Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 3 May 2012


A9 TV; 3 May 2012

(When Sean Ali Stone was with you yesterday, you got him to open the Qur’an. He opened it at page 313. They bought an airplane ticket, and the gate number was 313.)

Yes, Sean went through gate 313, the number of the ticket. He was amazed when he opened it at 313. He knew it was the number of the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). He was hugely excited when he saw it in the Qur’an, masha’Allah. He is a lovely person with a really pure heart, masha’Allah. Most Europeans are like that, with no filth, rudeness or bad manners. These things are particular to the Middle East. One finds such annoyances in most Middle Eastern countries. Gossip. Europeans and Americans do not do that much. They are more joyful, extroverted and open. They say what they think, and are sincere and honest. They do not lie much. But the Middle East is full of such petty intrigues. They talk about oriental cunning, and that really is widespread. That is also a reflection of the absence of the system of the Mahdi. All this beating up and stabbing doctors, killing women, beating women… These tragedies all stem from the lack of the way of the Mahdi.

Many people envy us. I like that. Because that is a sign of being liked, of superiority. People like you liking me so much really annoys them. I know it really pains those types. If a woman even approaches them, they collapse away internally. It finishes them. They have no sense or loves, they are always doubtful and aggressive and crazy. When women realize that they are crazy, immoral, unbalanced and devoid of conscience, the result is an instinctive repulsion inspired by Allah. But they fail to comprehend the reason for that distancing. So they fail to understand the reason for the love you feel for me. “I have money and looks,” they say. But do you know what you don’t have? Intelligence, conscience, will, the ability to value things and, above all, faith. You lack all those. Without these, Allah creates you so as to be crushed in destiny. You may resist in an insane manner, but you are fighting your own destiny, like a cow being led by the horns. And destiny kicks you all over the place. These idiots are always wretched and suffering.

They were always envious of Rasulullah’s (saas) strength  and people’s love for him. The hypocrites were mad with envy of the way all the women loved him. There are many verses on the subject in the Qur’an. The bigots are embarrassed by the subject and never discuss it. But I talk about those verses with pride and joy. The hypocrites were mightily troubled by the women were so attracted to our Prophet (saas). Because they really loved our Prophet (saas) and were hugely affected by him. They all wanted to marry him. And the hypocrites tried to obstruct our Prophet’s (saas) marriages. They even built the mosque of Dirar, as if to say, “Look, we have enormous faitfulness, and women never come here, we are devoted to Islam and the Qur’an.” They hated Rasulullah (saas), may Allah forbid.

Almighty Allah sent down this verse:  “O Prophet! We have made lawful for you: your wives to whom you have given dowries and any slavegirls you own from the booty Allah has allotted you and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts and the daughters of your maternal uncles and the daughters of your maternal aunts who have made hijra with you and any believer woman who gives herself to the Prophet if the Prophet desires to marry her: exclusively for you as opposed to the rest of the believers –“

 Look what people think and how Allah responds. “You may refrain from any of them you will and keep close to you any of them you will. And if you desire any you have left alone, there is nothing wrong in that. This makes it more likely they will be comforted and not be grieved, and all of them will be content with what you give them. Allah knows what is in your hearts.” He says. Allah says this is something compatible with His approval. “You may refrain from any of them you will and keep close to you any of them you will.” He says. “they will be comforted” says Almighty Allah. When these verses came down, some hypocrites had a stroke, others developed frozen faces, various sufferings... The sufferings of Abu Jahil and Abu Lahab and the like... Allah says their hands dried up from the intensity of their rage. Allah inflicted a terrible scourge on them. You see the intensity of that suffering? What does it mean for someone to have a stroke from the intensity of their suffering? Their two hands dried up from stress. Hypocrites are suffering in the same kind of way today. You know that saying about sour grapes? Well with these people they start talking nonsense when they fail to get their way. This shows that Muslims are on the true path.

