The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation in France

Another report in daily Le Monde, by the paper’s Istanbul correspondent Guillaume Perrier, appeared on 8 February, 2007. The report contained an interview with officials from Global Publishing, which publishes the works of Harun Yahya:


The spotlessly clean offices of Global Publishing in a popular district of Istanbul provide clear information about their activities. There is a large, red, illustrated book at one end of the conference table. This is the impressive “The Atlas of Creation” by Harun Yahya, sent to the French media, schools and universities at the end of January.

Founded in 2001, Global Publishing employs 92 people and publishes only works by Harun Yahya (consisting of books, films and Internet sites), who has produced a large number of works.

. . . The 50-year-old Harun Yahya (real name Adnan Oktar) is an author who has been publishing books about creation and faith for the last 20 years.

. . . In 2006, fossils proving that
Darwin was in error were exhibited 350 times in Istanbul alone. Books written specially for children were distributed free of charge. Creationism is gradually taking root in Turkey.

Aykut Kence of the
Middle EastTechnicalUniversity says: “Their theses have been appearing in schoolbooks since 1985. Nowadays it is impossible even to find the idea of evolution in primary schools. Many of the instructors produced in the last ten years have reverted to creationism. According to a survey by the Academy of Sciences, 75% of high school students in the country do not believe in evolution.”

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