Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 15 January 2012

A9 TV; 15 January 2012

The Messenger says, “My Lord, my people,” the people of our Prophet (saas) or whoever, “treat this Qur’an as something to be ignored.” (Surat al-Furqan, 30) So what will be the greatest trouble and affliction in the Ummah of Islam? The abandonment of the Qur’an. Our Prophet (saas) has one complaint, the abandonment of the Qur’an. That is the reason for all these disasters and tragedies. The abandonment of the Qur’an.

“Your people deny it [the Qur’an] and yet it is the Truth.” (Surat al-An’am. 66)

People do not regard the Qur’an as sufficient. “It is incomprehensible,” they say. There is a scourge in most people that stems from their having no respect for the Qur’an. Look, this is highly significant; there are two points I concentrate on. One is the bigots’ opposition to the way of the Mahdi. The second is their opposition to the sufficiency of the Qur’an. Our Prophet (saas) complains about both of these. And Almighty Allah draws our attention to them both.

“When an example is made of the son of Mary your people laugh uproariously.” (Surat az-Zukhruf, 57)

 “They laugh uproariously,” He says. They retort, ‘Who is better then, our gods or him?’” Even now they foolishly imagine they mock the coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). They do not believe it. They regard the people they deify as more important. They regard their own idols as more important. A great many Muslims are devoted to people with the status of idols. Look, they say, "Who is better then, our gods or him?” They want to keep their own teacher or sheikh on top. That is why they do not want to see the return of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) or the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). They only say this to you for argument’s sake.” Allah shows how keen they are to argue. Look at Facebook and everywhere and there are people suffering from  disease or argument and gossip. They are indeed a disputatious people.” (Surat az-Zukhruf, 58) They are both argumentative and also hostile to Allah, the Book, Jesus the Messiah (pbuh), the way of the Mahdi and Islamic Union. That is what the Qur’an refers to, insha’Allah.

(A response to a viewer who asks, “They do not help me at home. I want to live fully by the moral values of the Qur’an and to earn Allah’s approval. But they laugh at me. What is the best thing for me to do?”)

We must raise our level of general culture. We must be highly cultured. Really knowledgeable. One knowledgeable person is enough for a city. If you are knowledgeable enough to obliterate Darwinism and materialism then that is it. People will collapse psychologically in the knowledge that such types exist.

(In response to a viewer’s e-mail saying, “Could you tell us what harm the communists have ever done you that you blacken their name so much?”)

Communists damage themselves more than they harm me. They suffer because of themselves. Communists have a terrible time, and most live in suffering. Communists have always lived in pain. Have you ever seen a happy communist? Very rarely. They are always in pain. I want them to be happy, I want the nation to be happy.

(In response to a report that the mufti, the senior religious official in Palestine, said when he accepted Al-Fatah’s invitation, “The destiny of Muslims is to kill Jews. The Day of Resurrection will only take place after the Jews have been killed by Muslims.”)

In other words, “Muslims will only be able to relax once the Jews have been killed. There is no longer any obstacle to Islamic Union. It will be wonderful,” he says. “That is the whole question,” he says. But what have you got to lose by uniting without killing the Jews? May Allah forbid, but let us assume you have committed such a slaughter. Now what will you do? You will  sit back and smoke your pipe, scratch your gut and take it easy. Do the Jews tell you not to read the Qur’an or not to establish Islamic Union? Do they tell you not to strive against Darwinism and materialism? Are the Jews holding you back? Your own government forces you to study Darwinism and materialism. Do Jewish prime ministers or presidents force you to study it? You oblige yourselves to. You yourselves believe in Darwinism and materialism. In Morocco and Tunisia and Algeria. Palestine [in the 1970's] used to be a bastion of communism. People went to Palestine for communist training. People went there for “guerrilla” training from all over the world. Was it Jews who provided that communist training there? No, it was you. Did the Jews set up those communist guerrilla training camps? No, it was you. You cannot get anywhere with bloodshed. Allah will visit afflictions on you. You will suffer even worse. You must be reasonable. I am addressing the people who support such murder.

They taught people in the light of their own hatred and anger. Look at Facebook, and you will see people filled with hatred and anger. Expressions of love are very rare. I see young girls swearing at one another. They have all these words with a sexual content. It is all full of sexual profanity. There is a swear word behind almost every word. People ask me why I say “insha’Allah” all the time. And I ask them why they have to use swear words all the time. I add “insha’Allah” or “masha’Allah” to everything I say. And you add abbreviations of swear words all the time. That is wrong. What I do is right.

Young people are highly affected by sincere talk. There are some people who talk a lot of nonsense. I do not understand. They talk utter nonsense. Do they really believe it, or are they just playing? I was at home and wondered to myself whether these people are crazy. It is impossible to really believe such nonsense. Some of these people are highly educated. It is impossible. If they are just amusing themselves, this is a crazy way of behaving. And if they really believe it, that is even crazier. Can what they say be true in any way at all? They talk about “....an animal, 400 kilometers long, with its head or tail in the sky, wriggling under the ground. The dabbat al-ardh (Beast of the Last Days) is waiting,” they say. Such a creature would destroy the world. They do not seem to be joking. And grown men sit nodding their heads and listening. “See what the holy one is saying?” they ask. I am unclear whether the people listening are joking or if they really believe it. They talk utter nonsense. I do not want to repeat it. Unbelievable things. But our young people are really bright, intelligent, cultured and educated. How can they believe in utter nonsense? They are talking total nonsense. You know those people who go into drug-induced states in hospitals? Not even they would ever talk such total rubbish. Not even they would utter such disgraceful rubbish.

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