I can say that it is delightful to annoy a hypocrite. Crazy hypocrites like that, insha’Allah. Because the hypocrite is in the mangle, but fails to realize that. I have said it before. The hypocrite imagines he is acting in great freedom. He imagines he can wreak whatever evil he likes, in other words. Yet everything the hypocrite will do is pre-coded by Allah. The words he will use, when he will use them and what he will do. Where he will report to, how much, how Muslims will respond and how he will be caught by that have all been encoded and created and are all over and done with in the Sight of Allah. The hypocrites imagines he is free because he is unaware of this. So he attacks, and always ends up banging his head on an iron door. These idiots always end up with a swollen head. They just harm themselves, like rams butting their heads against one another. That is how these imbeciles are, insha’Allah.

Many people envy you. For which reason you earn great merit. How happy that makes us all, insha’Allah. “Hasidin 'Idha Hasada” says Almighty Allah. Allah makes the envious crazy. They take leave of their senses. They are mentally unbalanced, and that attacks the body. And since the body is constantly under attack, they become aggressive, like rabid dogs. Animals always want to attack when they are hurt. These people are just like rabid dogs; they are hurting because their own bodies are attacking them, and they wish to attack those around them. But since they attack so foolishly they just make worse problems for themselves. That is the stupidity of the hypocrites.

It is very important to get people to say ‘La ilaha illa’Allah Muhammadan Rasulullah.’ For example, they ask Sean Ali Stone, “Do you pray, my brother?” He does not. Let him convert to Islam first. What is your hurry? Then there is the question of growing a beard and all the rest. Look what happened to the other one, (Cat Stevens – Yusuf Islam). He grew his beard and just disappeared. However, by the law of Allah, if he had continued singing and had not changed his name, had he maintained his former social circle, he would have had a much greater influence. They burned him up, and he just disappeared. What need is there for that? He should have kept his own original name. It would have been good if he had kept on singing. They go and ask their elders’ opinions and then go badly wrong. They lose the power to influence others. Yet the world could have been totally changed by now. They know best, of course. But in my view he could have had a great impact by now. Insha’Allah, his father (Oliver Stone) will also become a Muslim soon. Let us invite his father here one day, too, insha’Allah.

 My brother, let people go to the beach if they want or wear low-cut dresses. So long as they say, ‘Lailaha İlla’Allah Muhammadan Rasulullah,’ and pray and take care over what is lawful and unlawful, that is fine, insha’Allah. Other things will follow with time, insha’Allah. A person will improve and be perfected as he grows stronger, acquires more knowledge and grows deeper in faith. But by coming down on people right from the beginning they turn them off religion and faith entirely. For example, if I let them they would turn Ali Sean off the religion and faith completely. What the bigots will say is, “You do not pray, so you are not a Muslim.” Look how they turned his father off religion. He eventually went off and became a Buddhist. Because of pressure from bigots. They do not behave sensibly.

The world needs love, not scourges. This is the last chance, the Day of Reckoning is imminent. The world has decayed. Look, neither artists nor sheikhs are emerging any more. There are no theatrical plays and they cannot make paintings any more. There is not one high-quality painting. They cannot produce one quality statue. They are all horrible. Municipalities are embarrassed and say, “Tear that monstrosity down.” They make these horrible, deformed shapes out of concrete. No artists are emerging any more. There are no songs for us to like any more. People just listen to the old ones. Just these “yeah, baby” pop songs that are not really anything like songs at all. It is very rare for anything to come out that one can say is not half bad. Look at fashion. There are no more nice clothes. People do not dress elegantly any more. Young people just wear jeans and T-shirts. They shave their heads and reckon they are free spirits. You are not a free spirit at all, just a hollow one. My apologies, but they pay no attention to beauty. I see how unkempt the ladies when they go out. When you see a woman from afar you should be amazed by her beauty and respect and value her. She needs to exhibit herself as a glorious being. They have also feminized young men. They have become very odd indeed. Their clothes and way of speaking and behavior are all very strange. Chewing gum all the time. Effeminate gestures. They have damaged that generation. Model girls with narrow hips and broad shoulders. They are trying to turn them into men. What kind of young girl looks like that? They may them like matchstick figures. Allah says that he will impair them all. That is satan’s work. Look, they are spoiling women’s natures. They are making young girls resemble boys. They tell them they must have broad shoulders and narrow hips. Young men also wear effeminate clothes. In effeminate colors. I see them sometimes on the TV. They are ruining them. They are really degrading these young men. So they lose all respect for themselves, and young girls feel no respect for them. And they do not respect the girls. A very strange picture has emerged.

