Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 18 April 2012

A9 TV, 18 April 2012

(About the true nature of matter)

The universe is metaphysical. They have failed to understand matter. Lenin understood it. “Whatever you do, don’t start on that, you’ll make a rod for your own backs,” he said. “You will lose whatever you have gained,” he says. “Don’t start on the true nature of matter,” he says. All European thinkers have discussed the true nature of matter, but they did not really take it seriously. People pretended not to understand. But this is a great truth and phenomenon. Matter forms in the brain. There is matter on the outside, but the matter we have direct experience of forms in the brain, it is created by Allah. We have no direct experience, in that sense, of the matter on the outside. Because it is transparent, black. But what Allah shows us is different. There are two things; one is the matter on the outside, and one is the matter created in the brain. We can only directly experience that which is created in the brain. We can never experience the other. They pretend to ignore that.

Destiny is flowing in favor of Islam. For example, had destiny been going the antichrist’s way, then no matter how much we strove, whether we had 7,000 channels, 70,000 radio stations of hundreds of thousands of professors on our side, we would still be defeated. Destiny would work that way. But since Allah has ordained the victory of the way of the Mahdi, since that is destined, you will still win even if there are only 12 of you.

The hereafter exists. Honest people have no need to fear. Well-intentioned, honest people can relax. Honest Muslims can relax. They must trust in Allah. The moment of death will also be easy, and the stage of the hereafter. They will pass to the hereafter very quickly, insha’Allah, since there is no time. They will meet their loved ones.

Allah loves to love and be loved. He teaches us to love and be loved in this world. He wants to love and be loved for all eternity. He wants to make us pray to Him. He wants us to know His divinity. He wants us to know His might. But love is the main thing. Loving and being loved. We love Allah, but Allah also wants to love. It is one of Allah’s attributes. He loves our Prophet (saas). He calls him His beloved.  He loves the Prophet Moses (pbuh). He says, “I have chosen you,” in one verse. He loves the Prophet Joseph (pbuh). But He does not love unbelief or dishonesty.

Allah wants people to live by His own moral values. Allah’s moral values are to be compassionate, loving, rational and honest. He introduces Himself to us in this world. If we leave without learning to love and be loved, may Allah forbid, then we will sit in the pavilions of paradise, by the trees of paradise, and just stare.

Nor is learning just a little about loving and being loved any good. Allah wants us to learn completely. That is why we are given a sufficient life span. Just as long as the course lasts. Believers are allowed to live until the end of the course. It is also completed in those who are martyred. But not in the rest. They have to undergo that training. Because Allah loves martyrs. Because they show their love most intensely. Allah loves them because they give their lives to Him. He loves them with a powerful love. The reward for that behavior is very great. He continues to teach them in paradise. They are taught one-sidedly, not like us. They are taught so as to know goodness alone, not evil. They eat, drink and are at ease, insha’Allah.

You will see that what I say is all true with the defeat of Darwinism. The modern Islam I describe will reign across the world. Look. There is also a marvelous aspect. The Islam of the bigots will not reign. The Islam I describe will reign. The prime minister also talks about “modern Islam.” That is the kind of Islam.

We do not witness great marvels. Because that would eliminate the need for free will. And that would be unfair on other people. People want to see Gabriel appear before them and to sit and have dinner with him. They want him to walk through walls. But what about all those people who have been tested to date? Would that be fair on them? Out of the question. There is nothing in the prophets to eliminate the need for free will. People imagine there must be but there is not. Things do not happen as they imagine.

The Prophet Moses (pbuh) also never eliminated the need for free will at any stage. Let me give an example, Allah tells him to throw down his staff. He does so, and it turns into a snake. Is that not a miracle? Allah says he fled without looking behind him. Would he do such a thing if it would eliminate the need for free will? Allah then tells him to return and not be afraid. Prophets in My sight are not afraid, He says. He returns nervously, but since he is told not to fear, he is not afraid. Snakes are one of the things he fears most. For example, Almighty Allah says, “Go to Pharaoh.” They say they are afraid. They say so explicitly. If the need for free will were eliminated, the great prophet would not say “We are afraid, O Lord.” Allah tells him not to fear. There are many verses about not fearing. “I see, I hear, I am beside you,” Allah says. Allah constantly reminds him of His might and oneness. This is also a precaution against polytheism. Who gave Pharaoh that power? Allah. Who makes him speak? Allah. Allah says it is He Who gives him power. So fear me, not him, He says. Pharaoh could not take a step unless Allah gave him the strength. He does whatever Allah says, whatever is in his destiny. Allah says at the beginning that he will reject everything. He says that in the Torah.

