Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 12 May 2012


A9 TV, 12 May 2012

Irreligion is a most terrible thing. People must not be against religion. Society finds itself in a huge problem. There will be great conflicts and events. Brother will fight brother, and country will fight country. May Allah forbid. Love, compassion and affection will all desert the heart. People will wish to kill one another for the most trivial reasons. There will be a huge desire for war and bloodshed. There will be a huge spirit of terror and anarchy. People will crush and slaughter one another, May Allah forbid. But religion is bestowed by Allah as a blessing, a beauty that eliminates that corruption. People are created to be unable to live in any other way. Satan has seen that religion is on the rise. Satan is being defeated for the first time, in the End Times. “Satan will die at the Mahdi’s (pbuh) feet in the End Times,” he says. Satan tells Allah,  “You will find none to believe in You.” “I will eliminate them all apart from pure servants,” he says. We are now in the time when the Mahdi (pbuh) will slay satan. When he will annihilate him. That is why satan is wriggling so.

Satan was hugely cunning, he had a great weapon, a social weapon. He took music and entertainment. He took nice clothes, fine cars, pleasant houses, beautiful women, fine young men, lovely places, good speech, lovely voices and fine pictures, everything that comes to mind. Satan showed himself and his followers science and technology and everything. They formed the impression there was no other alternative. The bigots also said, “Music is yours, science is yours, art is yours, entertainment is yours, attractive people belong to you, dressing well, nice perfumes, being well-groomed and attractive, having a fine presence, being nice and attractive being high class and everything all belong to you. We have come to hell here.” “We have a duty to loathe women,” they said. In other words, “we must hand a stick on the wall and beat women and treat them like animals,” they said. “We will regard them in the same category as monkeys and pigs. When they say anything, we will do the exact opposite.” They have made their position clear.

But I stood up and said, “Everything you think you have given to unbelief actually belongs to Muslims.” The earth moved. That was so painful for them. They had nowhere left to hide. Because that was their armor. “I have art, so keep away!” he said. And Muslims kept away. “I have attractive people, so keep away.” And Muslims kept away. “I have fine cars, so keep away!” “I have science, so keep away!” When the bigots heard science or saw art, they fled. They fled when they saw high quality, classy people. The bigots could not go to high quality, classy places. They could not even walk past them. Even if they did, they would be chased off. That was the situation. There was a huge wall. Nobody could get over it. Since it could not be crossed, unbelief and pride, the followers of satan, people with a Darwinist-materialist mindset, those who deny Allah and all of them felt themselves safe and at ease. They were really comfortable. For example, someone goes to a disco and sits there with his legs apart, or goes to a nightclub … There were 100% certain nothing could happen. They were sure that no real Muslim would ever turn up.

They failed to take true Muslims into account. When true Muslims appeared, when sincere Muslims began growing in numbers, all their bastions and walls came tumbling down. Beautiful women belong to Muslims, and fine houses, and nice cars, fine pictures, smart shoes, goo streets, yachts and places of entertainment have all come into the hands of believers. They came into the hands of patriots and the true lovers of the nation. They were horrified when they saw this. “Have you stopped being a Muslim and abandoned the Sunnah? What kind of Muslim behaves like that?” they say. “Come and let us teach you faithfulness,” they say. They imagine they can take away Muslims’ strength and bring back the old system. In other words, their last throes, their final offensive is to say, feebly and foolishly, “Women are dressed highly attractively, your cars are very smart, you have elegant boats and shoes. None of this is permissible in Islam.” But it is, all these things belong directly to Muslims. There is just a miscalculation here, and I am putting that right. What you see is not a nightmare, you are seeing the truth. These things all belong to true patriots, believers, good and honest people. Allah has taken away all blessing from cheats and people of no character.

The funniest thing to me is how these show-offs and jackals life separated from religion, imagine that religion can never touch them and who genuinely believe there is something bad in religion and that religion means the end of life, have looked and seen that religion is most excellent, pleasant, blessed and essential. And it has entered every part of life. That shocked them. They tried to stop it. Some of them liked it, of course. “If I had known religion was like this I would long since have become a Muslim,” they tell me. The great majority are like that, but some still try to hold out, but in a very feeble and childish way. They say; “Women must not use make-up, you must not listen to music, women should not be well-groomed, men should not be well-groomed, they should not wear elegant clothes, and do not laugh.” I look at Facebook and these rogues are all in showy clothes and all entwined with girls. When Allah had fixed such filthy and stupid people, your beauty, wealth, joy, quality, class, nobility, chastity, general culture and kindness paralyzed them. You have produced a glorious exact opposite of the Muslim image they were familiar with. They imagined they were the ones propping science up. But the essence of science lies with you. They imagined that art was theirs. But then they saw they were offering filth and calling it art. They saw that the essence of art lies with you. They imagined joy was theirs. They were drinking alcohol and behaving disgracefully, laughing horribly, but then they saw that real laughter lies with you. They found that hard to come to terms with. They imagine they dressed very well, but they saw that you are the ones who dress well. They thought their girlfriends were very pretty, but then they had another look and saw they resembled apes. Horrible and bad tempered and stupid. They are really suffering from the blow of that. The shock of that is still with them. They went to consult the bigots. The bigots make one loud noise, and they make a separate one. Both sounds are howling. Both sides are suffering. There is no way out. Islam will rule the world. Satan has no way out on this road. They cannot win. As well they know.

