Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 22 April 2012

A9 TV, 22 April 2012

(On making things lighter in religion)

Islam is a religion of making things lighter. Christianity also developed through making things lighter. It lightened Judaism. Judaism had some very heavy ideas. Through nonsense and additions, people made it impossible to live by Judaism. Note this, even today there are no Jews who can obey all the commandments of Judaism. Because they are very heavy. They are greater than what a person’s nature can bear. It is not possible, in other words. Let us turn that into a book. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) made it lighter, by Allah’s command. He lightened those commandments. Then the Messenger of Allah (saas) came and brought Islam, by Allah’s leave. He also produced a powerful lightening of the load. Allah says in one verse that, “He will lift the heavy chains from you.”

Bigots are made really uneasy by that lightening. That easing of things is also a feature of the Mahdi. We see in the hadiths that this is one of the Mahdi’s main duties. That is why bigots are against him. That is why Jewish rabbis and religious figures were against the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). They failed to kill him, but they sought to martyr him. Because he lightened the faith. When the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) came, they said “This man has killed our religion.” Because he lightened all the commandments. He eliminated commandments. They looked, and religion was very easy. “What kind of religion is this?” they said. “He has destroyed our religion,” they said.

The objection to the Messenger of Allah (saas) was the same. “This religion is very strange, it is unacceptable,” they said. Prayer is easy, purification is easy, living is easy, everything is easy, but that easy upset them. Religion being easy is what most disturbs polytheists. Almighty Allah speaks of the polytheists’ oppression. “If We had not made you firm, you would have leaned towards them a little.” He says. Polytheists really keep things suppressed. They want new commandments. “That is not in the Qur’an,” our Prophet (saas) says. “You say something then,” they say. “You are bringing in a new instruction. Make the commandments more difficult, and we will follow that religion,” say the polytheists and the unbelievers.

What the idolaters really dislike, is that the Qur’an is so easy. I read verse 31 of Surat an-Nur. Not a peep from the bigots. They went as quiet as the grave. I said that a young girl can dress in a relaxed way in front of her father. I said that as an explanation. I explained Allah’s commandment. They saw how clear Allah’s pronouncement was. They saw this surpassed their imaginings. Then they said, “If that is what the Qur’an stipulates, then I do not believe in the Qur’an.” Do you see the excess of the End Times? Some people have failed to understand verse 31 of Surat an-Nur. They have only just seen what it means. Because the verse slaps down their fantastical mindset. There is a huge lightening. One that appears in neither Christianity nor Judaism. Almighty Allah has made the religion easier.

Sacred signs are little known. They generally say the Ark of the Covenant will be found. The details here are very important. It is amazing how the Prophet Adam’s (pbuh) shirt should have survived. One he sewed himself. The staff of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) that turned into a snake. When that is found, it will be a normal, wooden staff. It will stand there and do nothing. But when Allah wishes, it will turn into a snake. The pulpit of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). This is no small pulpit. These have been separately concealed by people. But generally the Knights Templar conceal them, let me say that. For example, I know that the Templars have a number of sacred relics. There is a book from the time of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) in their hands. That is why they have a great love for. They have a tendency to become Muslims. May Allah forbid, losing his faith ruins a person. People imagine he will stand there like a stone. But he will actually melt away like candle wax. Throw it into the fire and it melts and disappears. May Allah forbid, a person will be ruined if he falls into disbelief. He will evaporate. Faith makes a believer beautiful. It makes him pleasant and attractive. It makes him impressive and majestic. Faith makes him radiant. If he loses his faith, he will be ruined and decay. Like a spring violet. It will burn up without water. But he will become beautiful in an environment of faith. People imagine that wherever one goes, one will remain the same. Not so, if one moves, one will be ruined and die.

Take a woman out of disbelief and she becomes radiant. If she abandons being a Muslim for disbelief, however, she will burn up and be ruined, she will turn into an ape, may Allah forbid. That is why life with faith is good. Music is pleasant with faith. People say, “Let’s get drunk and lose our heads.” Your brain becomes numbed and you are ruined. You cannot enjoy music or anything else. Music becomes good with faith. Everything is beautiful with faith.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “What food should we give a cancer patient to eat? What do you recommend?”)

Be happy and joyful. Make their surroundings nice. Keep their spirits up. There is one danger for these cancer patients. If you show they are a burden, that will shatter them. Cancer is a disease that is easy to treat. Drugs melt it away like wax. High morale is very important. Embrace them, love them, keep their spirits high, take them out and be joyful around them. Prepare nice food. We must treat cancer as a national catastrophe. We must be in a spirit of national solidarity against it. This is a great test, an important test. Allah gives us merit when we help a cancer patient. And the cancer patient receives merit. Because fighting against cancer and showing submission is an act of worship. He will become radiant and immaculate. The helper will also receive merit for that, and will earn the approval of Allah.

Meat, milk, molasses, vegetables, foods with olive oil. And they must be in good spirits. Then it will depart, insha’Allah. The inside of the house must be sterile. Be on your guard against germs. That is a risk for cancer patients. People with coughs should stay away, people with colds and the like. It is murder to let such people have contact with cancer patients. The drugs given break the immune system. So instead of dying from cancer, he dies from those germs, may Allah forbid. Let joyful, sane people have contact with the patient. Doctors say all this, but only superficially. You could plaster the walls. That will get rid of germs. You can lime plaster everywhere. The patient needs plenty of fluids. Molasses are very good, concentrated.

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