Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 13 March 2012

 A9 TV; March 23rd, 2012

There is something a hypocrite does not know; a hypocrite is not aware of Allah’s might. I always say this. For instance, a hypocrite goes and writes an advice note to an authority. The fact is however, that advice note was ready in the Sight of Allah before he was born, even before his father was born. He can neither write a letter more nor a letter less. And that note is sent right at the predestined date. That is how Allah creates him. And he really thinks that  he will be successful. Allah drifts him into destruction in a way that he does not understand.

Pharaoh also sees miracle, he comes to have faith, but then he swerves again. He pretends to have faith, but then again he falters.But a hypocrite does not get better. Now and then a disbeliever improves his state. But a hypocrite, never. A hypocrite possesses a resolutely disbelieving character. He has an immoral character. He is created only to give harm to believers. A disbeliever sometimes have doubts, he hesitates and can not make up his mind in thinking, “Is a Muslim right or a disbeliever?”

A hypocrite, in his own way, tries to look happy while he burns inside, he is very restless. He enjoys a fake joy. He is unaware of the brevity of this life and the real essence of matter. He constantly tries to forget death. He grows old but he still thinks that he will live a long life until his soul is taken by angels beating him on his back and on his face. He does not understand until that time. Almighty Allah says, “Neither a long life nor the possessions I grant must not deceive you. My intention is to make them their souls be taken in pain, to make them writhe in sufferings.” That is to say, Allah shows them the grounds of why He gives such  torment to them, so that they would not reject Him. Allah grants them a long life during when they can commit a lot of immoral acts so that they would not be able to say, “I was not immoral.” Allah grants them the opportunity to commit acts and then He gives them scourges. This is the method.                                         

The fact that a hypocrite can not cause any harm to a Muslim hurts him a lot. This is similar to the state of a person who wants to run, but is simply unable to run. He really wants to do something and he uses his mind with all his might like an ape. A hypocrite is like an ape in a cage; it struggles desperately, tumbles down over, assumes that he is accomplishing something, but he simply hits its head on the cage and nothing else happens. Allah grants a hypocrite the right of engaging in a number of limited acts. Meanwhile, he assumes himself to be ultimately free. But he is not, he is being limited. What he will do and how he will act are all predestined. It is also predestined where Allah will crush him.

The benefit of a hypocrite is to keep a Muslim active and vivid, and it adds to his rewards. For instance, if one will earn one reward, that reward becomes a million. In the absence of a hypocrite, the degrees of  rewards also decreases. For instance, the establishment of the Dirar Mosque multiplied the rewards and ranks of our Prophet (saas). What would happened if it was not there? His rewards would be few. Now it has increased tremendously. The more  the number of hypocrites, the more they are organized, the more rewards Muslims receive.

A hypocrite does not consider disbelief sufficient. They do not consider that immorality, that unscrupulousness are sufficient. They feel comfortable only among themselves. Just as how a jinni can not be at ease among satans or vice versa. However, they are all spiritual beings. But they do not remain together, they feel restless. For instance, a satan feels comfortable next to another satan, and a jinni feels comfortable with another jinn. Furthermore, the jinn are separated into schools within themselves. For example there are the Catholics, the Orthodox, the Muslim and hypocrite jinn. There are various kinds of them.

Surat an Nur, 31

“Say to the believing women that they should lower their eyes” They will not look at the unlawful. “...and guard their private parts” That is to say, they will not engage in a sexual relationship with someone who is unlawful. “...and not display their adornments” Devout women do not show their adornments to people.

...except for what normally shows – That is to say, those that are seen naturally,  “and draw their head-coverings across their breasts.” Their breasts must be closed, not be out in the open. The women in those times were totally out in the open, that is to say, they do not wear bras, so Allah tells them to cover their breasts. They used to walk the streets without bras. Now Allah cites to whom these women can display their “adornments”. “To their own husbands”- they can display their adornments to their wedded husbands. Who else? They can show it to their fathers. Who else? Their fathers in law. Who else? “sons, sons of their husbands, their own brothers, sons of their brothers, sons of their sisters or their own women or those under their own hands, which means their maids- these maids have no potency, but when that guy hears about these, he rejects them outright. When we say, “That is what Allah says”, they still say, “I would still not accept it even if Allah says.” Bigots would never accept such things. They would not accept Allah’s provision.

Hud Suresi, 109-113, 115,114,117-123

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan. Almighty Allah says:

“So be in no doubt about what these people worship. They only worship as their forebearers worshipped previously.”  Allah says that they believe just as how their forefathers believed.  “We will pay them their portion in full, with no rebate!”