(The husband of the Israeli journalist Hanalei Julia had a heart attack. He was operated on but died this evening. Hanalei Julia reported on you several times in Israel and expressed her thanks for your interest and concern and our prayers during the operation. She said our prayers were of great support to her.)

Masha’Allah. Ms. Hanalei is a lady I know and am in contact with. May Allah give us all happiness and beauty, goodness and health. May Almighty Allah bring about the global reign of Islam. May Almighty Allah cause all Christians, Jews and Muslims to be followers of Muhammad. May He bestow happiness on them all and may goodness and plenty reign, insha’Allah.

May Allah permit us to see the King Messiah, Moshiach. May He allow us to build the Temple of Solomon. May Allah allow us to lay the bricks with our own hands. May He allow us to build the mosque and mausoleum of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). May Allah allow us to build the mosque of Jacob (pbuh) and Israel (pbuh).

May Allah make Israel light from one end to the other, and may he make the whole Islamic world light. May Almighty Allah bestow plenty, abundance and goodness everywhere. May Allah cause Islam to reign across the world. May Allah permit us to embrace Jesus the Messiah, Jesus the son of Maryam, and to see his beautiful, radiant face. Jesus the Messiah has a perfect faith, masha’Allah. May Allah bestow his lovely faith on all Muslims. May He bestow the lovely faith of our Prophet (saas). Jesus the Messiah is one of the prophets with the strongest faith. Masha’Allah.

(Eighteen people lost their lives in a major flood in Saudi Arabia.)

Allah, Allah, SubhanAllah, the earth has begun stirring. The earth wants the Mahdi and Jesus the Messiah. “I will not be still until my lord [Mahdi] comes,” the earth says. And this suffering will go on and on. Until the appearance of Muhammad the Mahdi, a descendant of the Messenger of Allah (saas), my own forebear. Scholars and teachers have one by one begun saying, “The Mahdi will not come.” Those who until yesterday were making a loud noise and saying the Mahdi will come, have now begun saying, in whole groups and communities, that he will not. As they have begun saying the Mahdi will not come, so the earth has begun stirring, has begun stirring even further. Allah says that people are destined to say that the Mahdi will not come. “This is a sign of the Mahdi,” he says. He says, “I will make you into a sign of the Mahdi.” He says He will use the opponents of the Mahdi as a sign of the Mahdi. And they submit to Allah. He turns the opponents of the Mahdi into a sign of the coming of the Mahdi. When they say that the Mahdi will not appear, they imagine he will not appear. But when they say that, they are just giving rise to another portent of the coming of the Mahdi. Masha’Allah, alhamdulillah.

(On the second day of his trial, Anders Breivik, the extreme right-winger who killed 77 people in Norway last years, said, “the people I killed were not innocent. I would do the same again. I am proud of the extreme right-wingers who kill Turks in Germany.” At the first hearing he said he carried out his actions in order to prevent Muslims taking over Europe, that there were many other extreme right-wing cells like him, that they were also preparing to carry out attacks and that he demanded to be freed.)

They say he is insane. Is that true? (-“They said that. It is what his lawyer said initially. But the court has not yet accepted that.”) There is no need to let him talk for two hours. Sentence him and send him away. Why prolong it? They are letting him engage in endless fascist propaganda. He is a psycho and seeking attention. He wants people to hear his message and is using the press to that end. The whole judicial process should be closed to the press. They should sentence him and have done. But it is disgraceful and ugly to sit and make a maniac like that a propaganda tool and to encourage other maniacs. If you also commit murders like that and behave like a psycho, we will make you famous, too. Nothing will happen. You can plead insanity and serve 20 years, and the prison there are really comfortable anyway, and we will make you world famous. That is the kind of logic they are developing. That is wrong and ugly. The man is making fascist propaganda day and night, and the echoes of that last for months afterward. They must drop all that. They have their press unions and the like. Let us send them messages, by e-mail or letter, let us send in petitions, so they stop doing it.

(Eighty-one years ago, in 1931, an Islamic congress was held in Jerusalem under the auspices of the mufti of Jerusalem. The congress decided on the need for vigilance in the face of sectarianism in the Islamic world, that the only answer to foreign interventions lay in Turkish-Islamic Union, and that efforts needed to be made in that direction. One hundred fifty-three leading scholars and politicians from 22 countries attended the congress.)

