New explanations from Surah Qaf -2

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated March 2nd, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: "Every self will come together with a driver," There is a driver who drives. This is for the Muslims. They have such a comfort. Believers have private vehicles provided by Allah "..and a Witness." The witness sits beside them. They have a guide. That is to make things easier, to show them around the region, so they can know what to do, so that they can be in comfort.  So they can always remember Allah, and both the driver and the witness constantly praise him, please him. They give him these glad tidings because that environment is a most exhilarating one, and the idea is to eliminate any fear. That is because fear has not yet been taken out from them. They have not yet entered paradise. They still know fear, excitement, tension and everything. They know those feelings like everyone else.

But since he has an angel, the believer's heart is at ease as he is constantly receiving compliments and appeasing. There is light behind him and to the right. He is unaffected by the disturbing nature of darkness. Since he has a vehicle he is unaffected by the disturbing nature of the lands of hell. Because that is very harsh. Unbelievers are made to remain on their knees in the lands of hell. Muslims and everyone else come to those lands. That is why we do not say, "O Lord, save me from hell." We say, "Protect us from the torment of hell." Since we will go to and see hell. We seek shelter in Allah from the torments of hell. There are angels in hell, too, and they are quite content. There are believers there, all quite happy. Because if one is a believer one feels no torment. But unbelievers do feel that torment. But of course a Muslim would not want to remain there. That is a different matter. He would want to go to paradise.

Look, Allah says, "Every self will come together with a driver and a witness. You were heedless of this," - Allah makes an oath about this – ".. so We have stripped you of your covering and today your sight is sharp." There is a veil or covering in front of one's eyes. This cover, this ellipsoid screen in front of your eyes, you see that don't you? There is a luminous, lightened screen with bright objects on it, before people's eyes. Allah says He has lifted that screen. "Today your sight is sharp."  One suddenly passes to a wondrously clear, new dimension. As if a screen is lifted from before one's eyes. One sees a brand new screen. One's sight is sharp there, He[Allah] says. There is no lack of clarity in one's hearing or touch or sense of distance, of the kind there is in this world. There is lack of clarity here. One would put on his glasses to see the distance or to see the close-up. Or cannot hear properly and gives his ear like that and so.  Right? There are lots of such things. Nothing like that happens there. You can see more than 100 kilometers away, as if it were right in front of you. One's sight is sharp over there. One can also hear someone speaking 100 kilometers away. I mean there will be no deficit in sight or hearing or any other sense. And one fully perceives three dimensions. Totally and clearly. That is why Hazrat Ali (r.a) says "you will wake as if waking out of sleep". Once awaken, everyone would have the conviction that they have been woken up from their sleep. That appears in a verse, "Alas for us! Who has raised us from our resting-place?" they say. In other words, they will not know where they are. Then they say, "Alas, this is the Day of Reckoning. We have died and been Resurrected" They will only realize that they have died and been Resurrected later. They will not initially realize that. They will just think they have been dropped in an ordinary field somewhere. You know, sometimes a man might be kidnapped and dropped unconscious. They will think they have been abandoned in the desert somewhere. Then the Summoner will call them and they will realize they are dead when they run toward that place. "Woe be to us", they will say. "So the Day is true", they will say. "Now our sight is sharp." It is sharp and three-dimensional. The same with hearing. 

"His inseparable comrade.. " the angel who will help him constantly and guide him ".. will say, 'This is what I have ready for you'."  The person who is ready..  But for the believers [it is different]. If he is not a believer, the angel will speak of him as a "thing." The angel will speak of him like talking about an object, not as a human being. "This is what I have ready for you." The angel would not even want to refer to them as people, because of being repelled by them.

