A Book By A Creationist Turkish Author Has Been Distributed To Hundreds Of High Schools

La Liberation, one of the major French dailies, carried a report titled “A Book by a Creationist Turkish Author Has Been Distributed to Hundreds of High Schools.” The report contained the following statements:

A book called the Atlas of Creation, enriched by a large number of illustrations, written by the Turkish author Harun Yahya and condemning the theory of evolution and full of praise for creationism, has been sent to hundreds of educational institutions, mainly high schools but also including universities. . . .

Supported by pictures of fossils and animals, the Atlas of Creation seeks to prove that man has remained unchanged, contrary to what the supporters of Darwin maintained in the 19th century. The author and editor includes his works, which have been translated into many foreign languages, on his website, as well as extracts from the Qur’an intended to confirm his views. Harun Yahya is known as the greatest champion of creationism in Turkey. . .

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