Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 7 May 2012


A9 TV; 7 May 2012

(Statements about paradise)

In Surat al-Kahf, Almighty Allah says, “They will have Gardens of Eden with rivers flowing under them.” The golden rivers of the Garden of Eden: Allah has caused human beings to have a great love of water. One’s heart melts when one sees water. One does not know why, it is purely instinctive. It delights one to see water flowing, even just a little from a fountain. Because we will love it in paradise, insha’Allah. They will be adorned in them with bracelets made of gold,...” What is gold? A metal you wear on your arm. Allah has made us love it. Women love gold. They love to be adorned in gold. Its appearance is most attractive. People delight in seeing it. It is lovely to see it on a woman. Why? They know it from paradise. Instinctively. Gold would be just another metal if Allah did not make us love it. You may as well wear iron or copper. But Allah makes us love it. It takes one’s breath away to see it. People will also love gold in paradise. Touching gold and looking at gold. and wear green garments made of the finest silk and rich brocade,...” people also like silk and bright fabrics. Hazrat Hassan and (pbuh) and Hazrat Hussein (pbuh) always wore silk, masha’Allah. They delighted in it. “reclining there on couches under canopies.” (Surat al-Kahf, 31) They recline on wide chairs or couches.

Look, Almighty Allah says, Why, when you entered your garden, did you not say, “It is as Allah wills, there is no strength but in Allah’?” So what will a Muslim say when he enters a garden with vines and fruit trees? “Masha’Allah, there is no other power than Allah.” This is something unknown. When you enter a vineyard. Millions of people have vines. Just one vine can count as a vineyard. And if there are fruit trees there, it is an orchard. “Masha’Allah,” how finely Allah has created. “There is no other power than Allah. All power belongs to Allah.Why, when you entered your garden, did you not say, “It is as Allah wills, there is no strength but in Allah’?” (Surat al-Kahf,39) People always boast of their possessions and children in this world. Yet children die. They die themselves. Possessions decay. There is not much in this world, but Allah causes people to love it. They are so greedy for it that they forget Allah. One important aspect of the test is this love of possessions and children.

(Statements from Surat al-Ahzab)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficient the Merciful, Surat al-Ahzab. Verse 35; Men and women who are Muslims, men and women who are believers,” Allah sets out the qualities of Muslims. Men and women who are Muslims, men and women who are believers, men and women who are obedient,” because unbelief is disobedient and troublesome. Whatever you say, it wants to do the opposite. They are very difficult people. “men and women who are truthful,” to Whom? To Allah, the Book, the religion, faith, those they love and the cause. “men and women who are steadfast.” People are unsteadfast. They end friendships in a moment. They end love in a moment. They explode like gunpowder. That is why their loves lasts only a few hours before they end it. But since Muslims are steadfast they maintain their love. They never relinquish it. Their love grows with the years. But unbelief is not like that. It gets tired at one as is not steadfast. It becomes angry and ends things. men and women who are steadfast, men and women who are humble,.”  Someone says, “I fear Allah,” but it is weak and watery. He makes jokes about paradise and hell. What does that mean? He has no respect and fear of Allah. But when asked, he says, “I fear Allah.” That is not real awe. Because he has no respect, he is disrespectful. Respect is a sign of fearing Allah. That is why Allah says, “men and women who are steadfast, men and women who are humble,” a woman who fears Allah is very beautiful. She will be mild, gentle and sweet. The other way, abominations descend, may Allah forbid. A kind of pollution.  

men and women who give alms.Who spend for Allah’s approval, who can give their money away with ease. “men and women who fast.” Because fasting requires willpower.

men and women who guard their private parts,” Men and women who do engage in illicit sexual relations. Because if men engage in illicit relations, they themselves become prostitutes. In the same way the face of a woman engaged in illicit relations immediately gives her away, she develops a kind of repulsiveness, an ugliness, doesn’t she? A coldness, an oddness. Well the same thing happens to men who engage in prostitution. A man who engages in illicit relations is also a prostitute. They also develop a coldness and oddness, and a mental oddness. Something odd happens in their behavior. That is why Muslim women have such luminous faces. There is a sweetness in them. One feels a profound love for them, and beauty forms in their faces. They develop a majesty, an attractiveness, a divine attractiveness. But the flesh of people who prostitute themselves is polluted. Frozen and polluted. One can tell, as soon as one looks. Or from their language. But a chaste woman has a light and radiance, a sweetness in her face. That is what the Qur’an is referring to. Look, men and women who guard their private parts,” who do not enter into unlawful relations.