Surat al-Muminun, in the name of Allah, All-Merciful, Most Merciful

 “It is the believers who are successful:” Allah says that success, salvation, is for believers alone. So believers can relax, insha’Allah. If they are believers. But they must still be torn between hope and fear.

those who are humble in their prayer;

 There are some people who behave in such a way as to lose themselves. That is not “humility.” It means being lucidly and sincerely concentrated on Allah. Not like those frauds who lose control and go into raptures. “those who are humble in their salat,” He says. Humility means praying to Allah, giving one’s heart to Him will full concentration.

those who turn away from worthless talk;

This verse is very important. Allah inspires us with knowledge of what is empty. We know. A great many people spend their lives wound up with worthless things. Empty things trouble one, bring one down and make one old and sick. People imagine that empty things are relaxing. When they fill their time with them. But they just chisel away at one’s life span. They wear one down. They wear down the mind and the memory and the body. The way Allah tells us to turn away from worthless things is to do with our physical and psychological health. It is not just a religious observance. But since people are unaware of this, they imagine that spending time on worthless things is relaxing. Empty things drive one crazy. They eat away at the brain, the mind and the body. But worthy activities make one healthy. You both earn Allah’s approval and become very healthy.

“those who pay alms; who give to the poor and needy according to their needs. Who spend on the path of Allah and Islam. “those who guard their private parts –“ who protect their chastity and honor. Who do not engage in illicit relations.

except from their wives or those they own as slaves, in which case they are not blameworthy;”

Except from their lawful and official wives. Or from their concubines, women who serve them.

but those who desire anything more than that are people who have gone beyond the limits –

But if they enter into sexual relations apart from these, then Almighty Allah says that is unlawful.

those who honour their trusts and their contracts;

 What is a trust? You entrust something to someone, and they look after it. You entrust a possession and they take care of it. Someone entrusts money to you, and you take care of it. But there are some people who are entrusted money, and then when the owner asks for it back, they say, “I spent it.” They have betrayed that trust. You entrust someone to someone else and they go off and leave them, so harm befalls them. That is a betrayal of the person. You entrust and object and they break it. That is a betrayal of the item. So they person is also betrayed.

those who safeguard their prayer:”

What does safeguarding their prayer mean? Allah does not say ‘prayers.’ Because there is not just one prayer. There are five. Someone who immaculately safeguards the prayer, who prays without exception. Not someone who prays in the morning but not at noon, or who prays at noon but not in the evening. Someone who performs them all, one after the other.

such people are the inheritors of majesty in this world and blessings in the hereafter.” Global reign will be theirs, he says. This verse at the same time refers to the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Because the global reign will be in the time of the Mahdi. What is this? The system of the Mahdi, insha’Allah.

who will inherit Firdaws [paradise], remaining in it timelessly, for ever.” Almighty Allah says they will inherit this world and paradise. They will remain in paradise forever, says Almighty Allah.

We created man from the purest kind of clay;

Not just mud, but ceramic clay. People imagine that the creation of man was with clay. No. Allah says He created man from pottery. From classic, fired pottery. Imagine a pottery stature of a person. Allah says He gave that statue a soul and it came to life. From need? No. As a marvel. You see it in films, for instance. A statue suddenly comes to life and starts walking. That takes one aback, startles one. Allah says he did that as a good thing. But Allah has no need of clay or pottery. What has clay got to do with a human being? To make it interesting, as an adornment. Because clay cannot normally turn into cells, blood and bone. This is a marvel, insha’Allah. Allah says He made a statue of a human being. Pottery. Regular, baked pottery. You know, the kind of pottery they cell. It suddenly opens its eyes and begins blinking. It begins breathing. It gets up. It stands up in amazement.

