Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 14 April 2012

A9 TV, 14 April 2012

(The web site of the Jewish Press, America’s largest Jewish weekly, carried a report of your interview with the Orthodox Jewish writer Yori Yanover. The report said: “Adnan Oktar is a prominent Turkish intellectual and religious leader with a mass following. .. It is important to note that while our relations with official Turkey are at an unprecendented low, there are prominent, religious Muslim voices inside Turkey, which offer friendship and empathy to the Jews and to the Jewish state.)

 Masha’Allah, I always want peace, never conflict. I never want war. I want people to love one another. I want this to be like a paradise on Earth. That is what I am striving for, masha’Allah.

An immature person will be very strange; unkempt, dirty and malicious. A real problem, in other words. They are really horrible. And then Allah makes life hard for them. Most of their husbands and friends are aggressive, foul-mouthed and crazed in character. They may try to hit or stab or kill them. Or they beat women to kill. Why don’t you beat someone of your size? But their bones and muscles are terribly fragile. They are very delicate. These people imagine it is heroic to attack them. Tens of thousands of women had requested protection by the state. This shows the severity of irreligious, Darwinist and materialist thinking. And it shows how desperately the world needs the system of the Mahdi. Can you give every woman her own personal protection officer? Is that possible? The solution is obviously Islamic Union and the way of the Mahdi.

Women look for someone with money, for instance. OK, he may look good and have money, but he stinks to high heaven. He is filthy, devoid of character, speaks badly all the time and constantly behaves immorally. Will a woman want to offer her beauty to him. She will be repelled by him. Because a woman has to love really intensely to surrender herself with passion. She sees this person has no idea of Allah or religion. Why should she feel any proximity to someone who does not love Allah? A mutual hatred develops. Women are highly intelligent beings. They possess a very sharp intelligence, and look at even the finest details. Men think more simply and do not consider the details too much. A woman’s soul is like a wide ocean. One has to be very intelligent not to clash with that soul and to find aspects that she will like. The man behaves artificially. He becomes angry and irritable, and she can no longer give him her love. Those who fail to calculate that literally suffer the pangs of hell. A woman’s qualities cannot come out if he has no faith. Do you believe in in Allah? Yes. What else do you do? I pray, he says. And do you preach? No. Since you love Allah, do you not want His religion to reign on earth? If you love Allah, you should want everyone else to love Him, shouldn’t you? If you disregard Allah, He will disregard you. Allah will not let her love you. He may look great, but the woman will think of him as an animal. She will not value him. That is why women should initially keep their distance from such brutish types. Once they have paid these men any attention it becomes hard for them to get away. It is very important to keep their distance initially. They must always go for Muslims, who have faith and act on that faith. What they need to see is faith in practice. Someone who devotes himself to Allah. Then a woman will love him with all her might. If not, why should she love him?

(Regarding a claim that the verses of the Qur’an have been displaced)

The Qur’an was always memorized by heart right from the beginning. Thousands of people memorized it in the time of the Companions. Written copies were very rare. The Qur’an was only copied later. It was always memorized. It could not have been changed, since it was always memorized by people. Everyone memorized the same text. When people who have memorized the Qur’an come together they all recite the text as it is written, exactly.

2012-05-04 11:40:33

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