All this horror and ugliness will come to an end in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Women resembling men and men resembling women is one of the scourges and afflictions prior to the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Rasulullah (saas) says that. “Men will resemble women, and women, men.” And that has happened. This is a very great miracle. They are working very hard to bring this about all over the world.

Thanks to that fine work by the bigots, Oliver Stone went off and became a Buddhist. Excellent work from Christian and Muslim bigots. Why should he become a Buddhist? Because the Buddhists do not have any bigot. So people go along and join the most illogical faith of all. But there are no bigots and no pressure of that kind among them. They sit quietly and mind their own business. But they still speak a lot of nonsense. Things no lunatic would even say. “Let us all exist on just rice.” So they will all die. How can you live on rice alone? Eating rice night and day will make one ill, may Allah forbid.

There were some Jews at that time. Not all, of course, and my apologies to the others. They tried to negotiate with Allah, may He forbid. “Our Lord commands us to kill a calf,” they said. “What kind of calf?” Just a normal, regular calf. “No good, we need more detail,” they said. Detail upon detail. Allah says they nearly did not do it at all. That is why there is all this attention to detail in Judaism. They were swamped in detail and had trouble doing the deed.

We spoke here. Some rabbis came. “Could you do that?” I asked. “It cannot be done,” they said. “But the Messiah will describe it to us when he comes,” they went on. What will the Messiah, Muhammad the Mahdi, do? He will say, “These things are nonsense.” And that will put an end to it. But Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not reject the Torah entirely. He will accept those parts of the Torah and the Gospel that are true. He will defend those parts of the Torah and the Gospel that are true, insha’Allah. How do we know? Because Rasulullah (saas) tells us.

Allah brought the ice-cream, and Allah offered it to us, masha’Allah, alhamdulillah. Almighty Allah decorated it with nuts and strawberries. Soil is just black, however. Huge, brightly colored strawberries just asking to be eaten appear on top of that soil, masha’Allah. Allah creates the ice-cream, not the manufacturer. Allah uses the manufacturer as His instrument. Allah offers it to us and lets us eat it. But Allah produces such instruments in order not to eliminate the need for free will. Look, it is Allah Who provides it inside the glasses. The same system applies in paradise. But in paradise it comes from thin air. That is how it comes. When you think of it, the spoon takes off and brings it to you, singing a song, and feeds it to you. Without hurting or disturbing you in any way, not hitting your teeth or anything, and then goes away again. The bowl will also come to you at the slightest hand signal. Or even if you just think of it. Then it will go back to its own place. Everything, all of matter, is alive in paradise. It will do whatever you want. For example, if you tell the spoon to assume the form of a bird, it will instantly turn into a bird. Then when you tell it to “turn back into a spoon,” it will become a spoon again. Bediüzzaman says, “The speed of the imagination is far greater than the fastest speed, that of light.” You know how they talk about the speed of light. “Not even that, it moves at the speed of thought,” he says. Scientists deny the existence of the “ether.” Bediüzzaman says that “the ether exists.” Nikola Tesla also says that the ether does exist. But scientists have not discovered it yet. What we know as “the ether” does exists. What Bediüzzaman says is true. “No, there is a boundless void,” they say. Can you have a void? That is something. You have just not been able to find it yet. Where is there a void?