men and women who remember Allah much:” some people remember Allah no more than twice a day. Or three.  But Allah is always in a Muslim’s mind. He constantly remembers Allah. Remembering Allah does not mean saying, “Allah, Allah” all the time. If you like somewhere and you say, “How well Allah has created it,” that is also remembrance of Allah. Remembering Allah means constantly keeping Him in mind. People may have a wrong idea about remembering. They imagine it means saying the words, “Allah, Allah.” It means keeping Allah in one’s mind, knowing one loves Him and being aware of that. Remembrance means constantly keeping Allah in one’s heart.

men and women who remember Allah much: Allah has prepared forgiveness for them and an immense reward.

 (Surat al-Ahzab, 35) Allah says He will forgive people even if they make mistakes. And He says He has “prepared an immense reward.” Merit. What is the reward for merit? Allah’s approval. And what is the reward for Allah’s approval? Paradise. But it would be meaningless to be in paradise without Allah’s approval. His approval is why paradise is delightful.

(The difference between believers and unbelief)

If a woman becomes a prostitute, one can expect all kinds of calamity. She becomes very dangerous. Maniacal. And physically unclean and mentally unclean. Bad, may Allah forbid. But that does not mean we have to hate her. We will pity and try to save her. Some idiots say, “This is a prostitute. She is accursed.” So what should we do? “You must beat her with sticks, that is what you must do,” they say. This is immoral. There were women, prostitutes, around Jesus the Messiah. That is in the Gospel. He felt affection for them. He loved them. There were many female prostitutes in the time of Rasulullah (saas). They became Muslims, believers, Companions. There were men who engaged in illicit relations. There were men who prostituted themselves. They entered Islam and became Companions. Rasulullah (saas) always showed them love. That happened in the time of every prophet. Prostitution is not limited to sexual relations. You also engage in prostitution when you fail to abide by Allah’s commandment and do illicit things. You assume the position of a prostitute. Prostitution means wrong things, abnormal things.

Allah beautifies us with faith. Our lives become beautiful. Life has a value. People would be repelled by one another were it not for faith. Life would seem very terrible. American soldiers commit suicide all the time. Why? They are disgusted by themselves, by life and by other people. They are repelled by women. “Let me die and end it,” they say. That is the reason in many places. But everything would be lovely with faith. Very valuable. You respect people then. Because when people are not valued and respected, love disappears. For instance, a woman can love when she knows she is respected and valued.

Prostitutes are not all women. Men can be prostitutes, too. If they act appropriately. But they regard it as something to be proud of when a man engaged in prostitution, as a false belief. But that is the really degrading thing. The woman is passive and helpless there. It is disgusting for a man to prostitute himself.

Men boast of prostituting themselves. That is most degrading. Why boast of it? You have been degraded. You have lost your worth. That is why quality and intelligent women are disgusted by men who prostitute themselves. He may be very handsome. He may have a car. But he is still filthy. He can still be a prostitute. He will frighten people. There is a saying about “Fear him who does not fear Allah.” That is very dangerous.

Matthew 21 in the Gospel reads, “John came to you to show you the way of righteousness...” Look, “John came to you to show you the way of righteousness, and you did not believe him, but the tax collectors and the prostitutes did.” He says that tax collectors and prostitutes believed him. And even after you saw this, you did not repent and believe him,” he says. Look, the prostitutes save themselves. Prostitution comes to an end if they believe. It is not a permanent stain, in other words. If you have faith, if you cling to the Qur’an and to faith, and if you repent, that is an end of it, at that moment. That person becomes a radiant Muslim. It is not a permanent stain that will never come off, in other words.

(Muslims are modern and high quality)

It is quite normal for ladies to be beautiful and well groomed. What do they say? “Muslim women cannot be attractive and well groomed. They cannot laugh. They must be beaten a lot. That stick needs to be hung on the wall. They are like dogs and pigs. If a woman passes in front of someone praying, that prayer is spoiled. When one asks them something, one must do the opposite of what they say.” They ask them, “No would you accept such a model of woman?” Look, “you must be covered up, you must have a beard and a moustache, you must be like an ape, you must be repellent, stink like hell, be filthy, degraded and never step. The windows must be closed up in case of illicit liaisons. You must not be able to see the street. Is that the kind of life you want?” “Or do you want the kind of life where you can wear low tops, be modern, go to the cinema, watch TV, play as you like, speak and laugh?” And the person says, “The other one is hellish. I do not want that.” “So you have become an unbeliever,” he is told. And he replies, “May Allah forbid. In that case I accept.” And that is how they have made great masses of people irreligious. They have turned people away from religion and being Muslims. But I have thwarted that satanic ruse.

