The Atlas Of Creation, Or How To Theorize The Negation Of Darwinism

Another website published in France carried a report titled “The Atlas of Creation, or how to theorize the negation of Darwinism.” The report gave a detailed description of the impact of the Atlas of Creation, as well as providing links to Harun Yahya’s websites and other works.

Over the last few days, colleges, high schools and universities have received a book called “The Atlas of Creation,” written by Harun Yahya and which refutes Darwinism and the theory of evolution . . . The arrival of this 770-page “Atlas of Creation” at secondary and senior educational establishments gave rise to a number of questions: Who is Harun Yahya?

. . . He concentrated on philosophy and materialist ideologies throughout his academic years. He then wrote a large number of works in which he described the theory of evolution as a deceit. His aim is to “hinder the influence of Darwinism and materialism on the world.” His book “The Evolution Deceit” contains the words “The theory of evolution is nothing but a deception imposed on us by the dominators of the world system.”

. . . His works have been translated into a large number of languages, including French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Polish, Indonesian, Malay, Malayalam, Urdu, Albanian and Serbo-Croat. Through these powerful publications Harun Yahya tells the whole planet that “those who perpetrate acts of terror in the world are in fact Darwinists.” The caption accompanying a photo representing the September 11 attacks reads: “It is Darwinists who cause terror to continue in the world. Darwinism is the only philosophy that develops and encourages conflict.”

. . . Some of his works deal with French Freemasonry and Zionism and their “negative effects on world history and politics.” Other works have been written on the moral values of the Qur’an. Harun Yahya’s aim is to show “non-Muslims the proofs of the existence of Allah and the perfection in His creation” by “introducing Islam to those unfamiliar with it and warming people’s hearts to the truth.”

. . . Harun Yahya already announced that the Atlas of Creation is the first volume of a seven-volume work. It appears that a single volume is inadequate for denouncing, in his view, that “evolution is one of the greatest frauds and deceptions in the history of science.”

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