Explanation of a hadith regarding a nation that will practice smith profession

Look, a hadith from the Messenger of Allah (pbuh); “A nation will be honed in the way a smith hones an arrowhead.” The Turkish nation, insha’Allah. The Turks are known for their metal working. Iron working is a symbolic thing represented in festivals celebrating Turkish identity. It is a sign of Turkish identity. The late nationalist leader [Turkes] used to beat iron with a hammer. Our prime minister does it from time to time. Other ministers do it. This is well known. It also represents the leader, insha’Allah. It means that Islamic zeal will grow. The feeling of possessing Islam, the instinct of wanting to protect Islam, will grow and intensify. “Their eyes are illuminated by revelation,” in other words, the intelligent significance that revelation brings with it. “Their ears are filled with commentary and exposition.” They are satisfied by intelligent, meaningful and logical exposition of the Qur’an, “and learning.” Depth and wisdom. “The glasses of learning,” Look, we are also drinking out of glasses. “The glasses of learning will be offered to them day and night." Look, our Prophet (pbuh) notes there will be preaching day and night. “It will be offered as if in glasses,” he says. Kitab al-Ghaybat, Muhammad Bakr al-Majlisi, p. 186.

2012-04-26 15:10:02

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