Harun Yahya And Darwinism

Various comments regarding the works of Harun Yahya appeared in the Le Nouvel Observateur website. Summarized, one of these contained the following statements:

Harun Yahya and Darwinism

Harun Yahya is a good of reference for non-Muslims without a knowledge of Islam and also for French-speaking Muslims who wish to deepen their knowledge of Islam, because the lively texts of his writings and books are available free of charge on his website www.harunyahya.com. The books have been translated into forty languages.

It would be wise to read the three small illustrated books providing an easy understanding of the Qur’an: “Knowing Islam,” “Basic Concepts” and “The Perished Nations.”

Reading Harun Yahya also allows one to learn how he has demolished Darwinism. As Le Nouvel Observateur said in its report, he bases himself on science.

Reading Harun Yahya and understanding the Qur’an may prevent much confusion from arising.

… What we call Dieu, Allah, God, or Jehovah is people’s one God. The holy scriptures are above all a call to faith in God, a code of moral and behavior, and a reward or punishment by Paradise or Hell. Life would have no direction without these key concepts. Neither would the origin of life. If one remains devoted to Darwin, then life on Earth must have appeared randomly. Read Harun Yahya and form your own idea. I am sure you will be impressed. And this will allow you to break one very great taboo: to question the theory of evolution! Not to reject it, merely to question it. That is all!

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