Atlas Of Creation In Daily Berlingkske

The 26 June, 2007, edition of the Danish newspaper Berlingske devoted considerable space to the Atlas of Creation in its Science and Technology supplement. The report made the following comments about the European Council’s voting against a report prepared against the teaching of the fact of Creation in schools:

The large conservative majority in the Council of Europe refused to condemn the Christian and Muslim creationism that opposes Darwinism. A highly critical report warning against religious groups seeking to install ‘creationist’ ideas in education in the 47 member states of the Council of Europe was yesterday put to vote by the Council. However, the report was rejected, because the Belgian Luc Watering Brande, head of the conservative group, criticised the report in very strong terms…

In 2004 and 2005 the Dutch and Italian ministries asked whether it was enough for students to be taught the theory of evolution alone. In Poland, the Ministry of Education declared in 2006 that the theory of evolution was a lie. And in Russia an orthodox female student and her father sought legal redress against the Ministry over the teaching of the theory of evolution. In Moscow, one of the Patriarchate leaders declared that the theory of evoloution was a totalitarian ideology.

These days, too, a well-financed creationist propaganda is being made by Harun Yahya from Turkey. Many copies of the author’s Atlas of Creation, published this year, have been sent to schools in France, Belgium and Switzerland…

Guy Lengagne has also established that schools in the German state of Hesse have begun teaching students that the presence of “a creative force” is necessary for the development of different animal species…
In America, George Bush also favours the teaching of religious viewpoints alongside the theory of evolution.

The report described the panic caused in Darwinist circles in those countries to which Atlas of Creation has been sent by saying: “Public officials in the countries in question have intervened by publishing circulars in order to prevent the book being taught in schools.”

The Council’s ignoring and annulling of the report was depicted as a major defeat for Darwinist circles in the European press.

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