Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 25 March 2012

A9 TV,  March 25th, 2012

Faith means a healthy body and a healthy soul. But when there is no faith, changes take place in the soul and body. You can tell when you look at someone’s face. But faith produces a wondrous beauty, attractiveness, superiority and quality. This is most amazing. It stems from faith. This attractiveness is thought to be with people from birth. But no, this is a special state given to people through faith. This is immediately taken away when faith disappears, may Allah forbid. A person immediately becomes ugly and abnormal. In the same way that Allah creates a flower to be beautiful and colorful, and then makes it wither. I mean, people do not always stay beautiful. Faith makes them beautiful, but when faith goes, may Allah forbid, so does that beauty. They become ugly in body and soul. But believers’ bodies and souls become beautiful. They become delightful, insha’Allah.

I look on the internet and see astonishingly beautiful young girls. But they ruin themselves, the poor things. With cigarettes and excess and lovelessness. I look at their pictures, and their faces are empty. There is no love in their eyes. It is very sad for them. But when people have no faith and do not live by Islam, there can be no glint of joy or love in their eyes. There will be no sign of health in their skin or bodies. A collapse takes place because they regard themselves as essentially worthless. And when a young girl regards herself as worthless, if she does not feel she is of any value, if she does not feel respected, then the end result is a psychological collapse.

2012-04-21 22:02:29
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