The Standard Bearer Of The Faith: Harun Yahya

An English-language web site dealing with faith and thought carried a report stating that Harun Yahya is the main proponent of the existence of Almighty God and creation, and represents all the Divine religions, not just Islam, in the face of the aggressive claims made by Richard Dawkins—the leading global spokesman for both atheism and Darwinism.

The report on the site, titled “Richard Dawkins vs Harun Yahya,” and with a sub-caption reading “In the red corner we have Richard Dawkins. In the blue corner we have Harun Yahya. Who will win? You be the judge” stated that Richard Dawkins is the standard bearer for atheism in the present-day world, while Harun Yahya is the standard bearer for faith.

The article refers to Dawkins’ aggressive style, and then goes on to state that in terms of wisdom Harun Yahya is far superior to Dawkins, that Harun Yahya has discredited the latter with his ideas, and that Harun Yahya has definitively proved the existence of God. It is emphasized that one distinguishing difference between them is that Dawkins engages in his activities to make money and benefit from his books, while Harun Yahya performs his work for no monetary reward and, like all the sincere warners who have ever lived, demands no payment.

According to the author of the piece, who lists various books by Harun Yahya, even if the readers whom Harun Yahya addresses fail to find the true path by reading these works, then at the very least they will deepen their scientific knowledge and learn moral principles.

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