Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 29 April 2012

A9 TV, 29 April 2012

Lack of quality is a terrible scourge. A scourge on the whole Middle East. The pain of it can be felt everywhere. A huge lack of quality has pervaded the whole Islamic world, in Egypt and Lebanon and Jordan and Palestine. This needs to be revealed as a policy of state. That is vital, my brother. You can be as rich as you like, but if you have no quality… Do what you will. Quality is vital.

There was quality in the time of Rasulullah (saas). Quality in behavior, language, dress, cleanliness and everywhere. For example, Muslims went to Spain and founded a civilization there. People are still stunned when they see it. There was a glorious quality. There was quality in the Ottoman Empire. You see the works surviving from the Ottoman Empire. Nothing like them has been produced since. Concrete buildings, rectangular boxes, sacks of potatoes… after that it doesn’t really matter how rich you are. It is no good. You need to reach the highest point in art and quality. Then the world will be beautiful in a technical sense. Without it, what happens? A man has a garden, but it is horrible and devoid of quality. You go in and it stinks. But care can make it high-quality.

Quality makes villages attractive. The state should take this matter in hand. They could even set up a ministry of quality. The state would look for quality in everything. That would be really great. The other way is no good. Quality is not expensive. It needs intelligence, taste and artistic tendencies. For example, even with very expensive materials a woman can still be low-quality. You see them, really embarrassing. Or they can be very high-quality with very cheap materials. It is a question of intelligence and conscience. One of the power of art pervading the soul. And that is associated with faith and reason. They are all interconnected.

Everywhere belonging to a Muslim will be spotless, radiant. There can be no cleanliness without quality. One’s room may stink but he sees nothing wrong in that. As I was coming here today someone on Samanyolu TV said, “Women who cover up get rickets.” The doctor said, “No.” But they do. Why do you not tell the truth, doctor? All respect to our great teacher. “It is enough to see the Sun,” he says. Do those poor things never go out in the Sun? Even if they do, just the face is no good. You should tell them to get a house with a garden and go out in the Sun in that. You should tell them to catch the Sun wearing shorts and a T-shirt or whatever they like. You walk around on the beach with your stomach exposed to the elements. Leave those poor things alone so they can catch some Sun, too. Of course they will contract rickets. Or catch viral infections or whatever. Their hair will be uncared for and filthy and their bones weak. They catch all kinds of disease. Why deny something that is true? Admit it so we can put it right.

A young girl should be as fit as a fiddle; she should do sport, and her muscles should be very strong. She should be athletic, with a body like that of an antelope. Her hair should be well-groomed. But first they cover her hair with a scarf. And knot it. Then they put something else on top of that. Then they stick something onto the edges of her forehead. And then something else on top of that. Then lots of pins so she resembles a hedgehog. That all stays on her head for 10 or 15 hours. What happens to her hair? It becomes all sticky and unkempt. The poor thing feels no need to take care of her hair. It may as well just stay like this, she says. Her body never gets any fresh air. You should let her wear just some fine linen. The body needs fresh sir. But they wrap her up like a mummy. So what happens to her body? It develops fungal and other kinds of infections. It never gets any Sun. “It won’t do her any harm,” they say. But of course it will. The body needs sunlight. She should do sport and go out in the fresh air.

