Harun Yahya is The Most important Representative Of islamic Creationism

On its web site the creationist organization Polskie Towarzystwo Kreacjonistyczne announced to the world that Harun Yahya was the most important Islamic representative of creationism:

“Harun Yahya is the Most Important Representative of Islamic Creationism

… The constantly pervading idea in all the books by Harun Yahya is creation and God the Creator. All the books by Harun Yahya, described as “an international hero” by New Scientist magazine, have spread to the entire Islamic world. He has formed Islamic creationism. He has a huge mass following him. Darwinism has collapsed in Turkey. These ideas emanate from an entirely creationist country. The author has written other books, such as The Evolution Deceit, The Dark Spell of Darwinism and The Religion of Darwinism. It is said that in some countries these books are more esteemed than school textbooks… The English-language versions of all his books can be found on www.harunyahya.com.”

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