Thanks be to Almighty Allah. Look, Allah places tiny sees all over the surface of the strawberry, so that will also give us pleasure. Look, my brother, He also puts vitamin C in it. That is a vitamin that is very hard to obtain, and the body has a great need of it. He puts vitamin C in it, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and B12. It is like a vitamin pill. The body needs vitamin B1, and Allah puts it inside, and vitamins B2, B6 and B12, and vitamins C and A. They are all ready. This is a glorious thing. The sugar is just right, and there are various kinds of protein, masha’Allah. What can you know about varieties of protein and amino acid under the ground? He puts all the proteins that are needed in the black soil. Alhamdulillah. Allah uses the black soil as His instrument. The delicate roots enter the soil. Delicate roots within muddy water. If you put plastic in there the water would leak in, the smell of the soil. But those roots, as fine as membranes, do not take up the smell of the soil, or any dirt or any germs. They absorb crystal clear water. Allah fills it with vitamin A. And He adds a wonderful smell, the smell of strawberry. He gives it a mildly acidic flavor, a very slightly bitter one. It has a lovely taste, a fine consistency and lovely texture. Allah tells us to give thanks.

“No, it came about by chance,” they say. Then Almighty Allah says, fine, I will show you what coming about by chance is like, by creating a chance environment in the hereafter. Of course Allah does not really say that, I just say that to help you understand. Hell is just as if it had come about by chance, just like they say. Are you not totally convinced that Allah does not exist. Well, Allah has created there just to suit you. People there are wretched for all eternity. But they still insist on denying Allah, out of their peculiarity, insha’Allah.

And He watches very closely. It is he who creates conversation and who causes us to have them. But He gives the impression that I am talking. What a wonderfully metaphysical world this is, masha’Allah. Then at the end, a curtain rises and they say, “Selamun Aleykum. Welcome.” With no interruption at all. Unbelief is really distressing and troublesome. Allah says in one verse that, “and one leg is entwined with the other..”  Their feet go numb, they lose all feeling in them. I mean, they cannot tell where their feet are, their feet provide no feeling. The body loses feeling in its feet. That is why Allah says, “Those who are herded headlong into Hell,” Their heads are turned round, looking backward. Their chests are on the back of their necks and their faces on their backs, in that way. “I used to be able to see, what happened to me eyes?” they ask. And He asks. I thought you used to believe in chance. Did you not believe this would happen through mutation? Well, mutation turns eyes blind. You said it happened through chance, well, here you are. That is what you get. Do heads not turn round through mutation? You have got that, too. And your feet do not work. You say they came about through mutation. So your feet do not work, either. The fruits of paradise are disgusting. Do you not say they are result of mutation? The water is also horrible. The water is boiling and bubbles up from somewhere really putrid. They drink it. Did you not say the universe came into being by chance? Well, here you are. You say the Earth is magma and water. What happens when the two meet? The water boils. So drink away, says Almighty Allah. Since you say it came into being by chance, you are getting exactly what you said. And of course we, as Muslims, are amazed. How can there be people like that? They are specially created. We must control that amazement through the eyes of faith. Because Allah says of them that their eyes do not see, their ears do not hear, and the eyes of their hearts are blindLook, this verse provides a very important detail. “They are dead, not alive” it says. Zombies. Allah says that He makes them look as if they are dead. You think they are alive because they speak and look and walk. But they are not alive, Allah says. Allah has not breathed a soul into them. That is why people look and think they are alive. Our Prophet (saas), my dear ancestor, goes and preaches all the time. “Wherever they are who do not believe, You will destroy them,” he says. But they are dead, and since they are dead he does not realize. Rasulullah (saas) describes things with great joy with that fine heart and love of his. The Prophet (saas) stopped after Allah warned him. He was greatly distressed by their inability to understand. He preached and preached, but they would not understand. Literally just corpses, ones that move. Like the dead bodies in morgues. Just as if you made them move their hands about and open their eyes. Classic dead bodies, just like that. There are many zombies out there on the streets. There are dead people out there, though they fail to realize. Many people’s parents are zombies, and they are unaware of it. Most are dead, zombies, but they do not know it. If they did, they would be absolutely terrified. But since they do not, they are quite at ease. Allah deliberately does not tell them. In the same way He never shows the djinn and satans. If they saw them, they would be terrified.

