Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 27 April 2012

A9 TV, 27 April 2012

(Regarding pro-government troops burying a young Syrian man in Hama in up to his neck (may Allah forbid) and forcing him to say, “There is no other god than Bashar.”)

There are events regarding the savagery of the sufyan, the disembowler as the Messenger of Allah (saas) describes him, in the time of the Mahdi (pbuh). The Messenger of Allah (saas) looked and described what he saw 1400 years ago. He said what would happen in this and that part of Syria and how the sufyan’s gang would shed blood region by region. The disemboweling sufyan completely fits the descriptions given. The coming true of the hadiths.

“The sufyan will emerge from a dry valley in Sham. He will have the evil face of the people of the Bnai Calb.” These peoples’ faces really are very ugly and distorted. They are horrible guys that resemble mafia types. “He will raise an army made up of the hard-hearted,” look how they buried that poor young man up to his neck in the earth. “These will oppress people in all directions. The sufyan will tear down mosques and madrassas,” and that is actually what they are doing in Syria now. “He will punish everyone who goes to bow and prostrate themselves.” Hadiths from our Prophet (saas) cited by Jalaleddin Suyuti.

“One known as the sufyan, will emerge from the middle of Sham, and he and most of his followers will be from the people of the B’nai Calb. He will kill people, and even disembowel women and murder children.” (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 40)

These are things happening in Syria now. They are raping devout young girls and women. There is terrible horror going on. 

“As the corruption in one part of Sham calms down, it will flare up in another.” Our Prophet (saas) is speaking of the time of the Mahdi (pbuh). And that is really happening in Syria. One part calms down and another flares up. “The corruption will not end until a herald angel calls from the sky, ‘The mahdi is your amir, your leader’.” I am saying that day and night. This scourge will not end until the appearance of the Mahdi (pbuh).

The Messenger of Allah (saas) said: “There will be such scourges and tribulations that nobody will be able to find a place to shelter in.” Neither the UN can save them, nor Turkey, nor anyone else. “These scourges will circle around Sham,” in Syria. “They will settle on Iraq.” Look, Iraq is now in disorder. It is the same thing. “He will tie the hands and feet of the Arabian peninsula … As they try to rid themselves of a scourge in one place, it will spring up somewhere else. “ (Kanz al-Ummal, Kitab al-Qiyama Qism al-af’al, Vol. 5, p. 38-39) 

(Regarding Allah’s creating beauties for Muslims also in this world)

This verse attracted my attention as I was reading this morning. Allah says, “We will give them a good life..” This is a well-known verse. “Anyone who acts rightly, male or female, being a believer, We will give them a good life.” says Allah. The majority of people will think that Muslims have a hard time. Indeed, in their eyes “This world is hell for Muslims, but paradise for the unbelievers.” That hadith is true, but they probably do not understand it. Hell for Muslims, compared with what? With paradise. And paradise for the unbelievers. Compared with what? With hell. Otherwise, Allah says of believers that “They are, in the life of this world, for those who believe, (and) purely for them on the Day of Judgment.  “There is good in this world for those who do good,” says Allah. What does that mean? Allah has placed no bounds on it. Allah says I will make your bodies, your voices, your expressions, your hair, your food, your homes, your clothes and everything and everywhere beautiful. You will live finely and speak finely and eat finely and die finely. You will come into My presence in a fine state, and I will make paradise beautiful for you, Allah says. This only comes through surrender to Allah. These images of people not surrendering to are a miracle and a sign leading to faith. Not just studying the life of the ant or time, but also people’s predisposition to this world. This is a great marvel of faith.

The more immorality they commit, the more Allah crushes them. And the more He crushes them, the more rabid they become. They become even more attached to this world. The more devoted they become, the more Allah crushes them. This system is working very smoothly at the moment. Allah wants to be loved, but properly. Even human beings do not like being loved just normally. How do they like to be loved? With a very great love. Someone may say, “I love Allah.” How much do you love Him? And he says, “The Messenger of Allah (saas) will save me from Allah.” He does not trust Allah. “My sheikh will save me,” he says. As if Allah could make an unjust decision, may He forbid, and the sheikh could save him from it! Many bigots do not love Allah at all. Nor do they love the prophets. They love their own sheikhs and teachers and scholars. They love their own idols.