What have I been saying? Scholars have been saying let us unite for Islamic Unity, let us act together, let us establish Islamic Unity, for around a hundred years now. Has it happened? No. Why not? Because the matter lies with the Mahdi. Allah is not allowing it. It is impossible without the Mahdi, so they are wasting their time. People say he will be a collective personality. But that leads to division and suffering. If they declare war on Allah's destiny, then Allah will defeat them. Allah will do what He says; they must follow the Mahdi. If they say, “No, we will not obey him,” then Allah will respond accordingly. The Islamic world must be very determined on this. They must obey the words of the Messenger of Allah (saas) and Allah. They are not his words, as Gabriel says them, and Allah tells Gabriel what to say. This is knowledge stemming from revelation. Insha’Allah. If they do not follow the Mahdi, then sufferings will persist in the Islamic world.

(Pictures have emerged of American troops with the bodies of Afghanis they have martyred. The American Department of Defense has absolutely disowned such actions.)

There is no criticism. They are proud of and even encourage it.

(Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has made a statement saying, “We have not discounted the option of an attack on Iran after the nuclear negotiations in Istanbul. The talks in Istanbul were a waste of time. The time wasted is growing.” Likely attack rehearsals were broadcast on Israel’s Channel 10. There is speculation in Israeli papers that if the discussion in Baghdad on May 23 do not produce a positive result, then the order to attack will be given.)

I guess he is joking. That would be a terrible thing. Not good, by the law of Allah. It cannot produce any results. The best result for Israel would come from seeking the King Messiah, Moshiach, the Mahdi. They must obey the commandments of the Torah. Allah has given them the time in the Torah. The Torah says 2012. It tells us to seek the Messiah, the Mahdi, at the gates of Istanbul. The Torah says this, not me. The Mahdi will speak of peace and goodness and beauty. He will reign across the world and bring about freedom from Israel. It says he will put a stop to war. Hands raised against him will be broken, it says. [The Prophet] describes his appearance and activities. He says he will appear at a time when Allah is openly denied. He says that Israel will be a state at that time. He says the state of Israel will be established. He says this is a sign of the coming of the Mahdi. They must seek true salvation. But of course they say all these things within the framework of destiny. What I am saying is the truth. Iran will never listen to Israel. Nor will it heed Turkey, nor America, nor anyone else. It will do what it wants. They have long since made the atom bomb. Iran has the atom bomb. It is not that hard to acquire. It can get enriched uranium from China or Russia. It can buy it secretly. It may even have bought the atom bomb directly. China can easily sell it. As they are members of the same pact.  Israel is not worried about the atom bombs and hydrogen bombs in China’s hands that could destroy the world hundreds of times over. The reason they are uneasy about Iran is that false belief in the Mahdi. Israel would advocate the true belief in the Mahdi instead of the false one. They should pray for the coming of the Mahdi and seek refuge in Allah. In that way lies salvation.

(Regarding the bigot mindset)

You (devout ladies) being beautiful, dressing and speaking well, being clean, the expression on your faces, your European appearance, your being very high quality and classy are a huge blow to the bigot mindset. The impact is greater than you can imagine. It has an unimaginable impact worldwide. Before that, there was a bigoted hatred. People were ashamed to look at you. But now the bigots have begun seeing their true selves. Even people who loathe the bigots have now begun regarding themselves as unworthy. Because they have seen you superior quality and worth. Other things cannot be spoken out loud, but have to be experienced. They are not saying them, but are living by this. Very quietly, a huge impact is taking place. Because a small role model is worth millions. I mean, you bring a handful of water from the sea, and someone will understand the sea itself from that. You are a handful of water from the sea, but you have had a huge impact. That is why they are so downcast. That is why they have such an inferiority complex and dislike themselves so much. Whereas they used to be very pleased with themselves.

(The Habertürk web site carried an interesting report about evolution, claiming that “Women began becoming blonde around 10-11,000 years ago. The reason is that all the men died during the Ice Age, and that those women wishing to obtain an advantage in finding a mate then evolved.”)

They should ask themselves, do you believe it? Is there anything scientific in it? No. Is it at all logical? No. Is there any evidence? No. There is nothing logical or scientific about it. They publish every fabrication there. The theory of evolution has long since collapsed and come to an end. Had it not collapsed, the details might perhaps have been examined, but it has collapsed at the protein stage, and at the fossil stage. And it is a desperate resort to try and raise such a theory again. There are colored people, and Oriental races, and blonds, there are people of all kinds. Almighty Allah places these human appearances in the genes of the Prophet Adam (pbuh). They then came out in later generations. And that is happening now. Being colored is in someone’s genes, and his children will be colored. There are some white negroes. Meaning some past generation was white. But a white person will only appear once in that family, and then their children will be colored again. Another white person may then appear in the future. That is the wisdom of Allah, how the system is. That was the system in the prophet Adam (pbuh). They really should not worry their heads about these things. Let them investigate the soul and try to understand that. My advice to Darwinists is, first the soul. Because when we speak of something human, we mean the soul. A dead body is of no interest to Darwinists. The body is dead. It is the soul that matters. It is not the eye that sees, but the soul. So it is meaningless to examine the eye. The eye is merely a camera. The eye does not see. Does the brain see? The brain does not see, either. The brain merely stores that electrical current coming from the eye. The brain is a bowl that hold incoming electric currents. It has no other property. They should concentrate on the soul that sees and hears and touches and smells and tastes.

