Creationism Based On The Qur’an Has Arrived France

. . . Accompanied by vice-chancellors alongside him, the Minister of Education noted that the Atlas of Creation was the work of a Turkish author by the name of Harun Yahya who advocated Islamic views and propagated these on a web site called “the evolution deceit.” This 770-page book intends to prove that man has undergone no changes since his first creation and that no animal species had altered in the slightest way. He supports this presentation with extracts taken from the Qur’an.

Many Protestant churches, particularly in the USA, are determined to reject Darwinism and the theory of evolution . . . As for the Islamic front, . . . there is no doubt that Harun Yahya is its most active representative, by means of the Nurcu movement and his international Harun Yahya publications.

Le Nouvel Observateur, one of France’s major current affairs magazines, provides detailed information on its own website about the life of the author Harun Yahya, his work, and his statements clearly revealing the falsehoods of the theory of evolution.

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