The 'great event' foretold by our Prophet (saas) refers to the bloody incident in Taksim square on 1 May, 1977

Our Prophet (saas) foretold in one hadith another event that would take place prior to the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as). According to that hadith, there would be ‘a terrible and bloody incident in a large city immediately before the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as)’ in which many innocent people’s blood would be shed.

When these details provided by our Prophet (saas) in the hadith are examined with care, it appears that this event due to take place just before the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as) refers to the ‘bloody incidents of May 1,” that took place in Taksim Square in Istanbul:

“(1) Before the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as), (2) there will be a great event (3) when pitch-black stones (4) in Medina (5) will vanish in blood. (6) In that event it will be as easy to kill a woman (7) as to wave a whip. (8) And this phenomenon will spread for 2 km, and the oath of allegiance will be taken to Hazrat Mahdi (as). (Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi Alamat al-Mahdi al- Muntadhar, p. 41)

 (1) Before the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as)...

The fact that the hadith begins like this also shows that this is one of the signs of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as). According to the hadiths and great Islamic scholars, the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) should take place in early Hijri 1400 (1979-80 AD). The term in the hadith “before the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as)” suggests shortly before Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear there will be this great event. Indeed, this incident in Istanbul’s Taksim Square took place in 1977.

(2) ... there will be a great event…

The hadith may be referring to 1 May, when many people were killed in Taksim Square in Istanbul and much blood was spilled during a period of anarchy.

(3) ... when pitch-black stones … will vanish in blood...

This part of the hadith describes the ground being covered in blood. It refers to a “BLOODY INCIDENT” taking place on “BLACK STONES”, in other words on tarmac.

Because ‘tarmac’ consists of a mixture of asphalt and gravel. When poured out onto the ground, this mixture assumes the appearance of ‘A SINGLE BLACK STONE’.

- In the Taksim Square incident of May 1, 1977, 34 people died and 200 were injured. Blood was shed over black stones (tarmac) and spread into the road.

(4) .... IN MEDINA ...

The word Medina in Arabic is also used to mean a “large city”. (THIS MEANS THAT) The Medina, or large city, to which our Prophet (saas) refers in the hadith is Istanbul.


The tarmac will be totally covered in blood in some places, and the tarmac itself will be invisible.


İt appears from this information provided by our Prophet (saas) that a woman would also be killed in this incident.

(7) ... AS EASY … AS TO WAVE A WHIP ...

The metaphor here notes that killing will be a very easy matter. In the same way that a whip can be waved around in all directions with a flick of the wrist, so a gun can be waved around and used to kill someone just by pulling the trigger.


Another important detail our Prophet (saas) reveals in this hadith is that this incident ‘will spread for 2 km.’

Some 500,000 people collected from various provinces in Istanbul’s Taksim Square to celebrate Labor Day on 1 May, 1977. However, the groups were too large to fit into Taksim Square and spread over a much larger area.


There is a great event in Medina in the End Times, in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (s), in other words, in Istanbul. Pitch black stones will be covered in blood. ‘Pitch black stones’, in other words ‘roads covered in tarmac, asphalt is like stone.’ He speaks of women being killed. The waving of a whip. For example, when a person fires a gun it recoils in his hand. That is like the action of waving a whip. He says that people will be killed as easily as that. The whip refers to the recoil of a gun. The killing of a woman is as easy as waving a whip there. This event will spread out for 24 miles. In other words, it will spread a great distance, through the streets of the city. He says it will spread a long way and be a major incident. This hadith refers to the Taksim Square incident in Istanbul on 1 May, 1977. Pitch black stones were covered in blood and there was terrible slaughter. No other such terrible incident took place in Istanbul during the time of the way of the Mahdi. Pitch black stones, tarmac, was covered in blood. Meetings were banned in Taksim Square after that. Many women were shot to death there. The hadith also refers to people being killed by guns. ‘Like waving a whip.’ In other words, every time a hand moves, someone dies, he says. He says that women will die. ‘Pitch black stone’ he says. That means ‘tarmac.’ (From Mr.  Adnan Oktar’s interview on Samsun AKS TV on 6 January 2011)


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