Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 28 April 2012


A9 TV, 28 April 2012

Allah creates His servants to love. Allah Himself wants to be loved, and He loves His servants. He likes Himself to be loved. Of course, Almighty Allah is not like a human being. But He likes things. He likes beauty, for instance. He likes beautiful people. He creates them to be beautiful. He likes the entities in paradise. Allah delights in their happiness. He likes pleasant words and pleasant moral values. But Allah does not love bad moral values. He says He will take revenge for them. We do not like them, either. We also loathe them. We do not want there to be bad people. We want there to be good people. That is how we can rest easy. For example, if there is one bad person here, we will all be troubled and uneasy. But since everyone is good, we can relax. Allah wants to love and be loved for all eternity. How lovely, look, He has created human beings. Let us love and be loved, insha’Allah.

(In response to an e-mail from a viewer saying, “How should we first broach the subject when discussing matters with a communist?”)

Approach communists in a friendly way, rather than with anger. Hatred is no good. At the end of the day, they are also servants of Allah. They also honestly say, “I am an atheist.” They are not pagans or hypocrites. They are not at all hypocritical. Because they openly state, “I am an atheist.” As if to say, that is how Allah has created me. One must first be friends. One must stress their good sides. Because their social justice is fine. They want peace. There is actually no peace or social justice in communism, but they say there will be in the future. What there really is, is bloodshed. How can there be peace under communism? There is only violence and bloodshed. But the way they do not want violence and hope for peace is still very good. But since we base ourselves on science and reason, then you can suggest we talk scientifically and rationally. What are the roots of Marxism? Dialectical philosophy. What is that dialectical philosophy point to as tangible proof of Marxism? Darwinism. The dialectic of living things, and they apply that everywhere. They apply the dialectic of history and the dialectic of life. They apply it everywhere in society. You can ask if that is possible. You can ask what protein is and suggest you examine it together. How many amino acids are there in a protein molecule? How many proteins are needed for a living organism to emerge? Talk about this. It is technically impossible for a protein to come into being by chance. The odds against are 1 followed by 950 zeros, and that is effectively zero possibility. My dear brother, it is out of the question. If you put 950 zeros side by side it is still impossible for a protein to form by chance. So what is required? A conscious power. An intelligent and most superior force. But if we still insist on deceiving ourselves and saying “No, protein can form by chance,” then we are flying in the face of science, logic, reason and everything. The matter ends here, so what need is there to talk about anything else? The whole system collapses there. Is not Marxism built on that? It all falls down. You have built on rotten foundations. Allah compares it to a spider’s den in one verse. But if you are a patriot, if you protect the poor, then advocate the system of the Mahdi. If you want peace, find it in the system of the Mahdi. If you want social justice, there will be such plenty that even the poorest man will give it back. “I have so much that I am ashamed,” he will say, as he returns what he has been given. There is no bloodshed in this, only peace and love. The frontiers are lifted and all people in the whole world are brothers. Wars have ended and there is no imperialism, capitalism, fascism or violence. But there is love, peace, civilization, modernity, democracy, a spirit of enlightenment, culture, science and art. What more do you want? Is that not what you want? Is that not your ideal? But you can do this by believing in Allah. But why is it so hard to believe in Allah? Why are you so stubborn? Do you really not believe? Of course you believe. At the very least they are unsure, 50-50. And that is in any case faith.

How lovely to be under the control of an infinite power. It is good for the health of the mind, soul and body. And that is a fact. How lovely, you are under the control of and entrusted to an infinite mind. What more could you want. Would you prefer chaos? May Allah forbid? Chaos is in any case impossible. When someone says “I exist,” that makes it impossible for Allah not to exist. Impossible. Because that would be absolute non-existence and that is impossible. Impossibly impossible. Absolute non-existence is impossible. When someone says, “I exist” then everyone has to have faith that Allah exists for all time. There is no other way. There is no way back.


Allah tests us. Because Almighty Allah wants true love. He could make us love like robots, but… There would obviously be something missing if Allah made us love one another like robots. You would be compelled to love. That is not what Allah. He wants love in suffering, trouble and difficulties. That is what is valuable to me. But if we were compelled, that would not be love. Allah does not want artificial love. He does not want a forced love. He wants love with passion. You have to crawl and suffer. You must be like Majnun and Layla.


For example, Allah loves the love of the Prophet Joseph (pbuh). They put him down a well and he speaks of Allah. Allah sees that. Seven hours or seven months are not enough for that. But when it lasts seven years, that is what Allah loves.

(In response to an e-mail from a reader saying, “Yes, let us love and be loved. How well you describe love of Allah. So Allah wants to be intensely loved so we can learn to love, and he wants us to love all things for His approval.”)

This sounds like a reproof, but of course Almighty Allah has no need of such a thing. It would be a reproof in human beings, though. But with Allah it is a reminder. “They were unable to properly appreciate the glory of Allah,” He says. Everything is a blessing. Television is a blessing, a music set is a blessing. There is no end to it. Everywhere is full of blessings. There is a television in every home, for instance. The world is full of homes. The rooms of houses are full of televisions. Televisions have their own separate remote controls. So people should not have to get up, says Allah. So they can switch channels from where they are sitting. Allah places all channels at people’s command. People move around on the glass. Allah has the world sit on glass. He puts ships and steamers and everything else on glass. People dancing the samba, people dancing and laughing and talking, cars, homes and whatever else comes to mind. Forests and oceans and everything are all in this glass. Look at it how you will. There is no dust or smoke and nothing to make one uncomfortable. Were it really the sea we might get wet, or breathe in car exhaust. But it is spotless and luminous. He makes no problems for us and causes no discomfort. You experience the best sides of everything. How lovely and delightful, just like paradise. Masha’Allah.

(In response to an e-mail from a viewer saying, “So it is Allah Who causes this writing to be written and this food to be eaten, Who makes us love and washes my hands and Who shows you to me.”)

Masha’Allah, one of our lady sisters wrote this. I got up in the morning and Allah washed me, masha’Allah. He makes my hand His instrument. How lovely! Whenever I need anything. The lovely smell of soap and perfume forms around me. Then He dries me and dries my hair. These are all great sources of ease. Allah places spotless shirts at my disposal all ready for me. “We have created clothing for you,” He says. The shirt is ready and He puts it on me. He dresses me. Then He wants me to go out, He shows me the object known as a car. You come to the door and close it. The images on the screen keep changing. You move about and then suddenly arrive at your destination. Like a djinn car. It is really amazing. You just have to sit there for a time. The image flows and moves. But wherever you may be or wherever you may go, what is the area on the outside like? We do not know. We merely have faith that there is such a place on the outside. We do not know. A pitch-black world, but the world we see is lovely and brightly-colored and three-dimensional. With a sense of depth. Look, we point something out somewhere. It is all metaphysical.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “The life of the Prophet Dhu’lQarnayn (pbuh) is described in the Qur’an. What does Dhu’lQarnayn mean?”)

Dhu’lQarnayn means having two aspects, being both finite and timeless. Being bound by space. It is complex. Let me say that so you can understand. It also indicates Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). But the wisdom in it is very broad, of course, insha’Allah. We see that Hazrat Khidhr (pbuh) steps outside time. Well, the Prophet Dhu’lQarnayn (pbuh) also steps outside time. We obtain this idea from the words of the Qur’an. It may mean being in two times. Both now and the past and the future. Moving through time, in other words. It may mean being fixed in time and also moving through time. Because “qarn” refers to time. Dhu’lQarnayn also refers to time and means moving through it, insha’Allah. In other words, both living in time now and also capable of moving through time, insha’Allah.


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