Look, Allah says, How many Signs there are in the heavens and earth!” proofs of the existence of Allah, “Yet they pass them by, turning away from them.”

For example, there are fossils on the ground, but they just step over them.” He says they deny the evidence and do not examine it. “In the earth and sky.” When we look at the sky using the science of astronomy we can see the existence of Allah. And when we examine the earth using paleontology we again see Allah’s creation. “many Signs” proofs, “there are in the heavens and earth! Yet they pass them by, turning away from them..” Allah says they do not heed those proofs.

“Most of them do not believe in Allah without associating others with Him.” Allah says they do not believe in Him. They ascribe equals to Him.

“Do they feel secure that the all-enveloping punishment of Allah will not come upon them,” a disaster that will enfold the whole society, “or that the Last Hour will not come upon them all of a sudden when they least expect it?” says Allah. Because they will mock the Day of Reckoning. They laugh at the idea it will come in 2012. Allah will make us wait a little longer. It may be toward the end of 2012. But it will begin at a time they do not expect. Allah speaks in one verse of a great impact and a huge noise. Because this is felt across the world. They will try to escape, He says, but there will be nowhere to escape to, because the Day of Reckoning will have begun. They will be terrified. Allah says we will imagine them to be drunk, though they are not drunk. They lose their senses from the intensity of their terror. They flee, but there is nowhere to hide. They try to tell each other things, but they cannot speak. They talk nonsense. They cannot form proper sentences. Children’s hair will turn white as a sign of the Day of Reckoning. All the hairs on their bodies will suddenly and miraculously turn white. That will further enhance their terror. “the Day when Heaven is split apart in clouds,” He says. That blue dome in the sky will open up, and the skies will appear black. The door has now been opened, He says. “and the angels are sent down rank upon rank.” He says. When they see the angels they will think they are having a bad dream. Terror will take away their senses. Then after Almighty Allah has killed them all, there will be a temporary period of forgetfulness. They will forget the Day of Reckoning. Then Allah will straight away bring them back to life. This time, they will say, “Who has raised us from our resting-place?” They will wonder where they are, and why they are there. “Listen out for the Day when the Summoner shall call out from a nearby place” He says. They will hear a human voice, as if telling them to head in this direction. He says they will beginning running about, as if toward a pillar or column. They will all run en masse. When they reach the place, they will say, “Alas.” “This is the Judgment Day, we have died and resurrected.” they will say. Until then, they will not have realized they are dead. Most will think they have been abandoned in a state of unconsciousness in the desert or somewhere like a crater. They will be unable to fathom what has happened. Almighty Allah has described all the subsequent events in great detail. Neither the Torah nor the Gospel contain such detail. There is a huge amount of detail in the Qur’an. That is why Christians and Jews must be followers of Muhammad. In other words, if someone is a Christian, he must love the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) even more. I am not telling them to reject the good commandments in the Gospel. You must cling even tighter to the Gospel. But the Gospel also contains statements from satan that command you to follow unbelief. There is the belief in the Trinity. Allah asks. Do you believe in it? You do not. In that case, Allah will rescue from that scourge. What Christian will believe that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is Allah? Not one person. Nobody believes it. But they speak as if they believe something that they do not believe. A rational person will open the Gospel; the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is eating bread and fish. I was hungry, he says. It says he was tired and slept. How can Allah sleep? But the Gospel says he slept. It says he then raised his hands and prayed to the Lord for blessings. How can Allah pray to Himself? This is clearly insane, terribly wrong. They have ruined people’s faith and reason. It is so sad. But if people become followers of Muhammad they will be freed from this scourge and obtain blessings, insha’Allah.


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