Every country that does not betray the system of the Mahdi will be great. Everyone who serves the system of the Mahdi will be great. The government will always be victorious because it is on the path of the Mahdi. It will always endure, insha’Allah. You are doing the most sensible and best thing. My congratulations. Anyone who fights against the way of the Mahdi will be defeated, ruined. I can tell them that. This is Allah’s promise. It appears explicitly in the Torah. Some parts of the Torah have been corrupted and conflict with the Qur’an. We can see that. But there are many parts that have not been corrupted. Allah is sending a message in the Qur’an. Look at global sovereignty, He says. Look at the Qur’an. Look at the Psalms, He says. And when we look, we see the way of the Mahdi, insha’Allah.

The link to freemasons is very important. They will be the followers of the Messiah and the Mahdi. Adonai is coming, insha’Allah. Adon or Adonai, the master of masters. This is in all their legends. They say that Adon will appear in the last times of the world, that Adonai will appear, and will crush them.

One good thing about freemasonry is that they are opposed to bigotry and love Islam. That is a very good thing. They have seen a rational conception of being a Muslim for the very first time. There was a rational conception, but nobody ever discussed it. But now they are going to their lodges and saying, “what a fine thing Islam is, how fine Muslims are, how lovely the life is. May Allah bless you. And we support you. If that is what being a Muslim is, count us in. May Islam reign across the world. The Templars and the masons and Zionist organizations are all saying the same thing. May Allah preserve Islam and bring about its reign, they say. The chief rabbi who came here embraced me as he was getting into the car and said, “Insha’Allah.” Allah has given them all a task. That is what Almighty Allah has ordained. Communists and atheists and unbelievers will all come to have faith. Step by step Islam. People are learning the hidden truths from the Qur’an, from the Treatise of Light [Risale-i Nur]. Nothing is hidden any more.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “When will the appearance of the prophet Jesus (pbuh), who Bediuzzaman says will be known by the light of faith, come about?”)

It is in the Gospel. It is coded in the Gospel in the Sight of Allah. “A thousand years for you is one day in the Sight of Allah,” it says. The Gospel emphasizes that again.  It emphasizes the 1 twice. That makes 2002. I have always said he will come in 2002. Look at the Gospel and see. A secret date is given. Jesus the Messiah says there will be great disorder when he comes. He says there will be two world wars, and that he will come before one human life span has passed since the end of the Second World War. Add 80 or 90 years to the 1940s, and there you are.

“He swears by that truth,” the Mahdi.  “He is a lion and he who is known as the lion is loving.” His name is Lion, but he is very loving, he says. “Morning describes the compassion that refers to Messiah [Mahdi].The Gospel says “you lie down till morning, until Messiah [Mahdi], son of David, who is the light of compassion and is called the lion emerges in the morning.” The dawn of Islam, insha’Allah.

“A man (Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear from Transoxania,” where the Mahdi’s ancestors come from. The Caucasus, regions inhabited by Turks. “He will be called Al-Haris ibn al-Harras.” Haris, meaning Lion, son of the lion, in other words. “Haydar al-Karrar,” the lion of Allah who turns and fights. “Ali Haydar Murtadha,” my ancestor’s nickname.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “Will we be able to see the original of matter in paradise?”)

No. It will be impossible for us ever to know it as Allah knows it. May Allah forbid, for us to be able to do that, we would have to be Allah. That is impossible. We can never know the original of matter. Nor of time. We can only know what Allah shows us. We can only have faith in the original of matter on the outside. We cannot see or know it. We only have a scientific estimation. Scientifically, it should be dark and without color. And transparent. But we can never have direct experience of the original of it.

