Highligts from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 10 March 2012

A9 TV, March 10th 2012

Surat al-Hujurat, Verses 14-15

The desert Arabs say, ‘We have faith.’Say: ‘You do not have faith. Say rather, “We have become Muslim,” for faith has not yet entered into your hearts. If you obey Allah and His Messenger,He will not undervalue your actions in any way.Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.’

The majority of people do not have faith but they simply submit themselves. With their conscience  they feel convinced that Islam is true. They get into a positive spirit in the path of having faith. For instance, he may also perform his regular prayers but he does not believe. But Allah also considers it to be valid, masha’Allah. But He says, “You do not have faith.” Faith is something different. With faith, a person withdraws himself from all social aspects of life. He focuses all his attention on Islam and the Qur’an. For him, life becomes of a secondary importance. This is a portent of faith. If life does not gain a secondary importance for a person, then he is aslama. Faith has not entered into his heart yet.

 The believers are only those who have had faith in Allah and His Messenger and then have had no doubt.” But we are tested with doubt. Having doubts is one thing, resisting those doubts and suppressing them is another. If you are carried away by doubts, if doubts drift you away, that would not be becoming. But you will always encounter doubts. What will you do then? You will crush it- you will defeat it. They have struggled with their wealth and themselves in the Way of Allah.”

(Erudite Explanations from Surat al-Furqan)

On the Day We gather them together, and those they worship besides Allah, and say, ‘Did you misguide these slaves of Mine or did they stray from the way of their own accord?’ (Surat al-Furqan, 17)

Allah will ask Darwinists and Materialists: “Did you misguide them, or was it they themselves who deviated from the true path?”

They will say, ‘Glory be to You! It would not have been fitting for us to have taken any protectors apart from You. But You let them and their fathers enjoy themselves so that they forgot the Reminder. They were people devoid of good.’ (Surat al-Furqan, 18)

When it sees them coming from a long way off, they will hear it seething and rasping. (Surat al-Furqan, 12)

Hell is being shown to them from a distance- they hear the noise of searing, those flames or explosions from very far away.

When they are flung into a narrow place in it, shackled together in chains, they will cry out there for destruction. (Surat al-Furqan, 13)

They still do not believe, but they want to be reduced to nothing. They want to die, insha’Allah. But they are very resistant. They are very resolute in the issue of faithlessness. 

 “‘Do not cry out today for just one destruction, cry out for many destructions! (Surat al-Furqan, 14). That is to say, Allah says that they will call out constantly. 

Say: ‘Is that better, or the Garden of Eternal Life which has been promised to those who have piety? That is their recompense and destination.’ (Surat al-Furqan, 15) Allah reminds once again that they must compare and wish for paradise.

Those who do not expect to meet Us say, ‘Why have angels not been sent down to us? Why do we not see our Lord?’ They have become arrogant about themselves and are excessively insolent.(Surat Furqan, 21)

Notice that the matter is always weakness of faith. They want their free will to be taken away in order to believe- they want to see the angels. This also holds true for Materialists. They say, “Then show us Allah.” What is the issue? Arrogance. When they do not abide by Hazrat Mahdi (as), people may grow arrogant. Allah says, anarchy and terror has started. “They are excessively insolent.” For instance there is the onslaught of the terror organization of the PKK in the South East of Turkey.On the Day they see the angels, there will be no good news that Day for the evildoers. They will say, ‘There is an absolute ban.’” (Surat al-Furqan, 22) They always receive bad news while believers constantly receive good news.

We will advance on the actions they have done and make them scattered specks of dust. (Surat al-Furqan, 23)

The Companions of the Garden on that Day will have better lodging and a better resting-place.” (Surat al-Furqan, 24)

They will rest for all eternity- they will never forget the concept of resting. For instance they come and sit on an armchair, they don’t need it but they are accustomed of being exhausted in the world. Therefore there will be a profound love for armchairs there. Allah says, “Residing on armchairs.” Because they are accustomed to exhaustion, they never forget that need for rest in the hereafter. They wander around and come and immediately sit on an armchair- not because they are exhausted. There are mattresses although a man can stand up for trillions of years. There is no fatigue but there is familiarization with beds- they consider them fine, they come and immediately recline.