“It is unacceptable for a woman to be a judge,” they say. Why? Because they think they lack the brain power. Why should they not be able to be judges? What is so special about you? “No people with a woman at its head ever does any good.” They say women cannot be prime ministers or heads of anything or administrators. “Women are lacking in faith and intelligence,” what an ugly thing to claim! Allah creates His servants to be equal, with equal opportunities. This flies in the face of the Qur’an and the moral values and language of Rasulullah (saas). “Consult with women and ask their opinion, and then do the exact opposite of what they say.” What contempt is this? You do not even despise satan as much as this. Have you gone crazy? What is this hatred? Then they turn into sex perverts. “Obeying women leads to regret,” you will regret obeying them, in other words. “Let’s go and see my mother,” she says. But you must say, “No.” “Let’s have dinner,” she says, “Let’s not,” you must say. “Whoever obeys his wife, Allah will cast him face-down into hell.” In other words, whatever she says, you must reject. For example, if she says, “let’s send our children to this school,” you must say, “No.” You must say the exact opposite. “Do not consult with women, but oppose them. Because opposing women leads to prosperity.” Look, you have no respect for them at all. Whatever opinion she expresses, you have to do the exact opposite. This is cruel and immoral. Satan has declared war on these fine beings, these blessings created by Allah. That much hatred could almost lead to them ordering them to be killed. That is the only thing left. “You must leave women behind you in the same way that Allah has left them behind.” Look, they are defaming Allah, too. How immoral is that? They make them walk behind and do not respect them at all. “Misfortune lies in three things, a woman, a home and a horse.” They are obsessed. “Certain it is that a woman comes and goes in the form of satan.” So if a woman comes or goes somewhere she will always do so with the appearance of satan. In other words, she becomes satan. May Allah bring them to their senses. “If her husband’s body is covered with pus and his wife licks it clean …” Filthy, utterly disgusting. Look, “that will still not repay her debt to her husband.” Allah is showing how filthy these filthy bigots are. In other words, they know how filthy and disgusting they are, and that the woman will be repelled by them, that they stink, and they act accordingly. “When a man calls his wife to meet his sexual needs, she must respond at once. Even if she is busy with the stove or the oven…” She has to obey that disgusting man’s command without delay. See how they regard them as animals, as less than human and valueless. “If a woman divorces her husband, the scent of paradise is unlawful for her.” Look, the bigots have sorted that out, as well. So the woman cannot flee to save her life … A precautionary measure. But divorce is lawful. Why should she have to put up with filthy types like that? “O women, if you knew the rights your husbands have over you, you would wipe the dust from their feet off on your faces.” She should use her face to wipe the dust from his shoes. That is how much they despise them. “Out of 99 women, one is in paradise and the rest are in hell.” Paradise is full of these horrible bigots but just 1% of women go there. “Do not teach women to write.” They must not learn to read and write. “Leave women hungry, though not enough to harm them, and short of clothes, though without going to extremes. Because if women are well filled and attractively dressed, there is nothing they like more than going out. But if they are left rather hungry and unclothed, then there is nothing more auspicious than for them to stay at home.” You must make them utterly wretched, in other words. The poor things must always go hungry and must never receive any clothes. It must be impossible for them to go out. They must be too tired and hungry to go out. And they have no clothes, so they cannot go out. These are not just empty words, either. The bigots literally sign up to them all. You will be amazed, but they all subscribe to this. They regard it as absolute law. Nobody who is a bigot denies it. They all say it is true and act upon it. “Woman has eight natures. She resembles the ape in terms of her eagerness to dress up.” And the bigots resemble swine. Why should a woman resemble an ape? “But she is a dog in terms of not accepting poverty. She is a snake in her arrogance toward her husband and others. She resembles a scorpion in what she says day and night. She resembles a mouse for selling goods in the home. She resembles the fox in setting snares for men. And she is a sheep in her obedience to her husband.”  If you hate and despise them this much, then you yourself are no longer human. Look what they say about a good woman; “A good woman among women is like a rook among a hundred crows.” She is still basically a crow, in other words. The best she can manage is to become a rook instead. These are not just empty words going from one person to another. Ask any bigot and he will say they are true. One of the bigots’ main principles is that “The presence of five things invalidates prayer; the donkey, the pig, the Jew, the Zoroastrian and woman.” Look at the connections. Disgraceful. These words are very highly regarded, let me tell you. “Things that invalidate prayer – a black dog, a donkey, a pig and a woman.” That is from another bunch. “Were it not for women, all men would go to paradise,” they say. They are a total nightmare, in other words … “The prayer of a clean-smelling woman is unacceptable in the Sight of Allah.”  If she smells of flowers or perfume, her prayers are unacceptable in the Sight of Allah, they say. Bigots utterly and totally loathe women. You can see that on Facebook.

You can see the bigots’ hatred of women. People imagine this is just empty talk, but any bigot you may ask will believe it completely. Otherwise they will think he is irreligious. They have to sign up to it, in their own eyes. All bigots share that mindset. These horrible things they say on Facebook all stem from that mindset. May Allah bring them to their senses. Look what horrible things they say. These people of no character also defame both Allah and Rasulullah (saas). But in the Qur’an Almighty Allah says they are raised like flowers. And Allah spares them all kinds of work in the Qur’an. The provisions in the Qur’an are all of such a kind as to liberate women. They make life easier in all regards. They are all in women’s favor. Allah loads all the difficulties onto men in the Qur’an. Some idiots say, “He always addressed me.” Idiots. That is in any case a statement that protects women. It puts the responsibility onto men. Allah always places the responsibility onto men. Woman has no such responsibility, she is a blessing. Allah spares her everything. Allah spares them the responsibility of war, and everything else, so they can live at ease. The responsibility is always loaded onto men. You must look after your brother and father, He says, and your husband. Allah makes women responsible for protecting everyone.

