Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 11 April 2012

A9 TV, 11 April 2012

(Experts say that the energy released in today’s Indonesian earthquake was equivalent to that of thousands of atom bombs.)

The might of Allah produces amazing events so that people will think. A place struck by one earthquake should not then be struck by another. But this has happened now. It is metaphysical and cannot be explained. It is currently scientifically inexplicable. The Istanbul earthquake could not be explained, either. Quakes came as far as the islands, but did not hit Istanbul itself, they continued on beneath it. Emerging again from Avcılar. Nothing like it has ever been seen. Is this logical? No. Allah will work marvels so people will think about the way of the Mahdi and the appearance of Jesus the Messiah (pbuh). He [the Prophet (saas)] says there will be marvels before the appearance of Jesus the Messiah (pbuh). And his coming and appearance are two different things. That is in the Gospel, too. He says that earthquakes will multiply as a sign of my appearance. A hitherto unseen rise in the number of earthquakes is also a sign of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). There have never been such frequent earthquakes before. They started all of a sudden. That has never happened in the last 10, 20 or 30,000 years of the Earth’s history.

A Darwinist, materialist system has enfolded the whole world. The Darwinist, materialist system cannot be removed from schools. Iran, Turkey and all other countries have to teach Darwinism. “Who is forcing you, my brother?” you may ask. “We do not know,” they say. The way of the antichrist has a huge global power. Many countries are not even aware they are obeying the antichrist.

Normally, it is very difficult for the way of the Mahdi to appear. Just Shiite or Jaferi thinking is enough to slay the movement of the Mahdi. Shiite or Jaferi belief can slay the way of the Mahdi with nonsense. That is unbelievably powerful. Our Shiite brothers’ nonsense regarding the Mahdi is a total hindrance. The way those interpreting the Treatise of Light according to their own interests have produced the idea of a collective personality is another. The fact the world is entirely Darwinist and materialist is a hindrance. The fact the world is divided in two -  NATO and the Shanghai group – and that these control the world is another hindrance and would seem to be an obstacle to his coming. These are the phenomena referred to as the mountain in the hadiths. What they speak of as being “like mountains.” “The Mahdi will flatten and move over them,” he says. People ask, “What weapons does the Mahdi have?” He has the most powerful atom bomb. He has an even more powerful hydrogen bomb. The most powerful atom bombs are divided between America, China and Great Britain. So it is not one of those bombs. He has a totally unexpected weapon, the power of love. With love and faith. These are the forces that have the greatest impact on people’s hearts.

For example, you can control the officer who has his finger on the button of the atom bomb with love and faith. He may receive the command, but he will not listen, not if he is a believer. For example, in Syria the antichrist says, “Go and kill.” But devout officers refuse to do so. They have sought asylum in Turkey or other countries. This is a victory of faith. Normally, had kufr been in charge, Syria would immediately have been able to reimpose control. But it cannot do it. Faith is winning out. People are following faith. More of them are coming under the control of faith. And that is how it will be from now.

But of course, this is the fine artistry of Allah. Who knows what else we will see? Allah shapes events from inside and outside. But He does not eliminate the need for free will. That did not happen in the time of the Prophet Moses (pbuh). Nor of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) nor of our Prophet (saas). People imagine these events will eliminate the need for free will. But nothing to eliminate free will has ever happened. And nor will it. Things are continuing in line with the test, insha’Allah.

(On a report that humanitarian organizations unable to send the aid sent to Somalia to its proper destination are abandoning it to rot, and that there are currently many tons of rotten food in dumps in Somalia)

Keeping it back is murder. They are leaving them to starve by keeping it back in the warehouses. It is essential to hand it out at once. It must be investigated and the appropriate bodies must become involved. There needs to be constant and determined monitoring so people do not commit this wickedness and abandonment of conscience again. Petitions must inform everyone of what is going on and set everyone and the appropriate organizations into action… Sometimes people are unaware of the relevant bodies. There are organizations that can speed these maters up. They need to be trusted and the proper measures must be set in place.

The bigots loathe women. Communists also undervalue them, with their Darwinist and materialist mindsets. They regard them as creatures that have not yet fully evolved, may Allah forbid. Bigots hate women, and say they are like devils. They say that if you do the opposite of what a woman tells you, you cannot go far wrong. So it is very difficult to expect people raised with this hatred, from Darwinists on the one hand and bigots on the other, to value them properly. So they want to kill them or injure or degrade them, not take them seriously. That scourge can only be lifted with the way of the Mahdi, and with Islamic Union. We can see this from the hadiths. Our Prophet (saas) says in a  special hadith that women will enjoy great security and live in peace.

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