Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 4 April 2012

A9 TV, 4 April 2

Love and affection toward and being concerned for and interested in our old people are of the greatest importance. It is vitally important not to huff and puff or even give the slightest hint of doing so. This is an important commandment of the Qur’an. Allah says this of one’s parents, not other people. The Qur’an refers to our old people. “Whether one or both of them reach old age with you, do not say ‘Ugh!’ to them out of irritation and do not be harsh with them but speak to them with gentleness and generosity.” What did our Sheikh Nazım do? He raised millions of people with enormous hard work. Now what is our duty? To look after him in the finest way in his old age. To ensure his every day is happy and joyful. He is already happy and joyful with faith and the Qur’an, but as his children we have a responsibility to ensure peace and calm for him. We have a duty to ensure his happiness, joy and good health. Allah makes us His instruments, thanks be to Allah. And that is also a source of joy for us.

Leftist young people have great self-pride. They dedicate their lives to their ideal. I feel rather sorry for them. Of course their ultimate ideals are great – peace and social justice. But before that there is that red dictatorship, the dictatorship of the proletariat, bloodshed and anarchy. So there will be no-one left on the road to peace they go down. They will already have killed off everyone they should have allowed to live and made happy. The world ceases to exist. It is like cutting off the patient’s head in order to treat him. He dies while you are trying to transplant a better head onto him.

The founders of communism made a huge mistake. They based it on Darwinism. How can you vase such a philosophy on such a rotten system as Darwinism? They never imagined such a thing. That is why leftist young people have been so humiliated and shamed. They dedicate their lives to it and act very seriously, but Darwinism is a disgrace. Utterly humiliating. You see how they suffer and roll around in agony. There used to be no way of responding to this. They built a system that could not be criticized. Most religious people were afraid of Darwinism. People fear what they do not know. We can see that if I had not been around they would have steamrollered right over them.

The state of mind stemming from that weakness and defeatism, plus the desire to do something heroic, means they can only  struggle at home. That is a really odd state of mind. Not one of them gets involved in such arguments. One strange thing about the Left is that Allah has ordained they should be terrified of us. They are hypnotized and tongue-tied. Allah creates all things, and this has nothing to do with my having any power. Allah produces this state of affairs in order to show people the difference.

There is also this weakness when it comes to discussing the End Times and the way of the Mahdi. That is why they never mention Islamic Union. Because they themselves fear the Islam they espouse. It makes them themselves uneasy. They are reluctant to talk about it because they know the other person will not believe them. But after I insisted on the matter and told them all how “Bediuzzaman says this or that,” some of them have very gradually and hesitantly begun talking about Islamic Union. They have drawn strength from me. But their words reflect a rigidity, a weakness of faith, powerlessness, lack of self-confidence and a vagueness and lack of clarity. Their systems are built only on possibilities, in other words. That is probably so they can withdraw in the face of an attack. But we must show them affection. The situation in annoying, but also calls for compassion. Feelings of compassion weigh heavier with me, but they are unable to see the blessing that Allah bestows on them.

The advocates of intelligent design appeared. I imagined they might be going to say something worth hearing. We spoke, and what they say is I am an atheist but I also believe in intelligent design. You see the system produced by defeatism and a sense of inferiority? They say the majority of them are atheists. They were so terrified of Darwinists that they came up with that kind of language and imagined they could establish a self-defense system on that basis. Atheists or Marxists or communists could say, “You are conservative” or something like that. What would they say then? They will say they are atheists. They have developed a most flawed logic. Their words are weak and lack any self-confidence.

American creationists are figures of fun for Europeans. They used to ride right over them. They said the Earth is just 6000 years old. The age of fossils can be determined now using radiocarbon dating and other techniques. Advocates of intelligent design are very weak and lacking in faith. That is why Darwinists were able to blow them away. The others are just figures of fun to them. Christians have also hidden behind me and constantly hand my books out. They have been steamrollered, and there is nothing they can do for themselves.

One must see the extraordinary nature of the way of the antichrist. No prime minister anywhere in the world can stand up and say, “This is wrong.” None of them can say, “Allah created, and Darwinism is a fraud.” A mighty dictatorship has imposed its will on the world. No American presidents have been able to say that. That is out of the question, banned. They are all afraid.

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