The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation in Belgium

The personal website of Professor Bernard Rentier of Liege University included a number of comments about the Atlas of Creation, which has had an enormous effect in Belgium following its impact in France. Noting that it has been distributed all over the world, Professor Rentier described the work as “magnificently illustrated, dedicated to refuting the law of the evolution of species, and an exceedingly high-quality book of 800 pages.”

He also went on to comment:

The content is surprising, but effective. One does not dare to think of the impact that will arise following the distribution of the Atlas across the world…

The author explains that Darwin’s theory of evolution is a deception and that Creation is an evident fact. The book contains examples of plant or animal fossils alongside identical living specimens intended to reveal the uselessness of the concept of evolution (…) One long chapter of the book concerns how Darwin is conceptually related to Hitler and terrorism such as we are currently suffering, and how Islam is the only salvation…

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