“We gave Moses the Book” the Torah, “...and people differed concerning it” Almighty Allah says that they disputed about Torah. “...and had it not been for a prior Word from your Lord, it would already have been decided between them. They are indeed in grave doubt about it.” This is a verse revealing that Jews are responsible for the Qur’an. A verse showing that they need to be  followers of Muhammad (saas). Verse 110. That is to say, without being a follower of Muhammad (saas), it is not possible to be a real Jew.

“Your Lord will pay each one of them in full for his actions. He is aware of what they do.”

“Go straight as you have been commanded, and also those who turn with you to Allah, and do not exceed the bounds.” Allah orders them not to attack one another, terrorize, or murder people.  “He sees what you do.”

“Do not rely on those who do wrong” Do not show a tendency towards those who shed blood. “...thus causing the Fire to afflict you” Allah says that in that case Allah will inflict a scourge upon them “...for you have no protector besides Allah; then you will not be helped.”

And be steadfast. Allah does not let the wage of good-doers go to waste.”

In verse 114, it is stated, Establish prayer at each end of the day and in the first part of the night. Good actions eradicate bad actions. This is a reminder for people who pay heed.”

“Your Lord would never have destroyed the cities wrongfully as long as their inhabitants were putting things right.” “Notice that Almighty Allah says that if the message of Allah is communicated, no destruction occurs. While their inhabitants communicate Allah’s provisions, that is to say, while they enjoin the good and forbid the evil through the radio, television. Nothing happens to a country if the message of Islam is communicated there. Otherwise Allah says that he destroys that place. If there is Mahdi, the system of Mahdi there, that country is not destroyed. Notice that Allah also shows this by this verse. Notice, “Your Lord would never have destroyed the cities, wrongfully as long as their inhabitants were putting things right.” That is why Turkey will not get into such a disaster; because Hazrat Mahdi (as) is in Turkey.

“If your Lord had wanted to, He would have made mankind into one community but they persist in their differences.” Allah says that He would make all people Muslims. “A single community.” “But they persist in their differences.” This means that there will be Christians, Jews and Muslims. Towards  Doomsday the world becomes a single ummah. We have entered into this age, insha’Allah.

We have given you all this news about the Messengers so We can make your heart firm by means of it. The truth has come to you in this and an admonishment and reminder to the believers.

Allah says that He gives the kind of news that will make one’s faith more profound. So Allah makes even the Prophet’s faith more profound. Such information is given only in the news of messengers. What is there in the news of messengers? “The truth”. Almighty Allah says that there is “admonishment and reminder to the believers”. So they are not stories, they are admonitions.

Say to those who have no faith: ‘Do as you think best. That is what we are doing. And wait. We too are waiting.’

We, on the other hand, say to hypocrites: “Do whatever you can.” And we respond to them with law. What are we awaiting? The Unity of Islam, the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as). We tell the disbelievers: “Wait, Hazrat Mahdi (as) will come, Prophet Jesus (as) will appear, there will be the Day of Judgment. As Muslims, we are also awaiting.

The Unseen of the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah and the whole affair will be returned to Him. So worship Him and put your trust in Him. Your Lord is not unaware of what you do.

Almighty Allah tells us to put our trust in Him. For instance, we are talking and we put our trust in Allah. It is Allah Who makes us talk. We engage in activities and put our trust in Allah.

( In response to a viewer who says, “A Muslim is divorced from faith if he yearns for another culture”)

What were the idolaters wearing when our Prophet (saas) started to communicate the message of Islam in Mecca and Medina? Cloak, skull cap, beard. What did our Prophet (saas) wear? What did our Prophet (saas) do? He wore cloak, skull cap and beard. What happened? Did he yearn for idolaters? He wore what other people wore in the society. Where do your learn this mindset? Idolaters were playing tambourines and having fun. Muslims were also playing tambourines and having fun. Did our Prophet (saas) abandon it because idolaters were doing it? Our Prophet (saas) also played and had fun. Idolaters were using the miswaq. It was a toothbrush made from a branch of a tree. Its ends were softened and used as a toothbrush. It was used by idolaters, Jews and Christians. So did our Prophet (saas). Did he yearn for disbelievers by doing so? Jews were covering their heads and so were Christians with skull caps. Our Prophet (saas) also covered his head. Did he yearn for idolaters?

Our Prophet (saas) made use of the science and technology of that time. If he lived in this time, he would use the means of this time. Stop being naive. Look at that mindset. 

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