Islamic Creationism in Turkey


Adnan Oktar, using the pen-name "Harun Yahya" devoted his life to explaining the existence and the unity of Allah and the magnificence of the morals of the Qur"an. He spent all his life serving for this purpose from his early ages. He has never given up against the difficulties he faced. The biography states that Oktar entered university in 1979 and has authored over 100 books since 1986 - a remarkable output indeed for a single person.


NCSE Reports is a magazine published by an education center named The National Center for Science Education based in Berkeley, California.

This magazine is supported by the American Academy of Scientists, and despite the fact that the group is essentially evolutionist, the November-December, 1999, issue was devoted to the works of Harun Yahya dealing with the collapse of the theory of evolution. The cover bears the title, "Islamic Creationism in Turkey" and gives this introduction:

"... Most representative is Harun Yahya"s text The Evolution Deceit. The book comes in 2 version - a large, attractive 370-page volume notable for its many full-color illustrations and slick appearance (Yahya 1997) and an abridged 128-page booklet with fewer illustrations, which was widely distributed free of charge to the public (Yahya 1998)…

Observing the awesome and orderly aspects of nature - the heavens and the stability of the earth, lightning and rain, useful plant and fruits, and so on - prompts common sense to conclude that all this must be designed for a purpose (13 Ar-Rad 2, 3;30 Ar-Rum 20-27)..."

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