A Big Book Weighs In On Evolution

The American writer Gary Stern, religious affairs correspondent for The Journal News, is the recipient of two major awards for journalism. In an article in daily Stern on 25 June, 2007, he made these comments regarding the Atlas of Creation:

A big book weighs in on evolution

I get a lot of books dropped on my desk. But not too many 12-pounders.

I can hardly lift it with one hand: The Atlas of Creation.

It’s 800 pages and 12 pounds ... Apparently, it is the work of one Adnan Oktar (pen-name: Harun Yahya), a Turkish writer who is “well-known as the author of important works disclosing the imposture of evolutionists, their invalid claims, and the dark liaisons between Darwinism and such bloody ideologies as fascism and communism.”

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