

Surat al-Fussilat, 7:

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan. “Those who do not pay alms and reject the hereafter.”

Now what kind of effect will you have if you describe paradise and hell to someone who does not believe in the hereafter? Why does he reject the hereafter? Because he does not believe in Allah. He has no faith. Everywhere you look there is a lack of faith.

Surat al-Fussilat, 9,

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan. Say: ‘Do you reject Him Who created the earth in two days’,” He denies Allah. “and make others equal to him?” You engaged in polytheism. “This the Lord of all the worlds.” Allah first emphasizes faith in the Qur’an. Do you see?

Now Almighty Allah moves on to the signs leading to faith.

Surat al-Fussilat, 10-11:

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan. “He placed firmly embedded mountains on it,” That is a sign leading to faith.  towering over it, and blessed it and measured out its nourishment in it, laid out for those who seek it – all in four days. Then He turned to heaven when it was smoke;”

This is a sign leading to faith, for instance. Science tells us that when the universe was first created it took the form of smoke, that it was covered in clouds. This is a miracle of the Qur’an, for instance. A statement that faith in Allah is beneficial to people. “…and said to it and to the earth, ‘Come willingly or unwillingly.’ They both said, ‘We come willingly’.”

Allah is describing signs leading to faith here. Here He is describing the existence of lack of faith. And here He describes signs leading to faith.

Surat al-Fussilat, 13:

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan. “If they turn away,” look, another impossibility. “…then say, ‘I warn you of a lightning-bolt like the lightning-bolt of ‘Ad and of Thamud’.”

The Prophet frightens them by saying a scourge will come to them from Allah.

Surat al-Fussilat, 14:

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan. “When the Messengers came to them from in front and from behind, saying, ‘Do not worship anyone but Allah’.” Another reference to faith in Allah. Constant emphasis on faith in Allah. What is the problem? Lack of faith in Allah.If our Lord had willed, He could have sent angels down,” People say, “Since Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has come, let us see angels around his head.” So we reject the Message you have been sent with.” So they will not accept Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), either. “And we deny the existence of Allah,” they say. People opposed to the way of the Mahdi are generally weak in faith. “Strong in ego, weak in faith,” says Bediüzzaman.

Surat al-Fussilat, 15:

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan; Ad were arrogant in the land, without any right,           saying, ‘Who has greater strength than us?’Did they not see that Allah, Who created them, had greater strength than them? But they renounced Our Signs’.”

 “Did they not believe in Allah?” He says. Do you think you are now on the true path, my brother? Open up any page of the Qur’an and it talks about lack of faith. Who has greater strength than us?’ Did they not see that Allah, Who created them, had greater strength than them? But they renounced Our Signs’.”

They reject the signs. How can you tell anything to someone who renounces the signs? You must first have faith in the existence of Allah.

The main issue when a message reaches me from the hypocrites is: One; our abiding by the Qur’an and rejecting nonsense. Two; the way of the Mahdi. Those are the two points they are allergic to. The more they exhibit that allergy, the more I concentrate on it. The more I concentrate on it, the more allergic they become. That has really kept the way of the Mahdi in the public eye.

Jesus the Messiah is never mentioned alone in the hadiths. He is always mentioned together with the Mahdi. They are being very cunning; discount the Mahdi, and it becomes impossible for Jesus the Messiah to come. That is how they have settled this. In this way, there is no Mahdi, no Jesus the Messiah and no Islamic Union. So what are we left with? A global world. Global humanity and humanism. They are developing a logic that will move in that direction.

You have hypocrites on one side and the anti-Mahdi bunch, the collective personality lot, on the other. They are trying to cover up the most evident and open truths. I said that Darwinism and materialism are invalid, and took a stand against Darwinism. A huge association with millions of viewers in France, Muslims with beards and robes, all opposed me saying, “How dare you oppose Darwinism? How dare you oppose evolution? What kind of Muslims are you?” They literally stood up against me. Some communities were duly influenced, and wondered, “How can you be opposed to evolution?” “We are Muslims. Allah creates. There is no evolution? What is your problem?” I ask. And they reply, “What are you talking about? Darwinism and materialism appears in the Qur’an.”

That means to ignore three verses from the Qur’an. Where does it say that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will come as a collective personality? It described him as “a Sign of the Hour.” It refers to him as Jesus the Messiah, not a collective personality. It says he was taken into the Presence of Allah. “Ma Kate’lehu” He says, “they did not kill him.” Almighty Allah says He raised him into His Presence. “Allah has promised those of you who obey you,  He will make them successors in the land”” He says. He says that not one member of the People of the Book will be left who does not believe in him. Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Ibn al-Majah, the Sunan an-Nasai, Sunan Dawud,  all of them speak of Jesus the Messiah as an individual.

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