Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 1 March 2012


A9 TV, 1 March 2012

(A new statement about the End Times hadiths- NEW)

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) says: “A fire will soon emerge from there and will illuminate the necks of the camels in Basra.” Abu Ya’la Imam Ahmad narrate the following hadith: “A fire will emerge from Habsusayil” the Middle East, the oil regions “and will progress slowly, like the gait of a camel.” Very ponderously, very slowly, because camels walk very slowly. It will progress very slowly. “From the valleys of Hejaz to the necks of the camels in Basra.” This refers to Hajez, one of the parts of Saudi Arabia with the most oil.. Hejaz and Basra. The hadith says where oil will be found, 1400 years before the event. The regions mentioned are all rich in oil. “The Day of Reckoning will not take place until the flow of a fire that will illuminate the necks of the camels in Basra.” What is a flowing fire? Oil, insha’Allah. Then it says, “it will have a neck like a camel and will move very slowly.” It is something to do with oil. The device that brings oil up out of the ground is used all over the world and moves very slowly. And if you notice, it also resembles a camel, with its head and body and the way it moves very slowly as it brings oil out. And that gas that is given off is burned, the flames rise upward. And that device is where the burning goes on. And when night falls it illuminates that device. “It is as if I see the Turks coming on horses with pierced ears and tethering their steeds on the banks of the Euphrates.” Our Prophet (pbuh) is foretelling the capture of the Euphrates by the Turks 1400 years before the event. The region of the Euphrates is now under Turkish control, isn’t it? Horses with pierced ears, that refers to their cars, insha’Allah.

“Kill all black dogs, because they are satan.”

That is utter nonsense. They are living things. Please! What a terrible thing to say. They, the bigots, are slandering our Prophet (pbuh). These people have no fear of Allah. “That the crow is impious…” This is impious, that is impious. What can be impious about a crow? The poor thing.

Our Prophet (pbuh) enjoyed the pleasures of the table, masha’Allah. The Companions say that he enjoyed fried forelegs. He would eat two at a single sitting, masha’Allah. They brought them up fried like a pomegranate. He liked bread soaked in gravy. Look, this is highly significant, “Add some barley to flow made of wheat and mix it up,” he says. Other cereals lack the protein value of barley. It has a special kind of protein. Barley compensates for that lacking protein. In that way one can obtain the same protein value as there is in meat. This is a grand truth bestowed on our Prophet (pbuh) through revelation.

Some ignorant people say; “Our Prophet (pbuh) used to tie stones to his stomach out of hunger, out of lack of money.” Our Prophet (pbuh) was quite wealthy, thanks be to Allah. That is clear from a verse. Our Prophet (pbuh) would go on a diet from time to time, with 3-5 dates, and not eat much. He had stomach pains sometimes, and then he would warm a stone in the fire and tie it above his stomach with a towel or something. But some idiots say he tied stones to his stomach to dispel the pangs of hunger. They say the Companions saw that our Prophet (pbuh) was miserable and they took pity on him when they saw his house was empty. That is an insult to the Companions and to our Prophet (pbuh). Look how stupid that is.

People generally grow old when they get to 40. There is a verse in which Allah says He first creates us as children, then makes us mature adults, and then makes us revert to being children again. In other words, He makes us grow old, isn’t that right? That is a fact in the Qur’an. I am telling a truth set out by Allah. Nobody should be proud or arrogant. Even the most beautiful woman will grow old after 40, or even before 40. Her hands and face will become wrinkled. Her hair will lose its beauty, her eyes will lose their sparkle. The corners of her mouth and eyes and hands will become misshapen. That happens in order to break people’s pride, to draw them closer to Allah, and so they will renounce this world. This is one of the most important ways that people’s arrogance is tamed. They even begin falling apart, not at 40, but at 30. This is a warning. Additionally, 40 is the age of maturity, when serious changes begin, when the signs that life is but short start to intensify, insha’Allah.

(About a statement by NASA saying that Spanish astronomers have warned that an asteroid 50 m in diameter will pass close by the Earth on 15 February, next year)

Almighty Allah constantly reminds us of this. Rocks like this, or even larger, are always passing close by. Look, they always pass close by. People never stop to wonder why they come so close to the Earth. Why does Almighty Allah make them pass by instead of hitting us? He is warning us. I could make them hit you, but I don’t. Because the Mahdi is on Earth, and Jesus the Messiah. Little time remains, so pull yourselves together. That is the message from Almighty Allah.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “What do you think about astrology?”)

Don’t believe it, of course. There is nothing in it. It is meaningless. And there is nothing Qur’anic about it.

2012-04-09 21:46:04

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