Allah shows that women can be leaders through the Queen of Sheba, through verses. Allah shows how her people and troops obeyed her. These horrible people go round saying these things. They say the same things about Hazrat Ayesha (pbuh), Hazrat Fatima (pbuh) and Hazrat Maryam (pbuh). What horrible, vile people these are. May Allah forbid. Bad words lie with those who speak them. Then they wonder why Ataturk had such a problem with bigots. “Why did Ataturk do that?” they. What do you expect him to do? Should he tell them they were free to carrying on doing as they were? He did what needed to be done. He stopped them in their tracks. What is surprising in that?

A young girl should at least half an hour a day do sport. She needs to eat very well. You must tend your daughters like flowers, so they do not fade. They are very fragile things. They need to be shown the same care as a flower. They will fade immediately without Sun and water and proper care. One must tend them really very carefully. Upsetting them is terribly bad for them. One must always keep their spirits high. What happens if their mothers and fathers and brothers shout all the time? They will fade away entirely. They will dissolve away. They literally drive some of them crazy. Many of them take up smoking out of stress. Their complexions go wrong and their hair falls out. That is terribly sad, isn’t it? Why have them, my brother, if you won’t look after them? You buy a plant and look after that very well. Why have one if you won’t look after have? They are very sweet, like bunny rabbits. But even rabbits need a lot of proper care. One has to keep them clean and everything.

Human beings are very fragile. Allah they are created weak. Men or women, they both have weak bodies. They are easily affected, saddened, tired or sickened. Allah creates them like that as part of the test. So we do not love this world. One suffers if one is too attached to this world. But if one is not attached, then one desires Allah. Because Almighty Allah wants it to be Himself that is loved.

Imagine, you bring a child up, but that child does not love you and goes off after other things. But you buy him or her a car, a house and pay attention to what they eat and everything. But that child takes no interest in you and does not even talk to you. What a terrible thing. They should at least be grateful. If they are not even grateful …It is the same with Almighty Allah, though He is not like human beings, of course, but He wants thanks and to be loved. Then someone says, “I will not love You. But that woman over there looks really good, I will love her.” But who is she a manifestation of? Allah. It is Allah Who designs that image. In fact, He has no need of design at all, I just said that in order to clarify matters. And it is He Who creates it and makes it love. But that person forgets Him and directs all his attention elsewhere. You love her as a representation of Allah. Do what is right. Say, “O Lord, I look at this manifestation of You and love it.” Allah will take her from you and hurt you if he does not see this.

People say, “It happened by chance.” They eat a strawberry and say it came about by chance. They say that oranges, bananas, melons, water melons cherries and everything are all the work of chance. Human beings also emerged by chance, and squirrels and birds and butterflies… So Allah says He will put you in a place that resembles chance. Not in those words, but so you can understand. That is a feature of hell, everywhere is as if random. Fire spurts up from the ground, people are like monkeys, heads are on back to front, and some people have no faces at all. They used to talk about mutation. Allah says there was no such thing, but here it is for you now. I am saying this for clarity’s sake, though Almighty Allah does not really say that. Allah shows them what mutation and chance would really mean. See what food that emerges by chance is like. There is the thorny, horrible and foul-smelling foods. Horrible food and the water is filthy and boiling. Yet here they drink sweet, fresh water. The water in hell is disgusting and boiling. That is how it should be. There is magma underneath, so what happens when water makes contact? It will boil. What happens when you put water on the stove? It boils. There is magma beneath the Earth’s crust, yet fresh, ice-cool water emerges. Allah says that if you do not give thanks and believe in what I have done, I will show you what chance really is. That is what they deserve. But they still do not believe. They say, “Tell your Lord to send us a blessing.” Their immorality and craziness persist even there. They never abandon it. And Allah punishes them, while easing the hearts of believers, of course, insha’Allah.

