Allah’s Atlas

Slate Magazine, a well-known electronic magazine on U.S. politics, news and culture, carried a report titled “Allah’s Atlas” on 20 July, 2007. The magazine, founded by the Microsoft Corporation and later taken over by the Washington Post company, attracts some 2,000 visitors a day, and links to it are provided by more than 11,000 web sites. The report concerning Atlas of Creation referred to Harun Yahya’s book as “gorgeous” and contained the following expressions:
“Bloggers are all over the new Atlas of Creation, Islam"s contribution to the anti-evolution cause. ... Atlas of Creation is his [Harun Yahya’s] 12-pound, 800-page reply to Darwinism that suggests evolution is a sham since, well, species alive today are very much like those alive millions of years ago...”
The following comment has been quoted in the report: "[I have] been stalking Muslim circles in the West for quite some time. I saw his [Harun Yahya’s] books at every major Muslim bookstore I have ever been to, along with every single Muslim convention."

One extract taken from the blog of a radio show quotes from a letter written to Harun Yahya by the evangelical youth minister Peter Williamson:
“The Atlas of Creation is an inspiring work, and like the beauty of a cathedral, will lift the spirit of those who enter. Even those who aided and abetted the faithless in the Dover case grudgingly admitted The Atlas of Creation is truly a beautiful book. God works in mysterious ways!"

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