When He created the prophet Adam (pbuh), Adam was amazed and knew the name of nothing. He could not speak at all. Allah taught him the names one by one. “What is this?” for instance. A stone. Allah taught him everything one by one. What is this? A branch. And this? A tree. And this? A shoe. He taught him them all. Almighty Allah taught him the names of everything. So he soon learned the names of all things, and learned how to speak. Then Allah said He had created a spouse for him, from His spirit. Almighty Allah creates his spouse using the same method, a method known to Him. He looked at her. A love developed, as that is how Allah created them. Then they had children. Their brothers and sisters, Almighty Allah made them lawful for one another at first. That was not incest. It is fine if Allah makes it lawful.  Blood brothers and sisters got married at first. Then after their numbers reached a certain level, Allah made it unlawful. In other words, moral values stem from the Qur’an. It is fine if Allah says it is lawful. But bigots have a problem with this. They try to find an answer to that, too. Bigots dislike the moral values revealed by Allah.

Surat Al’Imran, 59-60;

He created him from earth and then He said to him,‘Be!’ and he was.

At once. What do people say. “Evolution took millions of years.” No way. Allah made a pottery statue, “and he was.” He suddenly stood up. “He Who has created all things in the best possible way. He commenced the creation of man from clay;” Baked clay, earth. Allah says He shaped man out of clay. Almighty Allah. Look, “When your Lord said to the angels, ‘I am creating a human being out of dried clay formed from fetid black mud. When I have formed him and breathed My Spirit into him, fall down in prostration in front of him!’” says Almighty Allah. “He created him from earth.” This is pottery clay. What is baked earth? Pottery. Allah emphasizes that it is dense clay. The term makes it clear it is pottery clay. Not just any old mud. Classic pottery clay. The kind of clay that rings when hit, that emits that ringing sound.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “If the Mahdi (pbuh) has come and is alive, why do people who recognize him not say this is the Mahdi (pbuh)? I also want to follow him. Allah knows. I would be grateful if could make a statement about this.”)

In my view the presence of the Mahdi (pbuh) will be felt. There is no question of that not being understood. There was a problem of being in Bediuzzaman’s time but not recognizing him. What does “I am not sure” mean? If I were in Bediuzzaman’s time, I would dedicate my life to serving him. I would not have allowed him to be tortured, by the law of Allah. They could not have done it. He would have been served really well. Could one say “I am not sure” on seeing Bediuzzaman? “I am in two minds, he looks like him, but then again he does not.” It is clear that he was the Mahdi of that time. A five-year-old could recognize him. They deliberately misunderstanding. How could he not be recognized? There is no question of his not being recognized. For example, people say not to discuss what the way of the Mahdi is. Why should they ban the reading of the Treatise of Light? Look, they are 100% sure that the Mahdi has appeared, not just 99%. They are 100% sure. That has never been seen before. They say people should not read the parts of the Treatise of Light concerning the Mahdi, some 300 pages. If you talk about a meeting, they tell you not to mention this subject. You cannot mention the hadiths or make any statements. They raise a chorus, those who take an interest, and shout out loud. “The Mahdi (pbuh) will not come! The Mahdi (pbuh) will not come.” Never in the 1400 years of Islam have so many people said the Mahdi will not be coming. A chorus of tens or hundreds of thousands, millions of people, saying, “The Mahdi will not come.” Never before. People have always said the Mahdi will be coming. One or two people in corners may have said the Mahdi will not be coming. But these have always been regarded as rather eccentric. Such a mass of people saying that the Mahdi will not come is a characteristic of the End Times, and Rasulullah (saas) says this is one of the main portents of his appearing. “Many people in the End Times will say that the Mahdi (pbuh) will not come,” he says. Rasulullah (saas) says that “the Mahdi (pbuh) will appear in the midst of all this talk.” “The Mahdi (pbuh) is one of my children,” he says.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “The other day on a program they talked about how ray technology and time travel appear in the Qur’an and how this may be real, not a fantasy. There is something I have also heard on your program. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear with the banner, sword and short of our Prophet (saas). How can anyone wear a shirt that is 1500 years old. How could someone who does not claim to be the Mahdi (pbuh) carry and wear the banner, sword and shirt of our Prophet (saas)? Will he say, “I am the Mahdi. Follow me”? Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will travel in time in some way. He may have a time machine he built himself, or else, by the will of Allah, he may assume a form similar to that of the Prophet (saas) during his ascension and travel like that. Thanks to that travel he will personally be a follower of our Prophet (saas) and personally wear his sword and shirt. We will come to serve with complete confidence in himself.”)