The fact they attach no importance to the soul shows that they do not really believe their own beliefs. Because the sense of taste arises with chemicals in food reacting on the tongue. The tongue cell converts this into an electrical current and sends it to the brain. This reaches the brain as a current. Fine so far. The current has got there. Is that of any use? Nothing would normally happen when it got there. Electricity is not a human being. It is the soul that interprets that electricity and understands and sees and hears. Does it have eyes? No, but it sees. Does it have ears? No, but it hears. They should bring that up. It is wrong to pretend not to understand it. Otherwise, a body producing electricity is of no use to them. You cannot call it a human being. You say, “You need an eye to see.” But the soul sees without eyes. “You need an ear to hear,” you say. But the soul hears without ears. The soul has no fingers, but it touches. It has no tongue, but it tastes. These people are bothering with the machine when the real human being is there for them to study. There is no such structure in that machine. They are preoccupied by the body. All it can do is produce electricity.

(Mr. Adnan Oktar interprets verses from Surat al-A’raf)

 Verse 151

He said, ‘My Lord, forgive me and my brother and admit us into Your mercy. You are the Most Merciful of the merciful’.”

Verse 152

As for those who adopted the Calf, anger from their Lord will overtake them together with abasement in the life of this world.” In other words, Allah says that the Darwinists and materialists will inevitably be defeated. The Qur’an indicates that. That is how we repay the purveyors of falsehood.”

Because they spread lies.

Verse 153

But as for those who do evil actions and then subsequently repent and believe, in that case your Lord is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

The Qur’an indicates we also need to treat irreligious people with love and affection. Because people who make mistakes can still repent and come to faith. “in that case your Lord is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

That is how our perspective will be, insha’Allah.

Verse 154

When Moses’ anger abated he picked up the Tablets and in their inscription was guidance and mercy for all of them who feared their Lord.”

 A manifestation of Allah’s name of al-Hadi [the Guide], insha’Allah.

Verse 155

Moses chose seventy men from his people for Our appointed time,” the Sanhedrin Council. Look, the establishment of the Sanhedrin after 3000 years is a portent of the coning of the Mahdi. This 70-member council mentioned in the Qur’an has been re-established. and when the earthquake seized them he said, ‘My Lord, if You had willed, You could have destroyed them previously and me as well. Would you destroy us for what the fools among us did?” So it is shameful to blame a whole people. There may be foolish people, and they need to be distinguished. “It was only a Trial from You.” Allah’s test. by which You misguided those You willed and guided those You willed.” Some are the antichrist, and some are the Mahdi. You are our Protector so forgive us and have mercy on us. You are the Best of Forgivers.”

Verse 156

Prescribe good for us in this world and the hereafter. We have truly turned to You.’ He said, ‘As for My punishment, I strike with it anyone I will. My mercy extends to all things but I will prescribe it for those who fear of Allah and give alms, and those who believe in Our Signs:

Whose verses are the verses of the Qur’an? They are Allah’s. This is also adressed to the Prophet Moses (pbuh). Anyone who does not believe in the Qur’an, Christian or Muslim, is in a state of sin.

Verse 157

those who follow the Messenger, the Unlettered Prophet, whom they find written down with them in the Torah and the Gospel,” who cannot read and write. The Mahdi is also illiterate. commanding them to do right and forbidding them to do wrong,” illicit actions. making good things lawful for them and bad things unlawful for them, relieving them of their heavy loads,” the nonsense produced by the bigots. and the chains which were around them.” The chains produced by the bigots. Those who believe in him and honour him and help him, and follow the Light that has been sent down with him, they are the ones who are successful.”

Verse 158

Say: ‘Mankind! I am the Messenger of Allah to you all, of Him to Whom the kingdom of the heavens and earth belongs. There is no god but Him. He gives life and causes to die’.” He cannot read and write. Neither can the Mahdi read and write, and he knows no Arabic. So believe in Allah and His Messenger, the Unlettered Prophet, who believe in Allah and His words, and follow him so that hopefully you will be guided.”

Verse 159

Among the people of Moses there is a group who guide by the truth and act justly in accordance with it.

Allah says the Jews have enemies in every century. What do they say? “We will kill whomever we find among the rocks and stones.” But what does Allah say? Among the people of Moses there is a group who guide by the truth and act justly in accordance with it.

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