Thinking and the knowledge discovered through thinking are knowledge inspired by Allah. The Qur’an tells us the essence of a subject. Allah tells us quite clearly. “I am here, I am One, and I created and love you.” “And I want you to love Me. Fear Me, but have a passionate fear. I have created paradise for you. I am eternal and I will make you eternal,” He says. “You will have a beginning, but no end,” He says. “I will bestow on you the finest blessings, but your love must be most fervent.” “Do not doubt Me. Think the best of Me. I create everything with wisdom and for the best. I created the test. You saw when I took the Prophet Adam without the test,” He says. More or less, those are not Almighty Allah’s exact words, of course. But that is what they mean. “I like you to take pleasure in things and to be happy,” He says. “I experience your happiness,” Allah says. “I experience all your delights within Me,” He says. Because when we experience a taste in our mouths, Allah experiences the same thing. Because Allah creates that delight. When we touch something, Allah experiences the same thing. We experience a copy of the true perception. Allah experiences the original. When we feel pain, Allah experiences the same thing. But it has no effect on Him. Why does it affect us? Because we are very delicate. Something happens and it makes us uncomfortable. Yet Allah feels exactly the same pain and everything. But the pain does not discomfort Him. But it discomforts human beings, because we are so delicate.

The system of the Mahdi will bestow liberty and joy on young girls, and a spirit of love and depth of soul and joy on young boys. Young people are very pessimistic, I see. I look at what is happening on Facebook and everywhere. They are very pessimistic and world-weary. Some try to calm themselves with cigarettes and others with even worse things, may Allah forbid. They are about to burst. They are unwilling to go out or talk to anyone since love has been taken from the world. Most of them suffer from having no true friends. But everyone will be friends in the time of the way of the Mahdi. It will be so easy for people to love one another. There just has to be someone at their head. A rational person; the Mahdi, in other words. He will enable everyone to love and be friends with everyone else. That is easy. But that spirit, that electricity cannot form without a leader at their head.

People have really suffered from that crazy Muslim model. How many crazy teachers have turned up! I have seen vast numbers of insane teachers since I was a child. Why do you have to behave so crazily? Be normal, be reasonable. They speak in a crazy manner. Devoid of any love - I mean no disrespect to religious matters here. The Qur’an is exceedingly logical and reasonable. Almighty Allah wrote it most excellently and handed it down to human beings. Islam is highly consistent and logical. Why behave like a crazy? Why try to portray the faith as a scourge? Why do you try to portray the luminous faith of Allah as so impenetrable? If you are crazy, keep your craziness to yourself. Why try to involve Muslims with you? Muslims have really suffered because of these crazy teachers. I don’t know if it is Allah’s wisdom or satan leads them astray. They suddenly start acting crazy. Islam is luminous. People can live so well and in such liberty under Islam. It is a lovely faith. Almighty Allah has produced such great ease. How finely we have come into being out of nothing. Allah could have brought our lives to an end in this world. But He says, “I will make you live for ever.” How fine that is, thanks be to Allah, masha’Allah. And that is what best befits His glory. Why should Allah make what He loves finite? He loves and wants to love His servant. Allah will not be content with a brief love. Allah wants to be loved for ever. Why should Allah cut short the love of what He loves? Who would want that to be cut off? Allah would never want that. That is why Allah wants to be loved for all time. But with true passion, not a weak love, not with a moderate kind of love.

Allah delights in the appreciation of the beautiful. This is inspiration from Allah to us. Allah also loves Himself to be liked and appreciated. That is how Allah is, He likes it. Allah likes people to love Him with a passionate love. But human beings are very cruel and ungrateful. Allah tells us that in a verse. People give Allah many, many times less love than He deserves. They appreciate Him very little. That is why Allah says they fail to properly appreciate His might. But Allah must be loved with a passionate love. All beauties belong to Him. Look, we always praise you, and all that belongs to Allah. Who shows us that image? Who designed and created it? Allah has no need of design, but I put it that way for clarity. Allah does it. It all belongs to Allah. Allah love and passion must be directed to Him, of course, to Almighty Allah.


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