Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 13 March 2012


A9 TV,  March 13th, 2012

Weakness of faith is a great problem. Thousands of verses in the Qur’an speak about weakness of faith. Look, I am not saying merely ten or one hundred verses. There are 6,666 verses. More than 1,000 verses speak of disasters caused by weakness of faith. There are 2,000-3,000 verses that indirectly reference this. Therefore, weakness of faith is very important.

(About the truth about matter)

I did not know when I was at middle school, for instance, that a pencil is a sign leading to faith. I thought that people did this. Then I looked carefully, and realized that I see inside my brain. A power inside my brain shows this to me. We ask, where is the pencil? It is outside. We only believe that the pencil is outside. No one knows the true form of the pencil outside. We accept this as faith. We accept this as a command of the Qur’an and as Allah says “It exists.” Otherwise, no one knows its shape outside. We can only see the form inside our brain. This is a knowledge that belongs to us; there is no other knowledge except for this. It is zero.

Only Allah gives us the image. And in three-dimensional form. The fluid inside the eye is an viscuous fluid. It is in the form of jelly. It is jelly-like but full of blood vessels. Look at the clarity of this image. You cannot obtain such an image even with a lens. We call what we see inside the brain “life” and image. There is depth  in that image. There is depth in sound but when we hear with our ear, we know its location. It is three-dimensional. One certainly believes in Allah in a free and sincere mind.

Leftist young people are like that due to tradition. “Revolutionism” is “bravery” and “protecting the public”, and it is “being honest” and they also say “there is evolution.” They think in a very simple way. They say, “Even when we leave water, tiny beings form.” So people do not think deeply; they think in a shallow and artificial way.

Signs of faith are so strong that the left cannot take it. Science destroys communism. Science has become the greatest trouble to communism, atheism and Darwinism. My weapon against them is science. These would emerge with science. These foretold of the system that already destroyed them. My brother, he is talking about physicists, modern physicists and all of them believe in Allah. You are talking about the Big Bang; it is destroying your system. He says, “Let’s examine the structure of proteins.” When you say that, you already destroy your own system.

 (“My friends perform the prayer three times a day and with a seal. This is Shia prayer. I am very curious; what do you say about this seal on which the forehead is placed?”)

One should respect every religious sect. If they believe it to be so, they shall do so. Prayer is prayer. Allah accepts it, insha’Allah. What would be the problem? If he prays on a piece of lock, so he does. He shall as long as he performs his prayer. There is no need to make this a problem. One should respect every religious sect. One should respect every faith. What is important is to believe in Allah and the Prophet (saas), insha’Allah.(Answer to question, “Could you mention arrogance?)

The man is not aware of his existence; arrogance, the images he sees consists only of a dream in his brain. If he is arrogant despite this, there is a problem in his mind. What else could I say? Now think of a person that lives inside an image on television; if he puts on airs inside the screen, you would only pity him. What could you say? If a person who lives inside a tiny place in his brain puts on airs, he is miserable. What else could he be?

(Answer to question, “Could you talk about the importance of sincerity in faith, human relations and working life.)

Life is a whole; faith is a whole. There is faith everywhere, even in working life. There is no place that faith does not exist. Sincerity is essential everywhere. Sincerity is first of all a religious duty and sincerity is also very pleasurable. Sincerity is very important in love.


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