For one thing, the shirt is not 1500 years old, but 1400, more or less. It is approaching 1500 years. It is not a short, but a mantle. Have you seen the mantle of Rasulullah (saas)? Go and see it in Topkapı. The most perfect weaving technique. It is woven in the most perfect and unseen manner. It is woven in a really top-class way, making it very long-lasting. Allah made it like that. It has been restored, to make it so that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) can wear it. That is one thing. Rasulullah’s (saas) is also bright and sound. That is still around. Two. The mantle, not the shirt, of Rasulullah (saas) is one thing. The sword is two. Both are still very sound. How can he wear them? He will just stretch out his hand. He will say “in the name of Allah” and put them on. Simple as that. He will take the sword. The sheath is ready. He will affix it to his belt. He will say “in the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful”. He will draw the sword and wave it. The sword of Rasulullah (saas). He will wave it again as a blessing and show it, saying Ya Allah Bismillah. That will be a major event. Many people there will die, may Allah forbid. That will be done as a blessing. He will then put on the mantle, as a blessing. He will not claim to be the Mahdi then. The people around him will say, “You are the leader and the imam of Muslims.” He will not say he is the Mahdi. “You look a lot like the blessed Mahdi,” they will say. He will say, “May Allah be pleased. That is merely your good opinion.” In other words, leave the details to me. They are not a problem.

The Sacred Mantle is in the form of a shirt. It is as if brand new. Insha’Allah. Like armor, insha’Allah. The spirituality of Rasulullah (saas) will enfold him, insha’Allah. What does Rasulullah (saas) say? “The Mahdi (saas) will wear this mantle of mine. Preserve it. Keep it, for the Mahdi will come.” And he shows his sword. “My chills, the Mahdi, will use this sword. Preserve this, too.” And the scholars of Islam scrupulously preserved the mantle and sword for the Mahdi to use. He ordered their preservation. “He will use this sword of mine and will wear this mantle,” he says. They have been preserved just as they were. He will take them and say “I seek refuge from the accursed satan. In the name of Allah”. That is all. But he will not claim to be the Mahdi. He will say, “I am the most humble servant of Allah.” But the scholars will say, “We know it is you.” The whole Islamic scholars. Bediüzzaman says; “The whole Islamic scholars will come together an try to make his assume this work.” The entire scholars will support him. All of them. Apart from the bigots. “I am a weak and lowly servant of Allah. Thanks be to Allah,” he will say. “Allah has bestowed this honor on me,” he will say. The Mahdi (pbuh) will make no pretension to being the Mahdi. Nor will he allow those around him to address him like that. “Blessed one, you much resemble him,” they will say. “You really look like him. You have the same appearance, your life and dates are the same, the flow of events is the same. You really look like him, And we…” they will say. “We are in a state of spiritual intoxication. We are drunk with joy,” they will say. “He matches the description exactly,” they will say. That is what will happen.

There is no question of traveling in time. Time comes to him, not he to time. Khidr travels through time. Look at Khidhr, he enters the mirror and comes out again. He walks through walls. He assumes the form of a table. He is a most amazing and fascinating person. He is not a Muslim or a Christian or a Jew. He follows his own sharia. He has not obligation to pray or fast or worship. He is bound by his own law. He receives revelation from Allah, and he kills. “That is what I thought best,” he says. Khidhr heeds neither the laws of states nor the law of Islam. Nor does he heed Judaic law. But when, through revelation from Allah, he sees a threat to Islam or the way of the Mahdi or Jesus the Messiah, the he will kill, or kill for no reason. He can kill without breaking necks. He can kill with nobody knowing. Nobody can tell who was responsible. That person is found dead. And you can investigate all you like, you can never find the culprit.

He is a master stonemason. He builds perfect walls. In that sense he is the forebear of the freemasons. The great elder, insha’Allah. At the same time, he is very loving. He will bomb or destroy a building if necessary. He can bring down a whole apartment block or other building. Let us imagine a system like the Twin Towers. He destroys it, and you can never find the culprit. He brings it down. But you cannot find the cause. But he produces a chain reaction. He knows what will happen when He brings it down. He knows the background, that is history. He knows what will happen afterward. He goes and destroys the building. He shapes the course of history. By Allah’s leave. He may say “This person is a danger to Islam and Muslims” when he is still only 17 or 18. “He will be a threat in the future,” he may say. “He will damage the way of the Mahdi.” Or he may say, “This person will harm the way of the Mahdi” at the age of 25. Then he will break that person’s neck and kill him. Leaving no evidence or clues behind. You can never attribute it to him.

