Islam: The light illuminating the world

This 45-minute film, prepared with matchless images, three-dimensional computer generated maps, superb music and a powerful commentary, describes how right from the time of our Prophet Mohammed (may God bless him and grant him peace) Islam has taught compassion and tolerance and has imparted reason, science, wisdom and art. The main headings of the film are:
1)     The Destruction of Idols
2)     Tolerance, Justice and Compassion in Islam
3)      Islam: The Source of Modern Sciences
4)     Islam’s High Civilization
When you watch this film you will see how, beginning from Arabia, Islam spread to the entire Middle East, North Africa and Spain, building one of the world’s most magnificent civilizations and how this cultural ascent was based on Qur’anic moral values. As the film presenter says, you will witness how the light of Islam illuminated the whole world. 2003-11-15 15:16:34

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