Surat al-Kawthir, 1-3


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on Adıyaman Asu TV dated 14 February 2011

ADNAN OKTAR : Truly We have given you the Great Abundance.

So pray to your Lord and sacrifice.

It is the one who hates you who is cut off without an heir. (Surat al-Kawthir, 1-3)

 “We have given you the Great Abundance.” That also gives an abjad value of 1453. The physical conquest in 1453. 1453 AD. When will the spiritual conquest take place? Hijri 1453 refers to the time of global dominion, insha’Allah. The hypocrites claimed that our Prophet’s (saas) line came to an end with the death of his son. They rejoiced at that, at the end of the line of our Prophet (saas). But our Prophet’s (saas) continued through his daughter. Global dominion in the End Times will be the answer to them all, insha’Allah. Hazrat Mahdi (as), from the line of our Prophet (saas) they said had come to an end, will rule the world. So much for his line coming to an end! Hazrat Mahdi (as) will rule the world, intellectually, in a glorious and fine manner. And he will rule it with the sayyids. The end of the world is a glorious one, with millions of sayyids. They said the line of our Prophet (saas) had come to an end, but it will rule the world, under a spiritual leadership, with millions of his descendants. Bediuzzaman speaks of “millions of sayyid joining together, and striving to discharge that duty together with him,” with Hazrat Mahdi (as).

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