A Red Book Refutes Darwin’s Thesis

The 5 March, 2007, edition of Le Soir, one of Belgium’s major dailies, carried a report discussing the global impact of Harun Yahya’s The Atlas of Creation.

Titled “A red book refutes Darwin’s thesis,” the report described Harun Yahya’s book as “a work of genius.” It emphasized how Harun Yahya had become an author known to all scientific institutions in France and Belgium within a matter of a few weeks and the enormous impact he has had. The report discussed how the author had conducted a comprehensive study, “using plain evidence,” to reveal how evolution never occurred, and contained the following terms:

  • “The book first attracts you with its layout”
  • “Harun Yahya compares fossils dating back millions of years with present-day species. These illustrated comparisons prove that the theory of evolution has finally lost all validity.”
  • “Printed on glossy paper, the books have been translated into 57 languages. You can access these books free of charge over the Internet. And the works appear in all of more than 200 websites. There seems to be no end to the works of Harun Yahya…”

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