Look, the bigots say, “A Jew invalidates prayer. A donkey or a woman invalidate prayer.” They have listed everything they hate. This is not normal, it is terrible insanity. Hatred of woman, what a vile thing that is! I did not realize they were actually this crazy. I knew they were insane, but not this stark-staring crazy. Craziness just pours out of them. They are like satan, totally abnormal creatures. They wonder, “Why was Ataturk opposed to the bigots?” How can you see what is going on and still fail to understand why he was against them? Just that issue of women by itself. They also hate children, and Christians and Jews, and this and that. They hate along regional and racial lines. They regard colored people and the Chinese as very inferior. One thing about bigots is that they also really regard the Turks as very bad and inferior. Idiots! You are Turks, too! Cretins. They are so stupid. They set it out in their own books. The same mindset as Darwin’s. Yet the Turkish nation is a very excellent one praised by our Prophet (saas). Allah shows that in practice.

Almighty Allah has created women beautiful. Women must be loved. This bigot immorality and lack of honor must come to an end. Of course women can be in charge. They make excellent prime ministers or administrators. They are most blessed entities. They do not spoil prayer, but they honor the home. They are luminous, the jewel in the home. Women are highly intelligent and give good advice. It is good to follow a woman’s advice, and it will work out well. But if a bigot walks by, of course that will annoy. Women are the finest adornments in the world, there is nothing better. They are most blessed beings. They are highly intelligent and give good advice. They benefit wherever they are, insha’Allah. Sins cease where women are present. Lawful things take their place. And the perversion and immorality of the bigots is fully revealed.

Everywhere must be fine and high-quality. We will beautify towns and villages. We will embrace Europe, Jews, Christians, masons and everyone. They will all follow Muhammad. A secular, democratic system will emerge, insha’Allah. In the true sense, insha’Allah. The age of pressure and violence will come to an end, insha’Allah.

(In response to an e-mail from a viewer saying, “You describe love of Allah so well, masha’Allah, alhamdulillah.”)

Just so. For example, Almighty Allah has created you so beautifully here. You are all an image, a manifestation of Allah. Now it is the height of bad manners, ingratitude, stupidity and a violation of good conscience for someone to say, “I love you, not Allah.” That image could not even exist unless Allah created it. And Who makes you love it once it has been created? Allah. To Whom does the image belong? To Allah. To Whom does our love belong? To Allah. Can one forget Allah? That is why Almighty Allah says that people are unable to properly appreciate His might. He says that human beings are cruel and ungrateful. Very few people give thanks to Allah, He says in one verse. Allah tells us to give thanks so He will multiply our blessings. Because they all belong to Him. We listen to music, for instance. No what has music got to do with this remote control? Or this metal? Allah creates music directly but uses these as His instruments. Allah lets us listen to music and dance because it will give us pleasure. Allah could have arranged it so that sound would terrify us. It is Allah Who bestows pleasure from it.

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Masha’Allah. But the Qur’an is not such a complicated book. The Qur’an is very easy. What is lawful and unlawful is quite clear. Observances are described. Allah talks about faith in Him, faith being sincere, love being directed to Allah, avoiding ascribing equals to Him… Not forgetting Allah and basing one’s actions around other people, in other words, relating everything to Allah, Allah being loved and feared with a sincere passion, holding Him in awe, giving thanks… Allah tells people to give thanks so He will multiply their blessings. He says that He wants the best for us, but that we must give thanks and love Him as He deserves, and that we must realize this. There are signs that Almighty Allah describes. Look and think, and you will understand Me from My signs, he says. By seeing, Almighty Allah does not mean that we will see His person, but we will see His signs.

(In response to a mail from a viewer saying, “Can a Muslim be secular?”)

The Qur’an wants us to be secular. Is that not enough? The bigots may be opposed to it, but that does not matter. Forget the bigots. What does Almighty Allah say? Your religion for you, and ours for us. What does that mean? It is secularism summarized in a few words: “There is no compulsion in the religion.” What is that? Secularism and democracy.

(In response to a mail from a viewer saying; “I think the Qur’an only refers to pork meat. Is pork fat also unlawful? I was wondering about that. I would not eat it though, even if it were lawful.”)

Well done, Murat, because that fat is really disgusting, may Allah forbid. One should not eat it even if it were the last fat in the world. It is really horrible. Now look, when it says that pork meat is unlawful, some people imagine that pork fat must be lawful. But more than half of pork fat is obtained from pork meat. So at least 50% of it is unacceptable. Pork means pork products in general. Insha’Allah.



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