They say that there is no sexuality in paradise. However Allah says that there are “nubile maidens” (Surat an-Naba’, 33).

For instance, Allah speaks of the existence of “...maidens just like closely guarded pearls.” That means they are exceptionally beautiful. Maidens who turn their eyes solely to their spouses with passion. Allah makes mention of elevated couches and tents. And that those maidens are passionately in love with their spouses. Consequently, it is not becoming to avoid mentioning this subject for fear of criticism.

(Verses about paradise)

Surah Sad, Verse 50-51-52-53

“Gardens of Eden, whose gates will be open to them,where they will recline, calling for plentiful fruit and drink” The wine of paradise.  “...and there will be dark-eyed maidens with them with eyes reserved for them alone.” Young and beautiful women but they only look at their spouses. “This is what you are promised on the Day of Reckoning.

Young and beautiful women but they only look at their spouses.

This is Our provision which will never run out.It continues endlessly.

Surah Rahman, Verses 56-58

In them are maidens with eyes for them alone, untouched before them by either man or jinn.”

That is to say, pure women. “Like precious gems of ruby andpearl.” That is to say, they carry beauty of ruby and  pearls on them. For instance they have it on their eyes, nails- they are exceptionally beautiful like adorned with precious stones.

Surat an-Naba’, Verse 32-33-34-35

“Gardens and grape wines.” People like gardens and vineyards very much- they are also present in paradise “...and nubile maidens of similar age.” “And an overflowing cup.” Notice that Allah draws attention to the beauty of cups. Some people feel disturbed though when these cups are mentioned. “...where they will hear no prattle and no denial.” You know that there is vain and nonsense talk everywhere. There are lies. People are very bored of lies. Lies disturb people very much. It is very pleasing to talk to someone who tells the truth one hundred percent. If a woman talks nothing but the truth, then she becomes very impressive. This also holds true for men. Lies almost drug people’s brains, it disturbs them. Vain and nonsensical talk, on the other hand, makes them feel exhausted, it casts a spell over them. It annoys them. 

Surat as-Saffat, 43-44-45

In Gardens of Delight on couches face to face; a cup from a flowing spring passing round among them”

Notice that they sit down although they have no need for it- simply because they are accustomed to it.

 “A cup from a flowing spring passing round among them.” That is to say, there are waitresses around. Male or female waitresses. There are cups on trays. You take the cups from the trays and drink them, insha'Allah.

Surat as-Sajda

Elif-Lam Mim.

The revelation of the Book, without any doubt of it, is from the Lord of the worlds.” Why is there mention of “...without any doubt of it.”? Because people have doubts. How would it be possible to remove those doubts? By means of the signs leading to faith.

Or do they say, ‘He has invented it’?  “No indeed! It is the truth from your Lord to warn a people to whom, before you, no warner came, so that hopefully they will be guided.”

They have not been guided yet. How would it be possible? By means of the signs leading to faith. Is it true then?

 “Allah is He Who created the heavens and the earth and everything between them in six days and then established Himself firmly upon the Throne. You have no protector or intercessor apart from Him. So will you not pay heed?”

Allah speaks of Creation, so what is Creation? It is a sign leading to faith. Why does Allah say this? Because they seek a power other than Allah. What is this? This is also a sign leading to faith. Why would a person not take heed and ponder? Because he has weakness of faith. Why does not he think, why does not he ponder? Because of weakness of faith.

 “He directs the whole affair from heaven to earth. Then it will again ascend to Him on a Day whose length is a thousand years by the way you measure.”

It ascends to Allah’s Sight in one day, but it continues for a thousand years. Allah describes to us here the concept of relativity.

He Who has created all things in the best possible way. He commenced the creation of man from clay. What do  we do? We are Creationists, we speak of Creation. “He Who has created all things in the best possible way.” What do we say? Allah creates all things in the best possible. We show that they are beautiful with photographs and documents. We see that Allah creates them with the Golden Ratio. The perfection in the structure of proteins, the perfection in the cell, the vacoule, the mitochondrion- we speak of these.

