Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 26 February 2012

A9 TV,  February 26th, 2012

(About the fanatics’ enmity toward animals)

“The spider turned into satan, Allah altered its form. So kill it.” The spider is satan! Just imagine how much harm this nonsense does to Muslims! It is inconceivable. They say this as narrated by Ahmad ibn Hanbal. For example, our Prophet (saas) supposedly commanded the killing of lizards. He apparently regarded them as impious. Lizards have no faith or religion, so they cannot be impious. Impiety refers to a rational person who rejects the commandments of Islam. But what crime have these poor animals committed to make them impious? Would our Prophet (saas) ever say such a thing? Our Prophet (saas) was exceedingly rational, exceedingly far-sighted, compassionate and loving.

“When the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) was thrown into the fire, all the animals on earth tried to put it out. Only the lizard did not join in. Because it fanned the flames.” What lungs does the lizard have? Why should the lizard be hostile to the prophet Abraham (pbuh)? All animals love the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and the prophets. Innocent animals that obey Allah’s command and revelation and lizards have with no intelligence. How could that poor little thing know where to go and act with hostility toward the Prophet Abraham (pbuh)? They hate dogs and they hate lizards. Theirs is a system based on hatred of animals. A system based on hatred of women, hatred of animals and hatred of everything.

In designing the world, they developed a system by inciting people’s national enmity. If they want to tear a nation apart, they first do something to anger them. They then turn that anger into a destructive weapon aimed against themselves. They then ensure that relations with other countries are severed, so they have no more support. They then encourage hatred among themselves. They encourage Shiite and Sunni anger, for example. “Look, the Shiites have ruined you.” They dredge up  instances from the past. They set people at one another’s throats. Then they go in and say how they rescued everyone. Then they ruthlessly oppress both sides. There are all kinds of techniques, techniques of satan’s.

One cannot get anywhere with hatred and anger. Only if love, compassion, warmth, art, science and freedom of thought rule the world. That is human nature. Nobody ever likes being oppressed or denigrated. They like being loved and respected. For example, what was the distinguishing characteristic of the alleged Ergenekon terror organization? It looked down on the public, may Allah forbid. Disparaging people, giving oneself airs and thinking the way to success is by treading upon others. What was the result? An enormous hatred. And as a result of that hate, the government won 54% of the popular vote.

I say let us forge an alliance with Christians and say there is only one Allah. But they insist on going out and killing people instead. But there are only a few of you. They are oppressing you and them and the Christians. So come and form an alliance. They are also oppressing the Jews. Be united. Be allies. You believe in the one Allah, and so do they. Then they will be unable to hurt you. People fail to realize this. They are more interested in harming one another. Forge an alliance around “the one Allah.” I am not telling anyone to “go and adopt their beliefs.”

(In response to a viewer who says, “I am constantly afflicted by doubts and fears. What can I do? I am unable to fully submit to Allah. What should I do?”)

That is the form the test takes. There will be doubts. And you must strive against those doubts with faith. Faith is the answer given to the army of doubt with good conscience. Doubts and suspicions will come, and you must chase them away and fight them off; that is what Allah likes. Allah creates doubts and skepticism. Allah loves us to resist doubts and skepticism and to love Him. Allah loves us to think the best of Him and always evaluate matters in His favor. In other words. Allah wants people who resist skepticism, who overcome doubts, who are loyal to Him in good conscience and who always think the best of Him.

 For example, the Prophet Moses (pbuh) says, “O Lord, I want to see You.” That is a requirement of the test. It shows that the need for free will still applies. Almighty Allah asks, “Do you not believe in Me?” “In that case I shall manifest Myself on the mountain, and you will see Me, if you can bear it.” And when Allah manifested Himself on the mountain, the rocks were shattered by a powerful bolt of lightning. And my beloved one (Moses) fainted. “O Lord, I believe,” he said.

The way Jesus the Messiah brought the dead back to life, for instance.  People imagine there were a pile of bones buried underground and that those bones suddenly started walking again. Not in the least. If that were the case, there would be no more test for the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), either. The person would have been dead for two or three days. They placed the dead bodies in caves in those days. That is where the body was, in a cave tomb. Then he says, “Rise, by the will of Allah.” The person then walks outside, in a state of confusion. Now that does not eliminate the use of free will. The person may not have died. He may only have fainted. Or he may genuinely have died. But the believer believes that he died and was brought back to life. But someone else imagines it was all put on. He thinks that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) staged it with his disciples. And so he does not believe.

(Regarding the way that after President Obama apologized to the Afghan head of state for U.S. troops’ burning copies of the Qur’an, and Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum saying there was no need to apologize for the burning of a holy book)

This is a satanic way of speaking that incites conflict between Christians and Muslims. Obama behaved very reasonably, in compliance with Jesus the Messiah. He did what a follower of Jesus the Messiah should do. The other man lined up alongside the dajjal. Demanding war and conflict. He apologized. What more do you want? “We will not do it again.” He said. Isn’t that great?

Hazrat Hidhir (pbuh) has his own special procedures. He obeys a special law. He is not bound by Islam. What Islam considers unlawful is lawful for him. That is why the Prophet Moses (pbuh) makes all those objections, since Hidhir is not bound by those rules. What he did was lawful under the law that applies to him. Secret knowledge is a whole different sphere. A most wondrous sphere.

(In response to the question, “Is cigarette smoking unlawful?”)

Definitely unlawful. I do not issue fatwas (Islamic religious law), but here is one. One would have to be crazy to harm one’s lungs with that smoke . We escape smoke whereas smokers directly inhale that smoke. That smoke is carcinogenic, and it fills every corner of the lungs. Everything that is harmful to human health is unlawful. Young girls’ complexions are ruined by it, their eyes lose their sparkle, and their beauty fades. Never do it. Never! 

(I response to a viewer who says, “We should mourn every day.”)

“We should mourn every day,” he says. If you want mourning, then make sure that the blasphemous mourns, that the dajjal mourns, that the sufyan mourns. And do that by demanding Islamic Union. Instead of mourning for yourself. Instead of you weeping day and night, helplessly and devoid of honor, make the way of the dajjal and the way of the sufyan weep. Believers do not weep. They cause weeping, through reason, learning, science and the law, insha’Allah. They are striking  at Muslims from that direction. Trying to encourage weeping and mourning every day. They want to make people tired of living. We must not fall for anything so foolish, not fall into satan’s arms.

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