The Prophet Moses (pbuh) was amazed when he killed the youngster. Suddenly, for no reason. “Do not ask me why I killed him,” he says. He sabotages that ship. So it sinks to the bottom. “Do not ask. I will do these things,” he says. He put a lot of work in on the wall, making it just perfect. Khidr (pbuh) is wonderful craftsman. He also served as a master mason on the construction of the palace of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). Look, we still do not know how those stones were brought in and carved. They say they may have been cut using lasers. They could not have been cut using iron, by hand. They say it is only possible with lasers. I am not exaggerating. I am saying the truth. Go and look. The proof is there. Nobody can prove anything else, scientifically. No-one. Nobody can explain how that stone got there. That granite rock the size of an apartment block. It is carved to perfection, as if with a razor blade, in a single block. I have shown pictures of it in Israel. There are many places that cannot be explained. He is a great stonemason. The masons are huge admirers of Hazrat Khidr (pbuh).

“The Mahdi (pbuh) will follow in my path, he will not waken the sleeper nor cause anyone’s nose to bleed.” “He will shed no blood.” That is definitive. “He will leave no Sunnah unrestored and no subsequent addition to removed.” What is a subsequent addition? Something invented by bigots. Bigots imagine that he will raise the matter of bigot policies and turn people away from the truths of the Qur’an. That is the exact opposite of what Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will do. But all subsequent additions that are not compatible with the Qur’an are nonsense. Inventions. “In the End Times,” says our Prophet (saas) “he will apply the requirements of the faith, just like me.” “He will reign over all the world, like Dhu’lQarnayn and Solomon (pbuh).” “Is that possible?” they say. “Allah did not bestow global reign on the Prophet (saas), so He will not bestow it on the Mahdi (pbuh),” they say. How stupid! Our Prophet (saas) himself says, “He bestowed reign on Dhu’lQarnayn and Solomon, but not on me.” “But He will bestow in on my child, the Mahdi (pbuh).” Global reign has been bestowed on three people, Dhu’lQarnayn and Solomon (pbuh) and the Mahdi (pbuh). Who says this? Our Prophet (saas). Instead of heeding these words of our Prophet (saas), whom they should love and respect, these imbeciles, these impudent guys – and my apologies to those who speak out of mere ignorance – take it upon themselves not to go along with what the Prophet (saas) says. “He will restore all things to Muslims.” He will restore all rights to Muslims that have been taken away from them. “The world will be filled with justice, instead of oppression and injustice.” Look, he says that torture will disappear. Oppression will cease. “He will distribute all things equally, in true and just measures.” People look to socialism and communism. But what does our Prophet (pbuh) say? “He will distribute all things equally, in true and just measures.” He will share them among everyone. What need is there for socialism? This is social justice. “Thus the denizens of the earth and sky, the birds in the air and the wild animals in the forests and the fish in the sea, will all be content with him.” In other words, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will also love all animals. “Nobody from the community of Muhammed (saas) will not be pleased with him.” Everyone will be pleased with him. “They will ask whether there is nobody in need, and everyone will answer that they have no needs” says Rasulullah (saas). “Mercy will rain down from the sky, and mercy will increase on earth and he will find all treasure.” The Mahdi (pbuh) will discover those sacred relics. “All countries will open their gates to him.” All countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and all. “People will come and shelter with him from all sides, as bees shelter in their hives.” The bee hive is also a symbol in freemasonry. It represents the Mahdi (pbuh). And Adonai. The hive and the bee. “Three thousand angels will assist the Mahdi (pbuh). Gabriel will head the angels, and Micheal will be at the end.” Gabriel will constantly help the Mahdi (pbuh). That is why no hypocrites or unbelievers will be able to overcome the Mahdi (pbuh). “The wolf will graze with the sheep in his time.” The characteristics of savage animals will disappear. “Children will play with snakes and scorpions, and people will reap seven hundred measures of what for every one measure they sow.” That refers to modern agriculture. “Usury” is a great scourge at the moment. “There will be no more evils such as plague, adultery or alcohol. Life spans will be extended and all entrusted things will be returned. Evils will be eradicated. Nobody will be left who is not a believer.” Love of believers has begun spreading. This was not really talked about before. But we hear about it everywhere now. “His word will be loved among people.” People will be delighted with the Mahdi (pbuh) and will love his words. They will want to listen to him. That is a characteristic of the Mahdi (pbuh). His conversation al words are delightful. “Allah will put an end to corruption through him.” All anarchy, the PKK for instance, will come to an end. “Peace and security will reign on earth.” There will be no more conflict or clashes with police. “A woman will be able to go on the pilgrimage, with five other women, without fear, with no man to accompany them.” Look. Without fear! This means there was fear before. They could not travel freely before. But our Prophet (saas) says women will be able to move round freely with their friends.  


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