Allah tells the angels to "Hurl into Hell every obdurate unbeliever," because they are stubborn and in fact well aware of the Existence of Allah but he makes a trial. As if to say "lets see what will occur". He just acts in a snobbish way. I am only referring to those kinds of people, of course. Not those who were genuinely unable to understand.  Those who knew and understood the truth but persisted in pride and obstinacy; "Every obdurate unbeliever , impeder of good.." You preach the religion and he tries to obstruct you. You do something good, they try to prevent you doing that. You try and save a Muslim and he gets in the way; you hand out books and they try and stop you. You arrange a meeting and they try to have it cancelled. You talk about Islamic Union and they try and stop it. You say  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear and they try and prevent it. You say Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will come and they try to prevent it as well. ".. impeder of good, aggressor." You know the lot of the bigots, the terrorists and anarchists lot, the Darwinists and Leninists. Communists and fanatics, they are all aggressive.  "..doubt-causing". The Darwinist-materialist system is rooted in doubt anyway. Bigots are also doubtful and they doubt almost everything. They doubt the prophets and Allah. That is why bigots do not like Allah at all, they do not like at all, and they do not like Our Prophet (saas) either. They only like the intermediaries they call saints. They imagine they can get to paradise through them. I mean they do not have any hope from our Prophet either. They do not like Allah at all. Just look at their books. They believe that Allah is [May Allah forbid]cruel and despotic. They believe that only our Prophet (saas) will intercede with Allah on their behalf and win Him over. May Allah forbid, as if Allah does not already know so that our Prophet (saas) would need to persuade!  Or they, those polytheists,  think that it could only be done through idols they call "saints". Or whatever they call them, "sinless" or "destined for the Paradise".    Look, "..who set up another god together with Allah."  That is it. They say that their spiritual guide knows things happening in the other end of the world, that he knows everything and that he will definitely go to paradise. They say; "he is the Mahdi anyway, I have been told about this in my dream. I know that he is the Mahdi. This is revelation to me. He tells us things through revelation anyway. Allah reveals His commands to him, and what I have been revealed is a command as well. We will hold onto his coat-tails and enter paradise together. He will take us to paradise," they say. They never say, "Allah will put me to paradise through His mercy. May He send us to paradise." But they say ".. those will take me to paradise".  "....who set up another god together with Allah. Hurl him into the terrible punishment," Allah says. "His inseparable comrade will say, 'Our Lord, I did not make him overstep the limits." This is the classical manner of the satan. " He was, in any case, far astray'." He ascribed equals to Allah and did not obey the Qur'an. "Allah says,  'Do not argue in My presence'." This is a characteristic of the bigots, they constantly argue. One saying one thing according to this account and someone else says another thing altogether. They engage in demagoguery for hours. But "Allah says, "Do not argue. I gave you advance warning of the Threat."

 "I have sent you the Qur'an, I have sent you the Prophet. That is a clear command. "My Word, once given, is not subject to change." The commands of the Qur'an do not change, the commands of Allah do not change. 

"I do not wrong My servants," says Allah. "On the Day He says to Hell, 'Are you full?; 'it (hell) will ask, 'Are there no more to come'?" Allah asks, "are you full?" Allah does that to terrify the unbelievers. "' will ask, 'Are there no more to come'?" It  says, a voice comes from the Hell saying "are there no more to come?" "It is a huge place here, I want even more of them," it says. This is of course a dialogue that will terrify the dwellers in hell. "And the Garden will be brought up close to those with piety, not far away"

He says it is not far away anyway. Look this is a very meaningful statement. Allah says it is not far away anyway. People imagine it is far away and say, " O, we will go to Paradise but the Day is a long way off." Allah says "..the Garden is not far away." It is very nearby. And Allah says that it will be brought up close. Once the veil is lifted one will see paradise. It has been brought up close. The perception of location is in Allah's hands. Allah makes him see it as close by if He wishes. "..will be brought up close." I mean there is no space in the Sight of Allah, it is just being brought up close according to us.  "This is what you were promised." This is the Promise of Allah. "It is for every careful penitent:" For those who sincerely turn to Allah and maintain the laws of Islam and the Qur'an. "..those who fear the All-Merciful in the Unseen and come with a contrite heart."

I mean Paradise is for those who are sincere. "Enter it in peace." They enter the paradise saying "Assalamun alaykum", everyone that enters say "assalamun alaykum."  The angels lined up there say, "alaykom as-salam".  "This is the Day of Timeless Eternity." Angels say ; "You are now eternal." Because there exists just one single moment. Infinitely before and infinitely after have been created within that single moment. It is physically impossible for man to have an end anyway. It is physically impossible, I mean by the leave of Allah.  

"They will have there, everything they want." Everything they can think of. Cars, yachts, if they want to fly or swim with the fish or they want to be with the birds. Or whatever food they want or whatever beauties they love, they can have everything they like.  Look, Allah says; "..and with Us there is still more." This will be a surprise, says Allah. He says; "I will do things that you do not know. I will do things that you have never seen or guessed." "...and with Us there is still more," He says, insha'Allah.

Ms. AYLIN: Masha'Allah Master.

ADNAN OKTAR: How was that commentary?

Ms. AYLIN: It was splendid.

Ms.GULSAH: It has been very exciting to listen to you.

ADNAN OKTAR: Who expounds these? Allah manifests them. We are but his wretched servants. We are but helpless slaves. Allah manifests through His Name Al-Jamal and His other Names. He manifests Through His name of Al-Alim [The Knower of all]. And we pay heed, insha'Allah.

2012-04-17 15:10:53

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