 “He commenced the creation of man from clay.We do not say, “Darwinism”. We say that Allah created man from clay. From stiffened clay. We say that Allah gave soul to a ceramic sculpture. Not because Allah is in need of ceramic- it is also Allah Who creates the ceramic, He still continues to create. It is also Allah Who creates a glass or a ceramic sculpture. This is something Allah says to refute the Darwinists’ claims. This is Allah’s response to Darwinists.

 “...then produced his seed from an extract of base fluid.” From sperm. Allah makes a sperm instrumental for the creation of man.

“...then formed him and breathed His Soul into him and gave you hearing, sight and hearts. What little thanks you show!

   “...and breathed His Soul into it.” He granted a soul to him. “He gave you hearing, sight and hearts. What little thanks you show!” Why do people give little thanks? Allah explains Creation here. The reason why man gives little thanks is his weakness of faith. In order to remove the weakness of faith, the signs leading to faith must be explained.

They say, ‘When we have been absorbed into the earth, are we then to be in a new creation?’ In fact they reject the meeting with their Lord.”

What is this? Weakness of faith. Shall we explain fiqh to these people? 99 percent of people around the world says this. Shall I explain how to perform ritual ablution of the whole body? I will explain the invalidity of Darwinism.

In fact they reject the meeting with their Lord.” How can I explain fiqh to these people! They insist that I explain fiqh.

Say: ‘The Angel of Death, who has been given charge of you, will take you back and then you will be sent back to your Lord.” The guy does not have faith. Allah says that the angel comes and takes one’s soul. We say that we will be resurrected.

The people who truly do have faith in Our Signs are those who fall to the ground prostrating when they are reminded of them,” Those who abide immediately. and glorify their Lord with praise, and alhamdulillah are not arrogant.” The man, on the other hand, does not believe, he does not believe that Prophet Jesus (as) will descend and Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear. Why? Allah says, “Those who are not arrogant have faith.” If he grows arrogant, he can not have faith. What is the problem? It is a matter of faith. Does Allah mention a problem of fiqh here? A matter of faith.

“Is someone who has faith like someone who is a deviator? They are not the same!

As for those who have faith and do right actions, they will have

the Gardens of Safe Refuge as hospitality for what they used to do.

Allah says that believers go to paradise.

But as for those who are deviators, their refuge is the Fire. Every time that they want to get out, they are put straight back into it again and they are told, ‘Taste the punishment of the Fire, which you denied.Why does he deny? Because of weakness of faith. So we talk about the  signs leading to faith. Am I telling the truth? The main issue is always the signs leading to faith, the importance of signs leading to faith and the unity of Muslims.

(Surat al Kahf)

Praise belongs to Allah Who has sent down the Book to His slave and has put no crookedness in it.Why is there no crookedness in the Qur’an? It comprises everything, there is nothing deficient in it.

It is straight, to warn of violent force direct from Him, and to give the good news to the believers, those who do right actions, that for them there is an excellent reward,”

“It is straight,” Allah reveals the secret of the world reign. What shall we follow? The Qur’an. Is there any deficiency in the Qur’an? Is there any need for any addition? No. “...to warn of violent force direct from Him” So the fear of Allah is the beginning of everything. “...to give the good news to the believers” Those who perform their acts of worship with sincerity. The good news of paradise and the good news of the Unity of Islam. Just as in the case of Surat an-Nur. “...that for them there is an excellent reward” There are rewards for them. “...a place in where they will remain for ever” Allah makes us love eternal life as an instinct. People think about eternal life day and night. There is the instinct of sexuality, the instinct of hunger, of reproduction. Allah estimates everything. The only instinct that Allah does not satisfy is the wish of living eternally. People always await death, they feel the excitement of it. Almighty Allah satisfies it in the hereafter. That only instinct that is not satisfied is left to hereafter.

“They have no knowledge of this, neither they nor their fathers.”

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