Creationist Propaganda Has Now Landed In The French Region Of Switzerland

On 28 March, 2007, daily Le Courrier, published in Switzerland, carried a report concerning the Atlas of Creation. This said that:

A rather thick book based on the Qur’an and dealing a serious blow to Darwin has been sent to all schools, libraries and newspaper editorial offices in the south of Switzerland.

This interesting gift has been distributed in the canton of Geneva and the French part of Switzerland.

This thick, 770-page, abundantly illustrated work bases itself on the Qur’an and aims to overturn “evolutionist errors.”

Turkey is one of the best-equipped and most active centers on the Islamic creationist front, which first made its presence clear in the 1980s. There are some 150 works and a large number of web sites published by Harun Yahya.

In the Geneva Mosque, the Atlas of Creation is regarded as a great success, and one that the public need to read. Spokesman Hafid Ouardiri says, “My ancestors were not apes.”

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