People who wear low-cut clothes are also 100% Muslims. And those who cover up are 100% Muslim. One must reach out to them all, and talk to them all. One must respect and value them all.

You can have ladies wearing low-cut clothes and who cover up entirely all in the same place. And you must respect them all. You must demonstrate that in practice. If you do not, you are dishonest. Because it is easy to eliminate the devout by such a method.

(Verses pointing to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and his community)

Surat al-Baqara, 148. Each person faces a particular direction so race each other to the good.

Look. Note this. “Wherever you are,” wherever you are in the world. Allah will bring you all together. Truly Allah has power over all things.

Qulayni says that Abu Jafr says the verse refers to the friends of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). The followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will come together wherever they are in the world. He says that is what the verse is about. A hadith, insha’Allah.

Surat al-Fussilat, 53, We will show them Our Signs on the horizon and within themselves...” in themselves personally, and also in the outside world. until it is clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not enough for your Lord that He is a witness of everything?

Here again, Qulayni says that the verse is clearly pointing to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Narrated from Abu Jafr. Look, “We will show them Our Signs on the horizon and within themselves until it is clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not enough for your Lord that He is a witness of everything?

Surah Sad, 88, "You will come to know  what it is talking about after a while.” He says, “This is also a reference to the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).” “That is what the Qur’an is pointing to,” he says. Look, "You will come to know  what it is talking about after a while.” Who is this transmitted from? Abu Jafr. "You will come to know  what it is talking about after a while.” The coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). In a verse from the Qur’an.

Surat al-Jinn, 24, “So that when they see what they were promised,” the unbelievers and the hypocrites and the satan. What was promised? The coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), wasn’t it? So that when they see what they were promised, they will know who has less support and smaller numbers.

People was, “Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will have few followers, so how will they cope?” Look, “they will know who has less support and smaller numbers.” In other words, Allah is saying in the verse that “they will learn how the few will bring them to their knees.” This also appears in Ibrahim al-Qumi’s commentary. “The coming of the Qaim will take place at the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh),” he says. Another account.

Surat at-Tawba, 33, “It is He Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth to exalt it over every other deen, even though the idolaters detest it.”

 He says in a hadith that “this verse refers to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh.”

Surat an-Nur, 55, Allah has promised those of you who believe and do right actions” To whom? Believers. He has promised the sincere. Allah’s promise. Some people have doubts, but Allah says it is certain. that He will make them successors” Who were the forerunners of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and his followers? The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) and the Prophet Dhu’lQarnayn (pbuh). He will make them successors in the land as He made those before them successors,” where will almighty Allah do that? On earth. In the whole world. What will He do? He will give them power and dominion. and will firmly establish for them their religion with which He is pleased and give them, in place of their fear, security.” No imprisonment, beatings, defamation or surveillance. He says the whole world will be in peace. Allah sets out their characteristics  . They worship Me, not associating anything with Me.” They do not ascribe equals to Allah. What do they do? They act solely in the light of the Qur’an.” Any who are unbelievrs after that, such people are deviators.

Again in the hadith he says, “This verse is also about the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).”

Surat al-Qasas, 5, We desired to show kindness” To whom? Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and his followers. What happens to them? They are imprisoned, beaten and sworn at. They are few in number. to those who were oppressed in the land and to make them leaders and make them inheritors.”

What does that mean? To make them the rulers of the world. He says in a hadith that “this verse is also about the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). That is in al-Qafi, from Abu Abdullah, of the Companions. It is in al-Qafi.

Qulayni is known to the Shia as the Shia Bukhari. The person who relates the most trustworthy hadiths. Qulayni is as famous to the Shia as Bukhari is to us. If Qulayni says a thing, that settles it. So Qulayni is also an eminent scholar among the Sunni. As eminent as Bukhari, insha’Allah.

The jinn pass through matter. The majority of them do not believe in Allah. They are irreligious. You are now a spirit. They see. They pass through matter. “I do not believe in life after death,” they say. The majority of jinn think like that. Very few jinn have faith. There are few Muslim jinn. It is amazing. You are a spirit and you see. What more do you need? There is no need for you to believe in the soul or the jinn. As you are in any case a jinn. But they still do not believe. The wisdom of Allah.



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